Common Purpose Church Infiltrations

It has become clear from our research that Common Purpose, the Church of Ireland, Queen’s University and The Senator Mitchell Peace Foundation among other groups are trying to promote “post modern Christianity” in N.Ireland/Ireland. The strategy that they employ is essentially Cultural Marxism for Churches.

They gain access to the Christian community in a number of different ways. Listed below.

  • Events at Universities afford them a degree of respectability.
  • They have Churches under their control that push what is basically Cultural Marxism.
  • Common Purpose allows them to oversee the allocation of community funds/ funds events for them.
  • They use the conflict to justify their role as overseers.

The Emergent Church could be quite quickly summed up as a conspiracy by Cultural Marxists to deconstruct churches and replace them with Reform Judaism.

Jan Martell talks on how you can spot the subtle signs of emergent infiltration.


We have been researching the emergent Church in Ireland in particular and there are two people pushing “emergent values.” These are Gladys Ganiel and Peter Rollins.

Gladys Ganiel is an American academic who is employed by the Clintonite Senator George J Mitchell Institute  and Queen’s University’s Ecumenics department.

She has written books and articles on “Pyrotheology” literally alluding to burning down the Church. She has also written a number of books, one that we purchased during our research.

foto_no_exif (32)

The book the De-Constructed Church is essentially a “Rules for Radicals” designed for Common Purpose Church infiltrators. It details various different ways to fracture and deconstruct churches. These include;

  • Targeting women in Church, why are they not getting a larger share of the resources, why is the Pastor/Priest going on Church trips and they are not?
  • Targeting “Queers” or introducing the flock to “Queer theory.”
  • Introducing and catering for Mass immigration.

All those things are catered for in the book. No Pastor or Dean should be without a copy.

This is being sold to people in such a way that it looks like a great liberal thing, there are two videos below to watch.

Transforming Post Catholic Ireland. Gladys outlines the successes the Marxists have had so far and what is coming up soon. This was actually filmed in a Church of Ireland Centre. Gladys says explicitly in her book that Church resources are to be used to spur the emergent movement. She is explicit that this is a takeover, not her offering an alternative.


Emerging Christianity is being promoted across the different sects. Below a Gay Methodist minister from Fermanagh talks about his experiences with the Emergent Church, again this is in a Church of Ireland centre.

The Anglican Church in general has been engaged in emergent agitation for many years. It has succeed in getting the Universities/media etc behind it. One of the big things in England and Ireland now is swelling the ranks of the Church with refugees.

Can you imagine someone being allowed to push a fake version of Judaism or Islam?

In the video below Dr James Gallen blames the Church for the actions of homosexual abusers. The Church like any institution has had problems, particularly with homosexual abuse. We have already seen Marxist organisations like the BBC fall foul of these issues. So I am not convinced that deconstructing the Church will solve the problem of homosexuals targeting boys.


Share this link and get the word out, these people rely on us not knowing what they are doing.

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