Stranglehold: Common Purpose grads on Belfast City Council

The EU Peace III project has been paying for people at Belfast City Council to join the Common Purpose graduate scheme. A letter from Belfast City Council has revealed that almost £200,000 was paid to the far left social manipulation charity between 2001 and 2011.

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The monies stated were used as follows

April 2001 to March 2002 £ 5,111.25 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2002 to March 2003 £23,068.75 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2003 Programme
April 2003 to March 2004 £21,482.75 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2004 Programme
April 2004 to March 2005 £17,441.00 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2005 Programme
April 2005 to March 2006 £13,657.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2006 Programme
April 2006 to March 2007 £14,451.25 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2007 Programme
April 2007 to March 2008 £10,504.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2008 to March 2009 £16,068.14 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2009 to March 2010 £18,787.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Northern Ireland Navigator 2009 Programme

April 2010 to February 2011 £49,426.62 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Northern Ireland International Navigator Programme and also grants issued under Peace III monies for Young Leaders Pathways Programme. This would have been applied for as part of a grant programme under Peace III

Common Purpose are involved in lots of clandestine activities that tear at the threads of our society. The graduates are involved in executive roles implementing diversity quotas and other globalist schemes.

The Peace III project made almost £2 million available for schemes to be administered by the graduates. Most of the money essentially goes on wages for people in position. Very little benefit is actually felt by anyone other than the grads.

Some school kids might get a pen with a tranny slogan on it, thats about it.


Encouraging unease

In the video they talk about stakeholders taking the lead, this essentially means that what the left would term people high on the oppression scale take the lead on the events. What this has led to is events being held that are aimed at being a critique of our local culture.

One such example in Belfast was an opportunity for women and students in Belfast to wear a ‘chest bind.’ Actively encouraging confusion and causing unease.

At 26 minutes in they admit they want to increase diversity and bring new communities in.


The EU has been busy trying to gain more control over host nations like the UK and Ireland using ‘victim leverage.’ The idea being the left stir up an impression that racism, homophobia or whatever is out of hand in an area, then that enables them to bypass legitimate local government (who they consider populist and so racist) and give money to minorities particularly refugees , people who are offering an alternative lifestyle or a critique of our culture.

There have been estimates that between 50 and 80% of hate crimes are either fake, over-exaggerated or provoked. We have seen numerous videos for example women in hajibs being confronted by angry passengers on a train. What the videos don’t show is the start of the argument and the escalation. The press is asking us to believe that women in hajibs are confronted by irrational racist bad people all the time. What this allows for is a multi-million pound industry. Don’t dare tell me that £2 million grants would not drive a small group of leftists to fake or over exaggerate hate crime.

This really needs to be stopped as the people it harms the most are the targeted minorities, who are portrayed as being ingrate and troublesome so that these leftists can get large money tax handouts.

The rape of 1400 girls in the English town of Rotherham was famously overseen by Common Purpose grads, the peer pressure graduates put on one and other to be liberal and antiracist contributed to the fear of being called racist that meant the Police let the groomers operate freely.

What is their Common Purpose? 








The PSNI and victim support are witness tampering

In a move that throws out 1000 years of British law the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) have now admitted that they have hired victims and hate crime coaches to manage them. Dr Al-Wazzan and his Islamic centre were hired for Police Common Purpose courses.

We are seeing the same victims, like Dr Al-Wazzan again and again. The same Dr Al-Wazzan who praised the Islamic State and was the key driver behind Pastor McConnell’s trial and also successfully had a woman convicted as a hate criminal for saying that Isis Jihadis should be killed, despite our own Prime Minister saying the same thing. For a man who is tickled pink at the thought of Christians in ovens he sure is a big softy on free speech.

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Below an advert selling hate crime:


The Police actually coaching ‘victims’ on what to say in these political cases would be illegal so the Police since 2013 have been ‘referring’ the ‘victims’ to a hate crime advocate prior to collecting a statement. The advocate can then coach the victim on what to say in order to trigger the vague legislation in hate crime law and secure the conviction.

The proof below.

The hate crime conviction rate in Northern Ireland is currently 83%, a very high rate. That is measured against the conviction rate for rape that is around 6%, that goes to show you how important the will and ‘common purpose’ to get a conviction is.

In addition the Press have been very cagey in these cases, only a few very spotty articles have come out on the issue. That again is down to the influence of Common Purpose in today’s Belfast.

The victim support team actually say they ‘can help you talk to the Police and the Prosecution service.’ This is a rigged system, no fair trial could emerge from this.

Hate crimes have been on the rise, with most of the cases being fake despite the 83% conviction rate. documents the wave of fake hate crimes.


Northern Ireland: PTSD lunatics and their UN carers

Mental health and political control.

A report from the Ulster University’s Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing has said that an estimated 61% of the NI population have experienced troubles related trauma and that around 8.8% have gone on to be fully diagnosed with PTSD.

This report was a fact based scientific report, the problem has come in the response to the report. In response to the report a whole raft of politically motivated NGOs and frankly wings of the UN etc came in and began operating in schools to help ‘fix’ the problem.

The main one being The Children’s Commissioner from the UN. ‘Niccy’ or the Northern Ireland Commission for children and young people is an organisation that is UN funded, part of the globalist apparatus (lead beyond authority). Niccy doesn’t really obviously tell anyone it is from the UN, the impression one gets is that it is a UK government department or some sort of Stormont outfit.

Without going into it in too much detail it essentially uses it’s influence to grab up groups of late teens and community organise them. Grabbing insecure teenagers and using them for political ends is kind of low brow but that is what they do.

Below, Niccy organised a team for the gay pride parade in 2017.

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The kids just think that these are ordinary women that really care about them. We recognise them as radical feminists.

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They deliberately target off kilter teens and draw them into the groups, you can see how below. These kids will probably be the next generation of Common Purpose people in position.

Another element of this is that NICCY bullies schools, the NHS etc into complying to it’s deconstructive agenda by threatening bad reports.


We know that large organisations like the UN and Charities like Oxfam have made short work of kids with mental health problems. Screwcommunism promotes the idea of de-centralization and banning Common Purpose as a way to beat these networks.

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This is an update, the Ulster University, yeah the one that is getting the Rockefeller extension program is calling for “resilience classes” in schools because apparently we are all mentally ill.

The PSNI and the CEF forum

Using public money for social engineering schemes and to fund an eco-system of left wing activists has long been the left’s weapon of choice. The current climate with it’s hate speech trials and ‘petrified policing’ (Rotherham, Rochdale etc) is indicative of that.

The left, in the form of common Purpose and influential law societies like LawcentreNI use their people to manipulate the system. Tools like declaring a force ‘institutionally racist’ can be petrifying for police, as we have seen Police in England being sent into majority Muslim prisons and being declared racist, marking them out for the sugar water treatment.


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In just three years (06-09) the PSNI spent £44,000 aprox on common purpose courses.

Common Purpose is essentially a left wing gentleman’s club, and was described by the Daily Mail as a “quasi-masonic nexus of people who know best” ,it provides a meeting place for public and private officials to co-ordinate, under the auspices of it being a leadership course, or some sort of six sigma type system for continuous improvement.

What they co-ordinate is usually progressive policy, positive discrimination, hate crime trials, blocking certain individuals or communities from public service roles, community infiltration etc.

Belfast city council is by and large a Common Purpose run council, after having been converted during the Blair era using money handouts and wage bribes. It was the resignation of a Common Purpose DUP Councillor that allowed the alliance party to spark the flag debacle. Many of the ‘Executives or officers’ involved would have signed up thinking they were going to be taught some higher knowledge or system to make things more fair.

Who doesn’t want things to be more fair? Common Purpose however is a sinister globalist outfit bent by corruption and foreign money.

Something more disturbing is that in recent years the rest of Northern Ireland has begun to fall. This is largely down to Common Purpose expansion and the Conservatives and the DUP continuing to support the network.

The Post-graduate (CP grad) network in Northern Ireland is called the Chief Executive’s Forum, Now this is not a forum of entirely Chief executives but it is called the Chief Excecutive’s Forum. As with  everything else in Common Purpose it is very exclusive and hidden behind couched and confusing language.

Read up on it here. Evasive and confusing language is used again to blinker anyone who might dare read their material.

Their next ‘rejuvination’ meeting will be at Malone House in Belfast starting at 8am on the 19th of January 2018. Where they will no doubt be planning their next assault on our community and our freedoms.