5° toward globalism

Since the Good Friday agreement we have been moving at a steady pace. A lot of the change has been quite good. We have however been moving 5° to the left the whole time, subtly guided by Blair and Clintonite stay behinds like the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Justice and Security.

The clue is in the name of a lot of these institutes, they want not just peace but “Justice” and “Security.” So the question is who decides what security is? Who decides what Justice is? Of course it is the globalists themselves. They very often create security crisis like the migrant wave to bring in the new laws that the globalists need for their technocracy.


As I said we have been travelling, often quite contently  5° in a different direction from the direction the UUP told us that we were on.

The UUP didn’t mention boycotts like the McBride Principles nor continued agitation for further implementation of other Principles, like the potential McGuinness principles.


The recent appointment of Peter Robinson to the SGJMIPJS is worrying. As has been the Unionist silence on these issues. Realistically they should be calling these nation wrecking globalists out for what they are and calling for people to boycott them. Yet they don’t


I’m not taking away from Mr Robinson’s achievements or from the achievements of people who have worked toward peace on both sides. 30 years of working in the Peace industry should earn one a doctorate. Just not from a globalist stay behind masquerading as a University department.


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