Jewish propaganda and the troubles conflict: Avro Manhattan

Now this article is certainly not antisemitic it is just a look at how Jews piled in heavy propaganda for both sides during the troubles. In many ways using their skills a writers, enlightened internationalists and journalists to deepen the crisis in Northern Ireland.

This article concerns a Jew who was writing apparently on the Protestant side.

The most prominent Jewish propagandist who weighed into the Ulster war was Avro Manhattan. Avro played a significant part in the post war transformation of Europe. He was a (presenting) pro-British Jew.


From Wikipedia:

Born in Milan, Italy on April 6, 1914 to American and Swiss/Dutch parents of Jewish extraction, Manhattan was educated at the Sorbonne and the London School of Economics.
During World War II, Manhattan was jailed in Italy for refusing to serve in Benito Mussolini’s fascist army. Later during the war, he operated a radio station called “Radio Freedom” broadcasting to nations occupied by the Axis Powers.

His friends included H G Wells, Pablo Picasso, George Bernard Shaw and scientist Marie Stopes (Marie Stopes the Eugenics lady). Manhattan spent much of his later life after 1979 at the ornately decorated home of his wife’s late mother in South Shields, North East England.

below Avro’s School, the Sorbonne (I took summer school on ethics, nice spot)

Its not that expensive, you learn a lot in a few days. To be honest it is cheap and you get to put it on your CV.

foto_no_exif (81)

Avro was wealthy and was an English Baron. A title he obtained by marrying a wealthy English Baronet.

He had homes in Kensington in London, South Shields and Spain and was also was a Knight of the House of Savoy, a Knight Templar and Knight of the Order of Mercedes.

Avro was an avid conspiracy theorist and saw the Catholic Church as having established communism.  He wrote widely about the troubles.


Now I am no fan of the Catholic Church, and there is no doubt some truth in Avro’s work. However, my interest in this article is to assess how Jews like Avro influenced the conflict in Northern Ireland and how the Catholic Church was perceived around Europe in general. Something to be noted is that the bankers sometimes work with the Catholic Church but the two entities that are essentially vying for power. The Catholic Church was in a good position in the 1930s and famously postured with the Fascists in Italy and elsewhere, including Ireland.

Now as we know, as we can attest by just looking around us, all churches and deistic religion in general has come under assault from Avro’s sort in every country, where their Weimarian religion is now prevalent.

This has taken place over quite a few years. It started in earnest in the 1880s with the emergence of Jewish agitation, who by the early 1900s had enough power to make real head way in Art, journalism, law, finance, education etc, furnished by their wealth and the fact that many European Monarchs used them as a power to counterbalance that of native gentry.

By the time of the first World War much of the German professional class was Jewish. Avro himself was a Weimarian painter.



Now I have been wondering for years about all this Weimarian art and why it so terrible. I have come to the conclusion it is all about mockery and deconstructionism. It wouldn’t matter now but in those days there were real artists etc who complimented the European form and held up their profession. The idea was to mock them.

Avro was an incredible character, I don’t know if he was blowing wildly in the wind, following his own hunches or was part of an anti-goy conspiracy.

Avro’s books show an incredible insight in into his take on the advanced politics of the time, stuff most people don’t even know about now.

Avro was close to people like H.G.Wells and had a book prefaced by him. Below are his books, most would be hate crime books now. How much did this influence anti-Catholic sentiment during the troubles? Remembering these were best sellers and widely circulated in Northern Ireland.






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