The uneven hand of Common Purpose about to strike over “Rugby rape trial”

According to the BBC a number of people who named the “Rugby rape trial” victim online are facing imminent arrest and contempt of court charges.

To give those unawares a summary the BBC dubbed “Rugby Rape” trial was where two Irish Rugby players were accused of raping a woman on a night out in Belfast. The two were acquitted but it emerged there had been some ungentleman like behavior etc. The Feminists jumped on it and made it into a social media circus from the first day of the trial to the present day.

There were huge protests with educational establishments and MPs taking sides in the case according to their political beliefs. The Police and the Judicial system are under a huge amount of very radical pressure from leftists in position.

There has been no enforcement of contempt charges on leftists or feminists in the case despite glaring examples by people who should know better. This is the danger of allowing Common Purpose to thread through our system like a cancer.


OK it was wrong to name the victim online and that was a total bum thing to do. On the other hand though the contempt on the other side, the moral gestation, the influencing, the protests etc were also wrong and contemptuous. If Common Purpose sends out the message that it will work with the lefties on these cases and bow to them like a birch in the wind, who knows where all this will stop.

In a previous article we compared some of these contempt examples to Tommy Robinson’s own speedy contempt jailing. This to the foreign observer (that now make up a majority of our views) is under the same legal system. A system blighted by a leftist/Globalist  infiltration organisation called Common Purpose.

Get the latest on the one sided campaign of contempt enforcement.

From the original article on the issue.

Tommy Robinson was held in Contempt of court and jailed for 13 months recently for appearing outside a grooming trial and repeating public information from a local newspaper, he also attempted to interview what he seems to have believed were defendants. Tommy was pushed away though and there was no info garnered.

I don’t know whether this is legally contempt of court or not.

On the other side of the 2 tier spectrum though we have a clear case of Contempt of Court from Naomi Long (former MP), Northern Ireland’s most popular leftist and #Metoo campaigner with 30k heavy politicized followers.

During the trial of 4 Rugby players, two of whom were charged with rape Naomi tweeted out details of what the defence had said and added some feminist critique of the statements.

From the bbc:

“The tweet, by Naomi Long, criticised Frank O’Donoghue QC for remarks he made in court concerning the alleged victim.

He said: “Why didn’t she scream? A lot of very middle-class girls were downstairs, they were not going to tolerate a rape or anything like that.

“Why didn’t she scream the house down?”

On Twitter, Naomi Long described the comments as appalling: “I genuinely have no words for how atrocious this statement is,” she posted.

“Middle-class girls? What? Because ‘working-class girls’ wouldn’t care/don’t matter/think rape is normal?

“What is the implication of that comment even meant to be? Appalling at every level.”

The comment was re-tweeted 36 times and received 277 likes, the court was told.


After the tweet was published, the barrister told the court: “The trial is on a knife edge. The jury is just about to go out to consider its verdicts.

“The timing of Ms Long’s opinion on social media could not be more unfortunate, to put it mildly.”

He added: “Ms Long’s intervention is such as to create a substantial risk of prejudice.

“That this cannot be cured. And that, regrettably, this jury shall now have to be stood down and discharged.”

The case was held up for an hour. In the end, the judge rejected the application for the jury to be discharged and the case continued.

Two days later, Ireland and Ulster fly-half Paddy Jackson, 26, and team mate Stuart Olding, 25, were unanimously acquitted of all charges against them.


An Alliance Party spokesperson said: “”We are always conscious of our responsibilities when making any comment related to live court proceedings and exercise great care to avoid any remarks which could be construed as prejudicial.

“The tweets related to a comment from a counsel’s closing address regarding class and not evidence before the court, were entirely unrelated to and made no reference or inference whatsoever to the guilt or innocence of those on trial.

“Legal contentions alleging prejudice in the context of various remarks on social media were put before the trial judge and after careful consideration, she rejected those arguments, a view reinforced by the Attorney General.”

What we have in the UK is a system where leftists and those in the #CommonPurpose fold can benefit from working totally outside the law.

The Rugby players were all found totally not guilty on all charges.

In addition to this the Judge who is presumably #CommonPurpose has refused to award the defendants costs despite their being found innocent. The Rugby players have also lost their jobs, this is discrimination but again thats ok if the lefties give it the go go.

The BBC have long buried this Naomi Long thing and none of the Common Purpose outlets have thought to mention it. WEIRD.

Women in Power: Belfast Telegraph woman of the year!

The Belfast Telegraph, since becoming Dublin owned has shifted from a moderate Unionist position to being a subtle Irish Nationalist leftist publication.

Women Rule, women are powerful unless you are Jolene Bunting then according to BelTel your a Neo-Nazi terriorist!

Women are so cool! Corporations love women!

Wow an Anti-Prod book “40 shades of red, white and blue” has won a nomination. Wow Femail power!


All seems to be lefty Republican stuff, they have stopped uploading vids of the awards, that prob means 2017 and 2018 would have not been “public ready.”

This vid is from one of the “women of the year.” Seems anti-working class.

Eye flicks: the pseudoscience of racism

The left/Globalist alliance are pushing a Globalist pseudoscience based on some real research by real psychiatrists that your eye movements can give away evidence of mood disorders and applying it to “far right extremists.”

download (7)

The World of 2016, even the BBC of 2016 were not ready for the microaggressions thing. Specially hot on the coat tails of the Oxford elite apparently not noticing a huge Pakistani grooming gang operating in it’s City.

The left/Globalists however are coming back, just over a year later with an UNDENIABLE RACISM TEST. This being your eye flicker rate.

Now as with every globalist ploy they insert it into pop culture, or UNI culture at least and then roll it out to the mass.

They say that they can look at the flicker rate of your eyes and where you look and determine disorders (like racism).

The BBC are pushing it heavy to all their useful idiots and brought in shills, look out for RACISM cameras and men in white coats to haul grooming gang victim daddies away coming to YOUR TOWN.

Girls as young as 13 grilled at Dawah stalls in the UK

Groups of girls as young as thirteen are being grilled theologically by Muslims, who very often succeed to convert them. This particular rouse is kind of a threat, it’s telling these young Goris basically convert or you will be raped by the grooming gangs.

foto_no_exif (75).jpg

This “grooming” is apparently not sexual as the girls are handed off to female Muslims who then prepare them for marriage later. All fully legal….

This is all with the explicit support of our cowardly peelers (who jail none but ours).


Afraid or unwilling? I couldn’t tell you why.


The British Press and their obsession with labeling normie fans skinheads is endangering families

The British Press, film industry and the Police who often use wild exaggerations, provocateurs or dis-ingenuity in their “investigations” might  end up the provoking deaths of innocent fans in Russia.

The Football Factory produced by Allan Niblo is a great example. This was watched all over the World, with foreign fans taking it quite literally that all white working class people were like that.

This film was produced in anticipation of working class outrage at high immigration. The tropes were beamed around the world and used internationally and domestically as a battering ram against the Gora.

If you watch this clip the music playing is “Swastiga eyes” by Primal Scream. That’s no accident.

English fans were ambushed in the Euros by Russian hooligans, pumped up on “beating the guys from the TV.”

Apparently the English Rozzers who were sent to monitor suspected neo-nazi hooligans ran away as English fans were attacked by Russians.


That however didn’t stop the cowardly peelers using the situation to capitalize for Common Purpose. They used the footage from dropped cameras to convict people who had been “shouting slogans” when they were attacked. They use the label “football violence” to send white men down for longer in order to even the stats on sentencing. Scenes from Marseille were also used by the left to portray “Battered EDL” etc etc.

The guy in this video explains how Common Purpose uses this politically.


We should make films making Jews look really violent and say that they will just attack anyone and are racist. If it’s ok for them to do that to us it follows it’s ok to do the same thing.

The BBC is still pushing the same old narrative.

Belfast Bible College Masquerade’s Ball

One of the most pressing matters today is that of the State, NGOs and fake philanthropists influencing the churches.

Protestant Churches were the first Christian Churches to allow mainstream Universities to be the arbiter of Christian knowledge. Roman Catholics were quite rightly outraged that the power to award the cloth was put into the hands of people tied up in all sorts of other interests.

At different times the problems with this manifested in different ways, examples being ministers justifying slavery for example. Of late though the problem is that of the Church being Co-opted by the Campus left.

One insane example of this is Oxford University lifting it’s requirement for those receiving a Theology Doctorate to learn about Christianity. This is in stark contrast to the requirement of all British School children to learn about Islam.

One could be forgiven for thinking that our society is under attack from a force that aims to destroy it and replace it with something foreign. Replacing our good Christian learning with foreign and barbarous ideas.

According to the Telegraph the Christian teaching previously taught at Oxford can be skirted if one takes a class on “Feminist approaches to religion and Theology.” From analyzing the words and deeds of many Protestant Churchmen now one can presume that their heart lies with the latter rather than the former.

Belfast Bible College has got to be another great example. They have been holding some quite grotesque “Masquerade balls.” This is quite symbolic and I have no doubt that the left have injected  it in. Masquerade Masks are designed to hide lewd behaviour and speech.

“In Lent, if masquerades displease the town,
Call ’em Ridottos and they so down.”

What this refers to is the Ridotto in Venice where the Merchants (many of them Jewish) were granted a Government pass to Gamble and entertain whores. The Masquerades would stand facing the San Moisè Church and mock the parishioners attending Mass.


So the idea of this Ball being the passing out party for Belfast Bible College is quite significant and this is probably a wink to Common Purpose saying look guys we are on your team now what do you want us to do?

Effeminacy, cross dressing etc, this video from the Belfast Bible College has it all.

foto_no_exif (66)

The video:


Now the problem we have locally was highlighted in another article on this site.


Common Purpose: The demonic accusers

In so much of this lefty shit that is going on at the moment you can see demonic accusation. The Devil and people on his side are often called the “Kings of this world” and “Adversarial accusers.” It is really easy to see given the popularity of these social ills, abortion and so forth that at the moment the kings of this world are reigning in Ireland.

God’s rules stand for a reason (it’s not just for the craic)  and it has often been really painful for other wayward populations to re-learn old knowledge.


Common Purpose and it’s teachings are typical, not even well hid demonic manipulation. It’s power is derived from accusation and projecting guilt on it’s enemies. It’s power is based on the pseudoscience that all white people are racist and that they are harming others. That assumption when put to work in a white country results in demonic abuses of power and suffering.

Common Purpose was the organisation behind the Rochdale and Rotherham scandals and the organisation that gave Matthew Scully Hicks his kid that he killed.

Satan, like Common Purpose is subtle and normies can’t see down the line to what will go wrong. Christians or even just normal humanists or whatever can derive that knowledge from reading the Bible, or even just the classics or pagan literature and so avoid the pitfalls.

Common Purpose is accusing Tommy Robinson and Melanie Shaw now, they are locked up. Who’s next?

Pray for a normie today, try to spend an hour each Sunday praying or meditating on these problems.