ANTIFA “forced off the streets” by #FreeTommy protest in Belfast

Low numbers of ANTIFA turned out for their protest against the #FreeTommy march. They had tried to rally the troops but across the City the Irish Prime Minister was meeting and greeting fellow homosexuals at an LGBT establishment. A lot of the potential ANTIFA marchers were tied up at that. LITERALLY!

foto_no_exif (84)

The ANTIFA in Belfast are used to being the Belle of the ball, but now in 2018 Belfast they have been outfoxed. The left have discarded them as uncouth, white Catholic men. The hipster glasses bounce up and down on the noses of Belfast socialites as they laugh at “SHARP” skins and their hetero-dominative norms. The center doesn’t understand how the 32 county socialist Ireland is going to be attained and the right, even in the South despises them because of all the doxing and aggro they dish out.

Time to leave the ANTIFA and think of something new.


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