The PSNI and the CEF forum

Using public money for social engineering schemes and to fund an eco-system of left wing activists has long been the left’s weapon of choice. The current climate with it’s hate speech trials and ‘petrified policing’ (Rotherham, Rochdale etc) is indicative of that.

The left, in the form of common Purpose and influential law societies like LawcentreNI use their people to manipulate the system. Tools like declaring a force ‘institutionally racist’ can be petrifying for police, as we have seen Police in England being sent into majority Muslim prisons and being declared racist, marking them out for the sugar water treatment.


foto_no_exif (40)

In just three years (06-09) the PSNI spent £44,000 aprox on common purpose courses.

Common Purpose is essentially a left wing gentleman’s club, and was described by the Daily Mail as a “quasi-masonic nexus of people who know best” ,it provides a meeting place for public and private officials to co-ordinate, under the auspices of it being a leadership course, or some sort of six sigma type system for continuous improvement.

What they co-ordinate is usually progressive policy, positive discrimination, hate crime trials, blocking certain individuals or communities from public service roles, community infiltration etc.

Belfast city council is by and large a Common Purpose run council, after having been converted during the Blair era using money handouts and wage bribes. It was the resignation of a Common Purpose DUP Councillor that allowed the alliance party to spark the flag debacle. Many of the ‘Executives or officers’ involved would have signed up thinking they were going to be taught some higher knowledge or system to make things more fair.

Who doesn’t want things to be more fair? Common Purpose however is a sinister globalist outfit bent by corruption and foreign money.

Something more disturbing is that in recent years the rest of Northern Ireland has begun to fall. This is largely down to Common Purpose expansion and the Conservatives and the DUP continuing to support the network.

The Post-graduate (CP grad) network in Northern Ireland is called the Chief Executive’s Forum, Now this is not a forum of entirely Chief executives but it is called the Chief Excecutive’s Forum. As with  everything else in Common Purpose it is very exclusive and hidden behind couched and confusing language.

Read up on it here. Evasive and confusing language is used again to blinker anyone who might dare read their material.

Their next ‘rejuvination’ meeting will be at Malone House in Belfast starting at 8am on the 19th of January 2018. Where they will no doubt be planning their next assault on our community and our freedoms.



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