Resilient Cities Belfast agenda 2035: Globalism unleashed

Have you ever heard of Agenda 2035? Nor had we. Billy Hutchinson has. He is a signatory.

This is a massive power grab.

foto_no_exif (65)

This is community planning grid, run by Common Purpose riddled public agencies. The latest in a series of sellouts that have taken place since 1998.


It will leave our communities in tatters, bent to the will of an EU, Corporate and socialist conspiracy.


This is funding for a control grid that will remove freedom from your communities and it won’t be stopped by Brexit.

Resilient cities uses all the tools in the globalist toolbox, their controlled media, their overpaid ‘people in position’, their identity and victimhood politics, welfare dependency, mass immigration, the abusing and grooming under-qualified local officials etc etc.

Resilient cities is ran by the Globalist Rockefeller foundation who identify ‘problem’ cities and threaten them will investment withdrawal if they don’t comply.

Resilient cities is also a corruption grid, forcing local government agencies to agree to take products from a Globalist banking cabal.

One of the ‘Resilient’ firms that are involved is an engineering firm that is heavily Rockefeller linked. The owner Sir Ove Arup being a friend of David Rockefeller Jr.

Write to your local Councillor and ask them what money is going to Arup and ask them about the tendering process.



We are in the process of a Greece Olympics style nightmare that will leave us saddled with Rockefeller debt.

After the public consultation the official youtube video has now raised 121 views! Ho Ho


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