IRA’s insurgency tactics still paying dividends

Common Purpose needs much of the IRA’s propaganda to be true, the apparent needless brutality of soldiers etc. The Good Friday Agreement hinges around accepting mutual blame and while the IRA has long been forgiven, the evil system in Belfast has turned it’s rage on our soldiers.

They in Belfast are enacting a policy of radical appeasement.


The IRA’s insurgency tactics guaranteed and counted on friendly casualties to gain support. While one has to agree with some of Republicanism’s grievances such as class related economic disparities no one can justify a nihilistic insurgency that targets civillians.

The IRA used tactics such as using civilians to lure Army patrols onto explosion sites. A soldier who spotted a man running in any direction could not be sure he was not running to pick up the remote on a command wire or something similar. Common Purpose and Sinn Fein use outlets like the Belfast Telegraph to portray soldiers as these hostile swaggering forces moving through this totally safe civilian environment picking people out for harassment or worse. This view is not being countered by the DUP etc who have been busy gathering money up and has become the view of a lot of the Protestant youth, who are now joining Common Purpose linked fake neutral organisations like the Alliance Party that buy into Sinn Fein’s social justice vision (less white prod men).

Now though the Common Purpose system is wielding it’s integrated power to promote the Bill Clinton version of history that all the “peace makers” are committed to. This is allowing Sinn Fein to re-write history totally and cast itself as the totally innocent feminine victim of that old trope the “Raging English man.” Regardless if that English man is wearing a soccer shirt or a uniform, leftist pseudoscience has him down as nature’s monster. A historical specter that has scarred the Earth since the days of Charlemagne.

The latest Soldier trial, while tragic is obviously down to the security situation the IRA created.

If we accept full blame for the troubles despite not holding full responsibility the IRA seeing it’s on a good thing, will start killing again, not that it ever stopped.



Women in Power: Belfast Telegraph woman of the year!

The Belfast Telegraph, since becoming Dublin owned has shifted from a moderate Unionist position to being a subtle Irish Nationalist leftist publication.

Women Rule, women are powerful unless you are Jolene Bunting then according to BelTel your a Neo-Nazi terriorist!

Women are so cool! Corporations love women!

Wow an Anti-Prod book “40 shades of red, white and blue” has won a nomination. Wow Femail power!


All seems to be lefty Republican stuff, they have stopped uploading vids of the awards, that prob means 2017 and 2018 would have not been “public ready.”

This vid is from one of the “women of the year.” Seems anti-working class.

What is “poin gdwn” or Godwins rule?

In the 1990s an American Lawyer conducted research into online discussions and the stages  and patterns of behavior involved. The result was Godwin’s rule, Godwin’s law or colloquially poin gdwn.


This law basically dictates that if a thread continues long enough one or more of the participants will compare his adversary to Adolf Hitler, usually this means the discussion is in the end stage and just ends.

For more on Godwins and how to “Get away with posting about Hitler” read this old archived article from the last millennium.

Mentioned in one of Kroc’s latest raps.

NI student loan debt hits £3.3bn

Socialised education is being used by the left as a campaign tool. The inflated prices of education, encouraging people to take up useless degrees etc represents red level waste.

The whole thing serves to fund the Common Purpose system and the people riding that particular gravy train.

From the BBC:

” Northern Ireland’s outstanding student debt stands at almost £3.3bn.

The total tuition fee and maintenance loan debt has risen 10% since last year when it stood at just under £3bn.

Only about one in six people in Northern Ireland have fully repaid their student loans.

The 2017/18 statistics on how much student debt people in Northern Ireland owe and how much they have repaid have been published by the Student Loans Company.

This is the government-owned body that pays and collects tuition fees and living cost loans to universities and students.

In total, 243,000 Northern Ireland people have taken out loans to cover tuition fees and living costs since the current loans system began in 1998/99.

But only 32,300 have fully repaid their loans and 43,000 have not yet had to start repaying them.

Students only start repaying loans when they have finished their course or reached the earnings threshold to begin repayment, which stands at £18,330 a year or £352 a week.

The more they earn, the bigger a proportion of their loan they repay.

Year-on-year rise

Those who began to repay in 2018 owe £22,440 on average, £1,500 more than those who began to repay last year.

In 2017/18, Northern Irish students borrowed almost £208m in tuition fee loans and £134m in maintenance loans, a rise of over 4% on 2016/17.

For the first time, postgraduate students in Northern Ireland were also able to borrow to pay tuition fees, with their loans totalling £3.7m.

Some students in Northern Ireland from low income backgrounds can also get a grant to help pay for living costs.

Loan debt is written off in Northern Ireland if a former student has not cleared their debt within 25 years of becoming eligible to repay.

Loan system warning

The vast majority of students referred to in the Student Loan Company’s figures are from Northern Ireland, although EU students studying in Northern Ireland are also included.

The total amount of loans they still owe is dwarfed by the amount owed by people in England where tuition fees are higher.

English student debt stands at almost £105bn in 2017/18, which has led to a number of warnings about the long-term cost of the student loans system, most recently from a House of Lords committee.”

JP goes into this a bit.

Sinn Fein unveils circumvention strategy

Cultural Marxism is basically bringing in Immigrants and encouraging fringe minorities to go to war with the family and society. Cultural Marxism is not a culture in it’s own right but a protest mechanism that wants a societal collapse.

The circumvention strategy is basically using human rights law and globalist structures to circumvent democracy, in a similar way that New Labour did in the 1990s and 2000s.

Being “Anti-Islam” is jarring

Being “anti-Islam” is great for the lefties as they can just go “look this person is racist and they are unreasonable, we need to circumvent them with Common Purpose.”

In reality Islam is Islam, all the religions have mad texts and stuff that you could bring up. In the last 50 years Globalists have brought 60 million Muslims into Europe to break up our societies. That is the problem at hand. Many of those 60 million Muslims, although they have had an massive negative effect on our freedom and democratic exclusivity are great old bucks and are protected rightly by British or Irish law

The elites want us in a childish playpen where if you just respect normal rule of law you are called a Neo-Nazi Mufti supporter, if you are “Anti-Islam” you are this Christian Supremacist. Globalism pushes a stereotype for whatever tact you take in order to ensure it’s power.

Whatever way you see the situation you must respect the Muslim traveler or individual. That doesn’t mean he has to live in your house forever, but while he is in your area you must guarantee his safety.

Leviticus 19:33-34

“When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

If you honour God’s word he will see it and honour you.


 There is good reason for this, when freedom is threatened in the West, someday we might have to have a relationship with Muslims that ensures mutual security, mutual trade and so forth.
Israel itself understands that a relationship with Islam is important, it protects the Holy sites and guarantees safety for those visiting the Dome of the Rock.