Organizing the organized

This period of direct rule is being used to flood immigrants into Northern Ireland. The EU is using this period to fund new lives in Northern Ireland for non EU third world citizens. This is undermining our democracy.

foto_no_exif (53).jpg

The Bryson group are at the helm of this project of bringing hundreds of ‘volunteers’ in from all over the world. Everything from bringing Pakistanis in to look after other Pakistanis to bringing Roma over to look after cultural needs of the existing Roma community.

Our creaking health system is literally not functioning and yet the EU and the left see providing themselves with a voting block/ manipulating our democracy as the main goal.

Bryson intercultural is the wing that alongside the Housing executive and Common Purpose is flooding areas like Sandy Row with immigrants from all over the world in order to destroy the ANTI-EU Protestant community.

This is a Saul Alinsky ploy called organising the organised. During a period like this where we have no Government, the left and the EU can just go around spending our taxes on bringing immigrants in.

Rather than asking anyone if it’s ok to bring thousands of immigrants in they just use “help centers” to bring them in then accuse people of being xenophobic after they realise their future has been handed over to a foreign race, their vote split and very likely there are bombs going off in the city center.

If you look at the Bryson site there are no opportunities for whities from here to volunteer elsewhere, the whole thing is about the deconstruction  of our democracy. They don’t need us, they want our country.




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