Bug Chaser ad on Craigslist Belfast

We will be doing a series on the dangers of the gay scene in Northern Ireland. Being Gay is totally fine but there are some problems with the Gay community. We aim to highlight these problems in order to protect people from being harmed.

Case Study 1:

Our first case study is bug chasing.

An advert has appeared on Craigslist Belfast that advertises a man that wants get infected with HIV. For him this is a kink but it would effect his health and cost the taxpayer a lot of money on treatment.

foto_no_exif (28)


The LGBT community is hyped and funded by big Pharma who make millions from the “Gift” each year. It looks to this blogger that dangerous situations that should be addressed are being ignored for fear of upsetting gays.

HIV treatment costs the NHS £20,000 per year per patient. With complications etc the NHS can expect to spend £1million per patient. Most of that going to the companies that spread the AIDS in the first place.


The truth is Common Purpose is putting pressure on the Police to leave potential predators alone because they are gay.

Aids worker  “We have made it too positive to be positive.”

Another caveat to this is that “Gift” in German means “Poison.”

foto_no_exif (31)

That said the German company Bayer was credited and has been found to have spread HIV in contaminated products. They are quite literally rubbing this shit in our noses.

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