Coventry University: foreign students under threat

Muslim bully boys have taken over Coventry University and are using it to target students.

Coventry is now effectively controlled by radical Islamists. There have been tens of cases of Islamic terrorists being caught in the city. The University, it’s location and it’s aquiestant administration have created a dangerous situation for foreign students. Rape and forced pimping is commonplace.

The University itself is hosting Press Gang conversions. At least that much they are in line with British tradition.

The Police and Coventry University are petrified of the Muslims and of the gangs. Sends your kids at your own peril.

Radical Islam is complemented by a competing gang culture.

Foreign students are essentially caught between violent black gangs, Muslim grooming gangs and Radical Islam.

Some of the recent cases.

A Muslim Grooming gang.

Black gang kidnap a white man and cut off finger.

Another Muslim grooming gang.

Muslima on terror charges:

Radical Muslim case:

Muslim march through Coventry.

Grooming victim who was offed by Muslims. Mum still looking for justice. None give or seeked.

Racist gang kill white boy in nightclub.

Diverse man burns his white girlfriend to death in her car after stabbing her.

White pensioner punched to death after asking for chalk.

“Coventry Teen” AKA radical Muslim beats to death an old war veteran and gets 1.5 years in jail for it.

Flagelists in COVENTRY.

Muslim groomers kill Coventry victim.

You will however be glad to know that the Bishop of Coventry has stood against any and all racists who might question the issues we are having.

foto_no_exif (60)

A great help to the raped girls he is.

Three more jihadis:

Coventry is a nightmare. This is the tip of the iceberg.

White woman pushed off bridge by 3 times deported Muslim rapist and groomer.

Muslim grooming gang that doubles as an internet ‘global pedophile gang.’

Killed by black gangster trash from Coventry. Sick but your Government loves you. they would bring this onto you. Out of pure love.

19 year old whitie forced into going on a drug selling spree around England and Wales.

The European style socialists have been pouring money into fake Cultural projects etc in the hope of conquering outlying areas for the MULTIKULTI GORGON. No child is safe.






Organizing the organized

This period of direct rule is being used to flood immigrants into Northern Ireland. The EU is using this period to fund new lives in Northern Ireland for non EU third world citizens. This is undermining our democracy.

foto_no_exif (53).jpg

The Bryson group are at the helm of this project of bringing hundreds of ‘volunteers’ in from all over the world. Everything from bringing Pakistanis in to look after other Pakistanis to bringing Roma over to look after cultural needs of the existing Roma community.

Our creaking health system is literally not functioning and yet the EU and the left see providing themselves with a voting block/ manipulating our democracy as the main goal.

Bryson intercultural is the wing that alongside the Housing executive and Common Purpose is flooding areas like Sandy Row with immigrants from all over the world in order to destroy the ANTI-EU Protestant community.

This is a Saul Alinsky ploy called organising the organised. During a period like this where we have no Government, the left and the EU can just go around spending our taxes on bringing immigrants in.

Rather than asking anyone if it’s ok to bring thousands of immigrants in they just use “help centers” to bring them in then accuse people of being xenophobic after they realise their future has been handed over to a foreign race, their vote split and very likely there are bombs going off in the city center.

If you look at the Bryson site there are no opportunities for whities from here to volunteer elsewhere, the whole thing is about the deconstruction  of our democracy. They don’t need us, they want our country.




Shankill women’s center: a Trojan horse

It has been quite depressing to watch the left make such gains in Belfast over the past five years. The left and their establishment and EU masters have been running rings around Protestants for a long time but now in areas of Belfast the defenses are down and we are being mauled.

Republicans and guys who hate the white Protestant community use minority social issues and alleged abuse of minorities as a way of gaining control of the community.

The Shankill Women’s Centre is a Trojan horse funded by the EU to manipulate women in the area and weaken the community.

One example of such influence is a a visit to the center by the extremely left wing, pro-EU and frankly Republican outfit the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

foto_no_exif (50)

Recently as you can see above the NI and Ireland human rights commissions merged into an all Ireland body.

Below the visit to the Shankill Woman’s center:

foto_no_exif (49)

The NI human rights commission is for promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and the idea that the Government should be able to watch you in you own home to stop you beating your intersex child.

Queers and these lefty human rights people target off kilter teens and try to get them into their social circles and campaign groups. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Below you can watch their video that is shown in schools. Imagine being a confused teenager, this would give you an opportunity to be special. Attention from all these nice people etc. If you say you are gay or trans you get to watch movies and eat boxes of celebrations.


The NIHRC pushes the idea that homosexuals are always being attacked by straight white males, that trans kids are constantly being attacked by their parents. There is little evidence for this. The people statistically most likely to be attacked are straight white males.

They use this persecution hierarchy to try to gain control and to attempt to get legislation that means they have power over and can discriminate against straight white males. In the Shankill that means a good proportion of the population will have to accept they can’t apply for certain jobs, that they will be made to feel outcast in the community because they are attacking these poor gay men, even though it isn’t happening.

This video below explains the situation.