Coventry University: foreign students under threat

Muslim bully boys have taken over Coventry University and are using it to target students.

Coventry is now effectively controlled by radical Islamists. There have been tens of cases of Islamic terrorists being caught in the city. The University, it’s location and it’s aquiestant administration have created a dangerous situation for foreign students. Rape and forced pimping is commonplace.

The University itself is hosting Press Gang conversions. At least that much they are in line with British tradition.

The Police and Coventry University are petrified of the Muslims and of the gangs. Sends your kids at your own peril.

Radical Islam is complemented by a competing gang culture.

Foreign students are essentially caught between violent black gangs, Muslim grooming gangs and Radical Islam.

Some of the recent cases.

A Muslim Grooming gang.

Black gang kidnap a white man and cut off finger.

Another Muslim grooming gang.

Muslima on terror charges:

Radical Muslim case:

Muslim march through Coventry.

Grooming victim who was offed by Muslims. Mum still looking for justice. None give or seeked.

Racist gang kill white boy in nightclub.

Diverse man burns his white girlfriend to death in her car after stabbing her.

White pensioner punched to death after asking for chalk.

“Coventry Teen” AKA radical Muslim beats to death an old war veteran and gets 1.5 years in jail for it.

Flagelists in COVENTRY.

Muslim groomers kill Coventry victim.

You will however be glad to know that the Bishop of Coventry has stood against any and all racists who might question the issues we are having.

foto_no_exif (60)

A great help to the raped girls he is.

Three more jihadis:

Coventry is a nightmare. This is the tip of the iceberg.

White woman pushed off bridge by 3 times deported Muslim rapist and groomer.

Muslim grooming gang that doubles as an internet ‘global pedophile gang.’

Killed by black gangster trash from Coventry. Sick but your Government loves you. they would bring this onto you. Out of pure love.

19 year old whitie forced into going on a drug selling spree around England and Wales.

The European style socialists have been pouring money into fake Cultural projects etc in the hope of conquering outlying areas for the MULTIKULTI GORGON. No child is safe.






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