Common Purpose to unleash HELL in Belfast this summer

According to sources we talked to #CommonPurpose is going to unleash hell this summer to try to keep Northern Ireland in the Eurozone after Brexit. The vexy troop trials are going to extend into BLM style Police trials. MI5 will be protected but apparently Police won’t.



I’m not totally surprised but these guys trusted the MI5 and now they are gettin their kickback from that. Silly boys. Probably a stand here at 5 O’Clock and sign this kind of case.

The Dissies are being whipped up with arbitrary arrest. The (Nasty) Alliance party are orchestrating a legal campaign against them in order to ruffle their feathers so they are magnified on the bargaining table and more likely to kill people.


The Bonfire chasers are funded and armed for a summer of harassing Prods.


Bullets of concern for our kids and social services rockets.


Simon Coveney promises a long hot summer, he along with the open society foundation will rile the dissies.


The Pope will be visiting in August. #CommonPurpose fronts are agitating for a Belfast visit.


CP Source.

The Shinners are calling for a border Poll. #CommonPurpose have given them the wink not to accept DUP concessions.


Angry white Irish men tearing down abortion posters.

This list will be evolving over the next few days.

Gay cake Judges won’t take the leap of Judgment until referendum result is known. The “British High Court” will not decide on whether people can be forced to bake cakes at the point of a gun until the general EIRE POZ consensus is assessed.


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