Who runs the Castlewellan ‘Martyr camp’?

A Belfast Islamic Centre linked organisation Ikram UKE (UK and Eire) runs ‘Martyr games’ in the wilds of Castlewellan each year. Who are they and should we be worried?

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Masked up with “I shoot RAW.” Not a look one would associate with a pic nic.

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The video posted on the same channel as the BIC expansion promo.


IKRAM produced the successful media campaign for the BIC in their expansion project that saw them gain a large building (Cheap as chips) in Belfast City Centre with help from the Council. IKRAM UKE has the feel of a Muslim version of National Action.

They promote the full veil (Burqa) on Facebook. They also have booths at school fairs and so on, mainly in Manchester and Birmingham.

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They are a SUPREMIST organisation that declare on youtube that they are the ‘best nation.’

They train all manner of individuals and work with the globalists to grab up sections of white countries. If there was a white equivalent it would be attacked and destroyed by Common Purpose.

Since they have recently come under our notice they deleted their whole website. We have some of the articles archived and will follow up with more specific detail.


They are also fans of the uber evil, uber terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

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Resilient Cities Belfast agenda 2035: Globalism unleashed

Have you ever heard of Agenda 2035? Nor had we. Billy Hutchinson has. He is a signatory.

This is a massive power grab.

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This is community planning grid, run by Common Purpose riddled public agencies. The latest in a series of sellouts that have taken place since 1998.


It will leave our communities in tatters, bent to the will of an EU, Corporate and socialist conspiracy.


This is funding for a control grid that will remove freedom from your communities and it won’t be stopped by Brexit.

Resilient cities uses all the tools in the globalist toolbox, their controlled media, their overpaid ‘people in position’, their identity and victimhood politics, welfare dependency, mass immigration, the abusing and grooming under-qualified local officials etc etc.

Resilient cities is ran by the Globalist Rockefeller foundation who identify ‘problem’ cities and threaten them will investment withdrawal if they don’t comply.

Resilient cities is also a corruption grid, forcing local government agencies to agree to take products from a Globalist banking cabal.

One of the ‘Resilient’ firms that are involved is an engineering firm that is heavily Rockefeller linked. The owner Sir Ove Arup being a friend of David Rockefeller Jr.


Write to your local Councillor and ask them what money is going to Arup and ask them about the tendering process.



We are in the process of a Greece Olympics style nightmare that will leave us saddled with Rockefeller debt.

After the public consultation the official youtube video has now raised 121 views! Ho Ho


#Gamergate feminist emerges in Belfast

One of the #gamergate feminists Dr Keira Williams has turned up in Belfast as a lecturer. One of her recent lectures was on ‘Campus Rape Culture.’ A phenomenon that has already been proven fake and as having been stirred up by radical feminists.

Promoting the idea of ‘rape culture’ on campuses is a way to stifle male participation. It is just another play in the Marxist playbook.

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Where does all this stuff come from? Why are these feminists trying to drive men off campus? There is a presumption on the conservative right in Ireland that students are leading the charge with this stuff. In fact it is the lecturers.

In 2016 Williams published a book railing against the portrayal of women as evil in classic literature. So we basically can’t have evil female characters in books now.

Another of her books is called




Williams also appeared at a conference in Puerto Rico concerned with “Love, anti-racism and resistance.” I very much doubt she was doing a talk on how much she loves white Northern Irish males.

Many gamer gaters will remember Williams from her work on Wonder Woman that is sadly continuing.


A University of Texas student describes being recruited in 3rd wave feminism by Dr Williams.  BEWARE, send your kids to Queen’s they will come back radical, probably with a broken arm and a girlfriend with a half shaved head and lumberjack coat.




Army Cadets sent on ‘Prevent’ classes

British Army Cadets are being sent on classes ran by the Government’s ‘Prevent’ program, a program aimed at preventing terrorism but that has been used to silence right wingers and people opposed to mass immigration.

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The lets talk about it program has a system where they ask the Cadets questions and try to find out if they are ‘vulnerable’ to extremism.

Some of the questions include answers that might make the teacher believe the individual is part of susceptible groups. These theoretical groupings include people who are outraged by terror.

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Or who are looking for an identity or belonging.

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Just about every Cadet would be outraged by people blowing up at concerts and would be looking for an identity and camaraderie in the army. This now means you are a potential terrorist and the left has to control you.

The Prevent program has powers to arbitrarily imprison and silence anyone, no trial, no Jury.

The website: