The PSNI Libel Jamie Bryson: Dangerous precedents

For a long time in Northern Ireland the establishment has used the Police to attack political enemies. Sinn Fein for a long time was a favorite target but after the Belfast Common Purpose coup and the ensuing flag protests Protestants have been the ones under fire. The “new establishment” backed by US democrats in the form of the George Mitchell Centre and the British Labour party’s group Common Purpose see Protestants as a thing in the way of their mass change and social engineering project that they now call the Belfast Agenda (Rockefeller Resilient cities).

Previously institutions were stand alone, each “officer” or whatever had to perform his role under British law in accordance with the GFA and his own initiative. Common Purpose changed all that and the results are obvious, specially when you look at how the Loyalist Journalist Jamie Bryson is treated.

Bryson has been banging the establishments drum incessantly for almost ten years, he was involved in bringing to light dozens of criminal scams that establishment figures were involved in. These include the Iris Robinson bribes,  alledged Cerberus capital fiasco (still under investigation) and RHI related caveats.

This has earned him a lot of enemies who are now using the Common Purpose network to libel him.

The PSNI two days ago, just after a raid on Bryson’s premises told the mainstream Common Purpose media that they were investigating criminality linked the the “East Belfast UVF” they also apparently found a bb gun at his home and camouflage clothing. Both legal items that would be present in many homes, however the Police use them to libel the man and make out like he is basically in the UVF and running round with a bb gun in full Spetznaz camo gear.

The equivalent might be raiding one of these Queens Uni lefty professors and saying “We found an axe, a can of petrol, a bottle of bleach, matches, 12 inch knives and a scarf that could be used to obscure the face etc.”

If the Police have solid information that Bryson is in the East Belfast UVF why don’t they charge him with membership? You shouldn’t have Police using the media to mark people out as members of illegal organisations unless they have solid reason to believe that they are members of illegal organisations. If they had the information that was at the level where they can solidly go to the media and make the accusations, then there should be a charge.

I think Bryson should crowd fund a libel case, just to end this madness and make the Common Purpose stop and think.

That said. Bryson in my humble opinion could get a lot more done if he didn’t play the red hot prod card. He and his blog are at the stage now I think he can step back from catering to the more basic instincts of the East’s abandoned Protestants and wider his appeal. He would serve the East better that way. He would also not be as easily linked to these spontaneous events like this summers bus burning.

The Irish News article on the story with the “Comoflauge clothing” quote


One of the Police behind the infamous admitted Birmingham grooming cover up is a Paedophile

Unsurprisingly one of the Police inspectors behind the West Midland’s Police cover up of the grooming gangs has been convicted of having and producing naked pictures of kids.


The West Midlands grooming gang cover up was infamous as it is the only one the Police have had to throw the hands up and admit, none of the other forces have actually admitted to their cover ups as yet.

Check out the link below, sickening stuff.



Belfast City Councillor’s page taken down by Facebook ahead of May elections

Belfast City Council elections will be held in May 2019, so Councillors are starting their campaigns for re-election. For one Councillor, an outspoken Conservative leaning Councillor named Jolene Bunting things won’t be so straightforward this year because Facebook have taken her campaign page down.

This can only be seen as an attempt by elites, who want to enforce the Rockefeller “Belfast Agenda” to prevent her re-election.

Jolene had been outspoken on issues such as the Belfast City Council bringing in possible dangerous refugees, this after the Dundalk attack where a woman was stabbed to death by an Egyptian fake refugee, the honour killing of a local by a Muslim and the assassination of a Gay man by an African in the City Centre.


I have a feeling though that people will be aware of this and vote for her anyway.

Sources on the attacks.


The Belfast “Gay slaying”

Local boxer killed by girlfriend’s jealous Muslim ex.

Oxford textbook admits world government (NWO)

An Oxford textbook designed for students that would be going on to work for organisations like the EU or UN illustrates the “global governance complex” for it’s students.

The book is called the Globalisation of world politics, it can be bought fairly cheaply now as it is Pre-Trump (4th edition) and Brexit, so it essentially comes from before the globalist takedown of “our democracy” had any resistance working against it.

The newer books apparently offer more advice on countering populism. I want to get one of the newer books but they are deliberately making them expensive.

It’s just a case at the moment of me having to work off material these guys are not using anymore lol.


Below: the New World Order structure according to the textbook.


So we are being asked by the like of the BBC to pretend there is no Global Government and that huge mega banks are not involved in hacking our democratic system, whilst at the same time people from the Established system, Oxford Publishing in this case are saying yeah we are hacking the system but its necessary because…. Terrorism…Poverty.

Mostly stuff the elite create. Problem – Reaction – Solution.

They are even saying here that private military companies are part of the World Government. Why? How can we fight “terror” with private military companies, surely it’s in their interest to keep it going.

foto_no_exif (1)

Organisations like Medecins Sans Frontieres (medicine without frontiers) ship in the migrants for the Globalists.





White South Africans cheated out of their part in the “Rainbow Nation”

Outlets like the British State run BBC are lying about the situation in South Africa, they have been running constant “travel shows” like the one below to make things look livable.

They have been in Crocodile tanks, doing wine tours and paragliding, all while ignoring the problem their State created.

The Jewish National fund and the World Digest

This document from 1944 talks about a “Jewish National Fund” that “(provides land)”. This was published in the “World Digest” at the same time the precepts of the ADL were being decided, along with how they would demonise “white” self governance. They talk about “white Nationalism” but always say that Judaism is a religion and there is no nationalistic leaning.

Just seems really weird…. or was this document from before they got their story straight and committed to demonising “whites” a catch all largely pushed by the ADL.

If there was a Christian National Fund that was providing land would it be acceptable to the MSM? If you log onto the ADL website even people that push the most meek forms of civic nationalism are labelled Neo-Nazis.


This “World Digest” pushes all kinds of (((dodgy))) propaganda. Here is the cover below.



Yeah…. John Philby, Arvid Fredborg, Y.Diskal, Peter de Mendelsohn etc etc

They wanted to break the Junkers in Germany but the pathetic administration the British installed in West Germany failed and that has led to our current predicament.


Psycho analysis and (((Pelmanism)))