The Gay Agenda, Paedophile Agenda overlap

Paedophiles are highly motivated people, swirling in that mind is a toxic mix of mental disorders that lead to abuse. There is no doubt the Gay Agenda is not monolithic, some Gay Agendas are different from others but with intersectionality at play we are seeing pressure on some LGBT activists to accept elements of the Paedophile Agenda.

Further to that the extreme power being handed to social services that are laden with people who were drawn to sociology degrees as part of their attempt to further their personal agenda who have been known in the past to abuse their position, this has been highlighted recently with the scandal in Norway where one of the most progressive “child experts” turned out to have many many thousands of pictures of child abuse.

Now if you remember back to this article from 2014 it was that stable of academics pushing the idea that paedophilia is normal for males.

It turned out recently that unsurprisingly these guys turned out to be paedophiles themselves active in the Paedophile underworld and procuring kids from families using the country’s social services.

Now this is not a Norwegian problem this has been exposed in other countries too, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands and Slovakia have had similar scandals, all with the same hall marks, the same connections to left wing academia, Common Purpose or similar organisations that organise social workers etc.

The Fuel Project goes into this issue in the video below.

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