Shankill women’s center: a Trojan horse

It has been quite depressing to watch the left make such gains in Belfast over the past five years. The left and their establishment and EU masters have been running rings around Protestants for a long time but now in areas of Belfast the defenses are down and we are being mauled.

Republicans and guys who hate the white Protestant community use minority social issues and alleged abuse of minorities as a way of gaining control of the community.

The Shankill Women’s Centre is a Trojan horse funded by the EU to manipulate women in the area and weaken the community.

One example of such influence is a a visit to the center by the extremely left wing, pro-EU and frankly Republican outfit the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

foto_no_exif (50)

Recently as you can see above the NI and Ireland human rights commissions merged into an all Ireland body.

Below the visit to the Shankill Woman’s center:

foto_no_exif (49)

The NI human rights commission is for promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and the idea that the Government should be able to watch you in you own home to stop you beating your intersex child.

Queers and these lefty human rights people target off kilter teens and try to get them into their social circles and campaign groups. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Below you can watch their video that is shown in schools. Imagine being a confused teenager, this would give you an opportunity to be special. Attention from all these nice people etc. If you say you are gay or trans you get to watch movies and eat boxes of celebrations.


The NIHRC pushes the idea that homosexuals are always being attacked by straight white males, that trans kids are constantly being attacked by their parents. There is little evidence for this. The people statistically most likely to be attacked are straight white males.

They use this persecution hierarchy to try to gain control and to attempt to get legislation that means they have power over and can discriminate against straight white males. In the Shankill that means a good proportion of the population will have to accept they can’t apply for certain jobs, that they will be made to feel outcast in the community because they are attacking these poor gay men, even though it isn’t happening.

This video below explains the situation.


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