The PSNI and victim support are witness tampering

In a move that throws out 1000 years of British law the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) have now admitted that they have hired victims and hate crime coaches to manage them. Dr Al-Wazzan and his Islamic centre were hired for Police Common Purpose courses.

We are seeing the same victims, like Dr Al-Wazzan again and again. The same Dr Al-Wazzan who praised the Islamic State and was the key driver behind Pastor McConnell’s trial and also successfully had a woman convicted as a hate criminal for saying that Isis Jihadis should be killed, despite our own Prime Minister saying the same thing. For a man who is tickled pink at the thought of Christians in ovens he sure is a big softy on free speech.

foto_no_exif (54)

Below an advert selling hate crime:


The Police actually coaching ‘victims’ on what to say in these political cases would be illegal so the Police since 2013 have been ‘referring’ the ‘victims’ to a hate crime advocate prior to collecting a statement. The advocate can then coach the victim on what to say in order to trigger the vague legislation in hate crime law and secure the conviction.

The proof below.

The hate crime conviction rate in Northern Ireland is currently 83%, a very high rate. That is measured against the conviction rate for rape that is around 6%, that goes to show you how important the will and ‘common purpose’ to get a conviction is.

In addition the Press have been very cagey in these cases, only a few very spotty articles have come out on the issue. That again is down to the influence of Common Purpose in today’s Belfast.

The victim support team actually say they ‘can help you talk to the Police and the Prosecution service.’ This is a rigged system, no fair trial could emerge from this.

Hate crimes have been on the rise, with most of the cases being fake despite the 83% conviction rate. documents the wave of fake hate crimes.


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