Competitors not citizens

I was watching a video of Millenial Woes recently and was again impressed with how he produces theories on /our situation/ that I had not yet thought of.

Millenial Woes and his acolytes are essentially standing in as vicars, philosophers and economists for the professionals who have sold out to #CommonPurpose.

Yeah most of this stuff was well underway during the British Empire but it was /ours/ then, now it is against us.

One of the most important things he has highlighted in the past few months is how the elite see us not a citizens for the Government to protect but as competitors to be set in competition against any global comers at the will of the elite.

Donald Trump in the USA has started to put all those “bad deals” to the sword, but we have no such politician, we have #CommonPurpose.


What struck me was that this was not new knowledge for me. I have read Hayek’s the road to serfdom. I read it and understood it. The trouble was I didn’t believe it. It has taken the intervening ten years, the years between 2008 to 2018 to convince me this thing is going down and we have to fight it.