Former Sinn Fein MLA rinses Citizens Advice charity of £5,500 on positive discrimination case

A election spurned Sinner has turned his glassy eye to a struggling charity and with his friends at the law society won £5,500 in court. He took the Citizens Advice Bureau to court to challenge positive discrimination, where a woman was hired ahead of him. He won (could he lose) a big old pay out.

The Sinners have a magical way with socialism, it is a tool of their whimsy.



The Irish News states that :

“A female candidate was appointed to the role, even though she had failed to meet the initial shortlisting criteria.

“Mr Flanagan launched a case against the charity, claiming he had been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of his political beliefs.”

In its conclusion to a lengthy 41 page report the Tribunal said :

“The tribunal concludes that it could reasonably infer unlawful political discrimination on the ground of the claimant’s nationalist/republican opinion. 

“This is not a case of a small charitable organisation making a mess of an appointments process and owing up to procedural errors.  The respondent actively lied about its position and about why the claimant had not been appointed. 

“The argument that this had simply been a benign and amateurish exercise was only advanced in final submissions and not at any stage before that point.

“The burden of proof has passed to the respondent.  If it is to discharge that burden of proof, it must do so by providing an adequate explanation which is supported by cogent evidence.

“This might have been an easier task for the respondent if it had put forward a consistent and believable explanation from the start of the process.  

“In final submissions, the respondent invited the tribunal conclude that it had made a mess of the interview process; it had all been an innocent and well-meaning exercise which had gone horribly wrong.  That explanation is simply not credible.”

“The panel marking had been clear.  The interview matrix document had been clear.  The claimant had received the highest marks and should have been appointed.”

The Sinn Fein “March through the institutions” is beginning to bare literal financial fruit for those involved.

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