The Jewish National fund and the World Digest

This document from 1944 talks about a “Jewish National Fund” that “(provides land)”. This was published in the “World Digest” at the same time the precepts of the ADL were being decided, along with how they would demonise “white” self governance. They talk about “white Nationalism” but always say that Judaism is a religion and there is no nationalistic leaning.

Just seems really weird…. or was this document from before they got their story straight and committed to demonising “whites” a catch all largely pushed by the ADL.

If there was a Christian National Fund that was providing land would it be acceptable to the MSM? If you log onto the ADL website even people that push the most meek forms of civic nationalism are labelled Neo-Nazis.


This “World Digest” pushes all kinds of (((dodgy))) propaganda. Here is the cover below.



Yeah…. John Philby, Arvid Fredborg, Y.Diskal, Peter de Mendelsohn etc etc

They wanted to break the Junkers in Germany but the pathetic administration the British installed in West Germany failed and that has led to our current predicament.


Psycho analysis and (((Pelmanism)))


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