Protestant women in Paramilitary gangs 1991

As Part of a study into the lives of Protestant women, the Common Purpose linked University of Bradford drew up a model. The model was supposed to reflect Protestant women in 1991. The study was conducted between 1991 and 1993.

It reflects their various roles of involvement in the Paramilitary “gangs” and what the researchers supposed Protestant society expected of them.

This advice was taken and our society today is a reflection of Common Purpose’s will to split the women from the men and to “divert” them from the gangs. We know this in 2018 as social manipulation.


One of the big recommendations has been fulfilled and is now called the “Shankill Women’s Center.”

Apparently Protestant society hinges around “group rape.”

If you follow the link below you can view one of the main documents talking about one of the main programs, it is aimed at breaking down political parties and community groups in Protestant areas using the Common Purpose alliance of media and public officials.

Coming soon, a breakdown of what this means for us working classers.

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