Integration works! For whom?

There appears to be a huge push for school integration. There is a new fund available  for hard pressed schools who decide to take part. Integration is touted as the magic bullet cure for sectarianism. Is it really?

We have had integrated schools in Northern Ireland for many years and there is no doubt that in some areas it can improve community relations but at what cost?

The integrated school is a deconstructive environment that works in the same way that mass immigration works. The left bring people in who are not part of the culture and point at them as the ‘crisis’ to initiate the changes that the Marxists want.

For example the Marxists have insisted on not having religious services in integrated schools because those of other faiths are left out.

Catholic schools tend to be targeted for integration most frequently, this is because more Catholics have been converting to Marxism and are busy integrating their schools.

Now this is a double edged sword regardless what denomination runs the school there will be deconstruction, this will eventually make it almost inevitable that the public, after being brought up in a “deconstructed school” will want to go to a deconstructed Church. This brings us back to our deconstructed Church article. It is all part of the Marxist plan.

This integrated schools thing is being pushed by the left and the arguments against it never get a look in. Often faith schools are blamed for the troubles, this in reality is an over simplified theory and not factual.

The facts point to people from faith schools going on to work with other people from other faiths just fine.

Liam Neeson who is a UN children’s ambassador is heading up the plan.

The reality is here we are handing schooling over to the Marxists and the Globalists.


Here Liam is with “Syrian Refugees” no doubt they are part of his integration plan.

foto_no_exif (35)





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