Lefty/socialist street art defines Belfast

Anyone who might have spent time around Belfast recently couldn’t help but notice there is a weird lefty ‘street art’ painting on almost every wall.

According to ‘Discover Ireland’ this trash Weimarian art defines Belfast.

One of the top boys behind this is ex-Sullivan and Jordanstown Tech ‘artist’ Adam Turkington.

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Above: Turkington on a Discover Ireland video

Turkington is typical of the new breed of opportunist that has emerged in the ‘new’ wave of Common Purpose led social schemes that were set up by the Hain/Blair administration. The likes of him and Alan Meban (Alan in Belfast) are willing to sell out to the left and so are coddled by the Republican lefty majority in the social service/cultural arts scene in Belfast.

The disturbing thing is that they win contracts to go into Protestant areas and essentially fill the kid’s heads up with the rubbish. Turkington was a former co-ordinator of the Greater Shankill Festival, a festival that is essentially about getting Shankill residents ready for mass immigration and eventual replacement.

The festival also promotes the gay agenda (google gay agenda) and Dalriadan nativism. All this so far from Ulster Protestant culture that it is like something out of a 60s scifi show.

Below Adam chuckles about the ‘futility of masculinity’ and the decline of ‘Imperialism’; code for Protestant culture.


In order to understand this you need to understand that far leftism see’s itself as the Feminine victim of Masculine Unionist oppression. It is quite a complicated concept but it is largely used in artistic and cultural criticism.

There are quite a large group of artists and social worker types that centre around the Black Box bar in Belfast. They are essentially the social engineers of our day. They are against conventional Protestantism, mainstream Roman Catholicism and they know there will be an increasing flood of immigration from the third world in Protestant areas. That is the plan and the elites have told them that is the plan.

They want nothing short than the destruction of working class Unionism and Christianity.

Adam has admitted that he goes to workshops to learn how to mess with people’s heads.

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Why do we have guys like this at the Helm of our Festivals? These Festivals are nothing short of brainwashing money exercises by the likes of Adam. In the facebook page in the post above Adam says essentially that he wants to brainwash christian kids with an augmented lefty Easter egg hunt.

This lefty egg hunt is to be held at Mount Stewart this coming Easter ’18. We will be watching it very closely to see what weird shit they have come up with.

The Quote from his blog:

“And then I got obsessed with the idea of the Easter Egg hunt that they have round the lake. It’s basically just some laminated clues round the lake and if you collect them all then you get some chocolate. AND THEY COME IN THEIR THOUSANDS!!! What if instead of laminated clues there were actual characters to collect? And what if those characters represented thought experiments not questions about famous rabbits? What if my kids, who get given a binary, bible centred moral compass in their school had the chance to engage in broader philosophical concepts through the medium of an animated scavenger hunt? YES!”


What a creep this guy is, so delighted to get an opportunity to lead kids away from the Lord.

Adam promotes all kinds of weird and unsettling art, another example below at Belfast Cathedral. Even if you think ‘alternative lifestyles’ homosexuality etc is something positive and good, surely this odd self destructive work is bad?


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Is the promotion of self harm and self mutilation, spiritual and physical their next frontier? No, its already here.