Refugees complain to UN about Ulster housing

This is kind of an odd one but refugees and asylum seekers have the right, where locals do not to a home of their own that is maintained to a good standard. One of the plethora of the New Nationalist lefty organisations “Participation and practice of human rights” has received complaint from 6 Syrian families who believe their housing is not to standard.


You can see where they have been splashing around in the tub and not opened the window.

PPR are pissed off and they have already sent someone to the UN office to complain.

I was thinking why does this PPR not just buy a tin of paint and a spanner, bet that would solve a lot of the problems rather than paying a team of people to greet and moan to the UN.

Years ago in Belfast if you had come into the office complaining about damp in your bathroom they would have laughed you out the door.

This is the PPR on a protest. Weird….. Mask is very sinister.




Integration loans

I have often wondered how a lot of these refugees and economic migrants seem to find their feet very quickly, often opening their own businesses usually shops etc as their first jaunt into the Northern Irish workplace. I have also often wondered how. Having struggled myself for years and having watched friends of mine in some cases resort to suicide attempts to eject themselves from the dismal economic situation I was surprised to find out that refugees etc get “integration loans.”


Find out more here.

The justification for these loans when they were passed in 2007 was white racism, that even with the widespread positive discrimination policies imposed by the Government migrants could not integrate because of white racism and so need to run their own businesses and need the Government to basically start up the businesses for them.

Well, at least someone is getting a start I guess.


Queer identity politics and the ANTIFA

A lot of these ANTIFA guys give off a Queer vibe. This isn’t something that is accidental it is actually for them a form of protesting the white male patriarchy. It is kind of like saying look at me I’m white, I’m male and I’m broken I want to let minorities dominate me because of what YOU did to me.


There is always a YOU and YOU always did something wrong. What this sadly leads to sometimes is their belief that more norm-conforming individuals, Conservatives and so forth are persecuting them in such an intense way that violence is justified.

Homosexuals and bull dykes that are of the mindset to get involved with the ANTIFA (for the sake of this article) are often drawn to youth and excitement, leading many to get into education. Some say this is because of a relationship they have with bi-polar disorder. Really intense highs and dismal lows.

Vox notes in this article that;

I’m worried by the rise of the underground digital bathhouse. Apps like Grindr, with 3 million daily active users, and others like Scruff and Jack’d, are designed to help gay men solicit sex, often anonymously, online. I am all for sexual liberation, but I can’t stop wondering if these apps also have a negative effect on gay men’s mental health.

The writer understands the relationship between homosexuality, lesbians and the tendency to run themselves into the ground chasing multiple partners. It is something that Corporations have been looking into after noticing that the advent of apps like Grindr etc are having an effect on workplace sickness etc.

The LGBT community far from persecuted has actually been given a longer leash than any other section of the population, concessions include the special status of some drugs like Amyls that gays use for “chemical sex” being legalised explicitly so that minority is not persecuted for it’s partaking in “chemical sex.”

Imagine straight men or this website publishing manuals on how to drug women during sex so the “pain is more intense” or providing women with relaxants so you can fist their ass. That probably would not go down too well. It is however totally acceptable, if not encouraged for “bear dads” to engage in this kind of behavior.

The background of this is quite important to ANTIFAs relationship with Queer theory, Queer identity politics etc.  ANTIFA very often wear items associated with gay bondage, this basically comes from mockery of Christianity’s attempts to protest the Queer movement early on. Otherwise there is a link between same sex relationships and public indecency, I prefer to believe there isn’t.

Identity politics is most often felt most hotly on the individual, the left uses it as a kind of insurgency, if you can get someone to adopt a Queerness trope and transform themselves into the Queer individual over time you have a person who is more than likely self alienating and kind of proving the leftist right by their unwillingness either to conform with society or to just take a normal natural path. One often wonders what a lot of ANTIFA type people would be like without cultural Marxism being so pervasive. I would say the individuals would be more well adjusted, happier and infinitely more stylish.

Hate crime laws, positive discrimination and the tendency of Queers to seek positions of power (bi-polar relationship) has meant that ordinary people are more likely to be victimised by the more anti-social aspects of the LGBT behaviour. We have seen a rash of vexatious complaints since the introduction of hate laws that have unfortunately undermined the enforcement of real victimisations that can on rare occasions occur.

Something we have seen recently is the rise of Queer victimisation fiction. Paperback novels often written by Oxford graduates and so on that fill the void that a lack of real attacks has left.

One providing the details on how to overdose on test and go into a mad roid rage.

“I spread the gel over my shoulders. First instant: the feeling of a light slap on the skin. The feeling changes into one of coldness before it disappears. Then nothing for a day or two. Nothing. Waiting. Then an extraordinary lucidity settles in gradually, accompanied by an explosion of the desire to fuck, walk, go out everywhere in the city. “

Apparently this is an ANTIFA staple, rubbing testosterone gel on eachother a few days before a demo so you are less afraid of the fash.

Biopolitics merges with biowar at times too with HIV+ tampons and shite filled nappies being hurled at Conservatives. Sometimes they attach these disgusting items to signs and attempt to dab individuals they are protesting with the blood of feces.


One from the Trump protest Saturday in London.


Again this would probably result in an arrest if a “white supremist neo nazi” were to do it but because these folks are sexually promiscuous it’s ok.

Joining the ANTIFA is a way for men in modern Universities who are not willing to prove themselves Queer to get accepted into the campus community. If you were not in the ANTIFA at Queen’s University for example people would be very suspicious that you were in some sort of Neo-Nazi outfit.

Some of the higher end Queer theory can be quite interesting but as with anything that is 50% protest, 50% experience there is no great positive contribution to the wider community.