Eye flicks: the pseudoscience of racism

The left/Globalist alliance are pushing a Globalist pseudoscience based on some real research by real psychiatrists that your eye movements can give away evidence of mood disorders and applying it to “far right extremists.”

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The World of 2016, even the BBC of 2016 were not ready for the microaggressions thing. Specially hot on the coat tails of the Oxford elite apparently not noticing a huge Pakistani grooming gang operating in it’s City.


The left/Globalists however are coming back, just over a year later with an UNDENIABLE RACISM TEST. This being your eye flicker rate.

Now as with every globalist ploy they insert it into pop culture, or UNI culture at least and then roll it out to the mass.

They say that they can look at the flicker rate of your eyes and where you look and determine disorders (like racism).


The BBC are pushing it heavy to all their useful idiots and brought in shills, look out for RACISM cameras and men in white coats to haul grooming gang victim daddies away coming to YOUR TOWN.

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