Who runs the Castlewellan ‘Martyr camp’?

A Belfast Islamic Centre linked organisation Ikram UKE (UK and Eire) runs ‘Martyr games’ in the wilds of Castlewellan each year. Who are they and should we be worried?

foto_no_exif (84)

Masked up with “I shoot RAW.” Not a look one would associate with a pic nic.

foto_no_exif (85)

The video posted on the same channel as the BIC expansion promo.


IKRAM produced the successful media campaign for the BIC in their expansion project that saw them gain a large building (Cheap as chips) in Belfast City Centre with help from the Council. IKRAM UKE has the feel of a Muslim version of National Action.

They promote the full veil (Burqa) on Facebook. They also have booths at school fairs and so on, mainly in Manchester and Birmingham.

foto_no_exif (86)

They are a SUPREMIST organisation that declare on youtube that they are the ‘best nation.’

They train all manner of individuals and work with the globalists to grab up sections of white countries. If there was a white equivalent it would be attacked and destroyed by Common Purpose.

Since they have recently come under our notice they deleted their whole website. We have some of the articles archived and will follow up with more specific detail.


They are also fans of the uber evil, uber terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

foto_no_exif (90)


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