Queen’s University Prof helping Israel develop “deep learning” potential

Of all the sketchy stuff out of Queen’s recently this could take the biscuit. Queen’s University is helping Israel develop “deep learning” on the activities of Palestinians.

Deep learning is on the horizon for Northern Ireland, it is in part already here. We have a number of Facial recognition systems companies itching to institute it.

As we mentioned in a previous article Queen’s University has been working on preparing the next generation of digital authoritarians. One Prof. Neil Robertson is an organiser for the 13th Annual IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) on automatic face and gesture recognition. The other main organisers are from Israel and China. Two arguably despotic regimes.

In this short article Robertson appeals for ideas improving big data. Basically there is already a huge amount of data being gathered on individuals, the Government and companies will be able to track you around Belfast, they will know if you are sad, happy, angry, they will know what you posted on social media etc, etc.

Mr Robertson previously worked for the MOD on a number of Military applications including hot targeting software. So this guy is not a pacifist.

What Dr Robertson might see if he looked at himself with  his own deep data scanner.

foto_no_exif (39)

From his article:

In recent years, Deep Learning (DL) has become a dominant method for a wide variety of computer vision tasks. One of its biggest successes has been in face recognition where the performance has been improved dramatically. So, will DL make other face recognition algorithms obsolete? Is deep learning always the best solution in any scenarios? Is it necessary for researchers to deeply investigate the traditional face recognition technique in the DL era? Actually, deep learning is not perfect. For instance, deep learning heavily depends on big data which is sometimes quite expensive and sometimes may not be available. Due to this limitation, conventional methods achieve superior or comparable performance against DL methods in the field of facial landmark detection, face recognition across large poses, thermal/near Infrared Face Recognition, 3D face recognition, etc. It would be interesting to explicitly compare DL methods with traditional methods in terms of accuracy, efficiency and model complexity. We aim to investigate the scenarios where conventional methods can outperform DL methods by EXPLICIT comparison and deep analysis.

We welcome submissions on topics related to the invesigation of (i) the advantages of traditional methods against DL methods and (ii) insights into the reasons of these advantages. Submissions will be peer-reviewed and should follow the standard FG2018 IEEE format.


This is hugely iffy.


Integration works! For whom?

There appears to be a huge push for school integration. There is a new fund available  for hard pressed schools who decide to take part. Integration is touted as the magic bullet cure for sectarianism. Is it really?

We have had integrated schools in Northern Ireland for many years and there is no doubt that in some areas it can improve community relations but at what cost?

The integrated school is a deconstructive environment that works in the same way that mass immigration works. The left bring people in who are not part of the culture and point at them as the ‘crisis’ to initiate the changes that the Marxists want.

For example the Marxists have insisted on not having religious services in integrated schools because those of other faiths are left out.

Catholic schools tend to be targeted for integration most frequently, this is because more Catholics have been converting to Marxism and are busy integrating their schools.

Now this is a double edged sword regardless what denomination runs the school there will be deconstruction, this will eventually make it almost inevitable that the public, after being brought up in a “deconstructed school” will want to go to a deconstructed Church. This brings us back to our deconstructed Church article. It is all part of the Marxist plan.


This integrated schools thing is being pushed by the left and the arguments against it never get a look in. Often faith schools are blamed for the troubles, this in reality is an over simplified theory and not factual.

The facts point to people from faith schools going on to work with other people from other faiths just fine.

Liam Neeson who is a UN children’s ambassador is heading up the plan.

The reality is here we are handing schooling over to the Marxists and the Globalists.


Here Liam is with “Syrian Refugees” no doubt they are part of his integration plan.

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Common Purpose Church Infiltrations

It has become clear from our research that Common Purpose, the Church of Ireland, Queen’s University and The Senator Mitchell Peace Foundation among other groups are trying to promote “post modern Christianity” in N.Ireland/Ireland. The strategy that they employ is essentially Cultural Marxism for Churches.

They gain access to the Christian community in a number of different ways. Listed below.

  • Events at Universities afford them a degree of respectability.
  • They have Churches under their control that push what is basically Cultural Marxism.
  • Common Purpose allows them to oversee the allocation of community funds/ funds events for them.
  • They use the conflict to justify their role as overseers.

The Emergent Church could be quite quickly summed up as a conspiracy by Cultural Marxists to deconstruct churches and replace them with Reform Judaism.

Jan Martell talks on how you can spot the subtle signs of emergent infiltration.


We have been researching the emergent Church in Ireland in particular and there are two people pushing “emergent values.” These are Gladys Ganiel and Peter Rollins.

Gladys Ganiel is an American academic who is employed by the Clintonite Senator George J Mitchell Institute  and Queen’s University’s Ecumenics department.

She has written books and articles on “Pyrotheology” literally alluding to burning down the Church. She has also written a number of books, one that we purchased during our research.

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The book the De-Constructed Church is essentially a “Rules for Radicals” designed for Common Purpose Church infiltrators. It details various different ways to fracture and deconstruct churches. These include;

  • Targeting women in Church, why are they not getting a larger share of the resources, why is the Pastor/Priest going on Church trips and they are not?
  • Targeting “Queers” or introducing the flock to “Queer theory.”
  • Introducing and catering for Mass immigration.

All those things are catered for in the book. No Pastor or Dean should be without a copy.

This is being sold to people in such a way that it looks like a great liberal thing, there are two videos below to watch.

Transforming Post Catholic Ireland. Gladys outlines the successes the Marxists have had so far and what is coming up soon. This was actually filmed in a Church of Ireland Centre. Gladys says explicitly in her book that Church resources are to be used to spur the emergent movement. She is explicit that this is a takeover, not her offering an alternative.


Emerging Christianity is being promoted across the different sects. Below a Gay Methodist minister from Fermanagh talks about his experiences with the Emergent Church, again this is in a Church of Ireland centre.

The Anglican Church in general has been engaged in emergent agitation for many years. It has succeed in getting the Universities/media etc behind it. One of the big things in England and Ireland now is swelling the ranks of the Church with refugees.

Can you imagine someone being allowed to push a fake version of Judaism or Islam?

In the video below Dr James Gallen blames the Church for the actions of homosexual abusers. The Church like any institution has had problems, particularly with homosexual abuse. We have already seen Marxist organisations like the BBC fall foul of these issues. So I am not convinced that deconstructing the Church will solve the problem of homosexuals targeting boys.


Share this link and get the word out, these people rely on us not knowing what they are doing.

Bug Chaser ad on Craigslist Belfast

We will be doing a series on the dangers of the gay scene in Northern Ireland. Being Gay is totally fine but there are some problems with the Gay community. We aim to highlight these problems in order to protect people from being harmed.

Case Study 1:

Our first case study is bug chasing.

An advert has appeared on Craigslist Belfast that advertises a man that wants get infected with HIV. For him this is a kink but it would effect his health and cost the taxpayer a lot of money on treatment.

foto_no_exif (28)


The LGBT community is hyped and funded by big Pharma who make millions from the “Gift” each year. It looks to this blogger that dangerous situations that should be addressed are being ignored for fear of upsetting gays.

HIV treatment costs the NHS £20,000 per year per patient. With complications etc the NHS can expect to spend £1million per patient. Most of that going to the companies that spread the AIDS in the first place.


The truth is Common Purpose is putting pressure on the Police to leave potential predators alone because they are gay.

Aids worker  “We have made it too positive to be positive.”

Another caveat to this is that “Gift” in German means “Poison.”

foto_no_exif (31)

That said the German company Bayer was credited and has been found to have spread HIV in contaminated products. They are quite literally rubbing this shit in our noses.