Boris backing BBC meme ban

The BBC has announced that it will have a “meme veto” in the DARPA/big tech meme hunt. They appear to be able to selectively withdraw images from the internet based on this indestructible watermark system that they brought in apparently to combat child pornography.

As with anything in the creeping agenda the real intention for it eventually becomes clear.


Fluoride unsafe for infants

Around five years ago Harvard produced a study that indicated that fluoride might be unsafe for infants. That was kind of the last straw for me but people have been hanging on to fluoride being harmless. Finally a new study from the American Medical Association has identified fluoride as reducing IQ levels in 3 and 4 year olds by the same amount as lead in drinking water.


Rockefeller Belfast and Glasgow Agendas: a blueprint for replacement

The Rockefeller foundation has taken up Belfast and Glasgow as one of their 100 “resilient cities” as we have outlined in other articles. One of the many aspects of the what the Rockefeller foundation (the foundation for a mega rich Jewish investment banking family) term resilience is mass replacement immigration and the successful induction of migrants.

As per the cover of the booklet on resilient migration, the Rockefellers claim to be at “the forefront” of “global migration.” They state even on the cover that they want to transform our cities through migration.

foto_no_exif (36)

The Belfast Agenda says that it wants 70,000 more people in Belfast by 2035 this would be a raise of around 25% and will likely mean a “thriving” Muslim community in Belfast that could be on it’s way to taking over the city by 2050 assuming the 25% are largely “refugees”. There are similar aims for the Glasgow agenda.

A new manual essentially on how to gaslight populations into their own replacement by third world migrants has been released. It details how to get around Democracy that it terms “natural racism” something we are apparently all guilty of.

From the report:

“Heterogeneity of
the group
True social cohesion is not just a
measure of individuals forming
strong, trusting relationships with
each other, but rather a measure
of their ability to form meaningful
bonds with individuals outside
of manufactured political, ethnic,
economic, and other socially enforced demographic lines.

Measuring the heterogeneity of a
group will provide an indicator of
how much people are willing to trust
and interact with members outside
of their identities, and is a key
measure of the ability of individuals
to bond and bridge outside socially enforced identities.”

Although the foundation uses couched language it is easy to see through that language to what they intend to do.

This report is their blueprint for our replacement in our own countries.

Takings from the report

  • They intend to subvert democracy with accusations of racism against politicians
  • They intend to support the censorship of social media to help force through their Agenda
  • They are using existing and new networks of officials public and private to help cut out local politicians who they deem a barrier to “prosperity.”
  • They intend to fund Mass immigration through NGOs and facilitate NGO contact with local public administrators.

The Rockefeller foundation do not work alone and the Rockefellers are notoriously one of the families behind the “New World Order” plan.


The brothers of the Aryan world order: MI5’s first fake Neo-Nazi outfit

Fake Nazis are the bread and butter of modern policing. Long before PC culture though there were real threats from collectivists on the continent.

Picture this. A Welsh nationalist irate at what he perceived as abuse of Welsh sovereignty by the English overlords is hanging over a handmade radio in the Welsh valleys, his weather vane is his antenna and his job is to contact Britain’s enemy Nazi Germany with information related to allied troop movements in the area.

Not only this but the Welshman is in contact with a network that spans the UK, including a couple of Venezuelan brothers in Glasgow.

Was it real?

Naaah of course not.


Home Office selling inter-sectional social justice to Muslims

In videos that include linking Protestantism to the Klu Klux Klan the Home office has funded a campaign promoting Trans and inter-sectionalism to Muslims supposedly to de-radicalism them.

Why would you need to de-radicalise someone who isn’t radical?

How un-radical are inter-sectional feminists?

Housing executive spend £4,000 on Eid Gala amid housing crisis

The Northern Ireland housing executive, the public body in Northern Ireland charged with the allocation of housing has spent £4,000 of it’s budget hosting an Eid gala at Botanic Gardens.

This comes amid a housing crisis with one in eighteen adults in Northern Ireland homeless or in precarious hostel accommodation. The Housing executive also houses “refugees” from Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria and other countries as well as actively promoting Islam.

This is undoubtedly a symptom of Common Purpose control, it has never traditionally been the remit of the Housing executive to promote religion. That said if they were going to promote religion they should do so with equal promotion, or at least demand led promotion of all religions. They should also make sure that low income people have access to the events. The tickets to this event were administered by the Belfast Islamic Center.

two women and one man eating
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The term “Loyalist” in neuro linguistic programming

We know that Common Purpose openly use neuro linguistic programming and that organisations like the PSNI and the housing executive uptake their training. They sometimes refer to their use of NLP as “cultural intelligence.”


Cultural intelligence is supposed to help people moving around in the global economy or whatever gain the ability to quickly understand what they are dealing with. It is impossible for someone for example from England to land in Belfast and identify the intentions of the individual in front of them immediately so Corporations and State agencies use NLP to protect their interests .

In Common Purpose NLP there are different identities those being core and flex. So because most working class Loyalists are attached to static housing estates that means that their Loyalist identity is not flex. The left however see the “Loyalist” community as one that needs to reform therefor they apply negative connotations or (progressive critical definition) to the term Loyalist rather than referring to it as a static identity. This is intended to reform the community and recruit people willing to drop the “Loyalist” label.

This has some ups and downs, it means that authorities are generally wary of awarding state help to people deem linked to paramilitaries but it also has the effect of demonising people in estates that are colloquially referred to as Loyalists. This then leads to self identification and associative behavior issues. It also hardens Republicans against people in housing that has taken up this label.

Some Republicans have called for an end to the abuse of the term Loyalism because they want to be able to sell any agreements or mediation with “Loyalists” correctly as they are dealing with reasonable progressive individuals on an equal basis.