Common Purpose pushing corporate land grab

Common Purpose works in South Africa mainly informing blacks on covert ways to flush whites out of the workplace. It also helps with land expropriation and the organised demoralisation of the white population.

It does this through it’s Common Purpose people in position. The NGO itself is a corporate and globalist training organisation and secret society. In the video below Dr Elsbeth Dixon talks about chasing whites out of the Platinum mining industry where previously they were able to get jobs.

“Force constructive outcomes”


Link below; an appeal from a Boer girl who is starting to feel the left’s bite in her country. Unfortunatley you have to click the link on this one it does not provide a preview.

The British Labour Party, SNP, Fianna Fail and Sinn fein actually intend to use the same tactics and to utilise the Common Purpose organisation.

The Fianna Fáil  leader Michael Martin actually calls owning land “land hording.” There are signs that very rich Globalists like George Soros are pushing this as the next way to destroy their competition after having success with things like abolishing the House of Lord’s hereditary Peers. They want to wipe out the non 1% upper class in order to have total power.

The SNP’s plans.

Land reform will create more Common Purpose quangos and create work for predatory lawyers like Brodies LLP. The reason they want reforms is they intend to break up estates and have lots of multiple owvers so it is easier and cheaper for global corporations to buy the land.

We have seen examples of this in South Africa where the Communist Chinese have literally bought land straight from Government after it was removed from the owner.

Theresa may also fully supports the schemes, where you would imagine as a Conservative she would be upholding property rights.

What could eventually happen is your home could be taken and given to Somalis while you are carted away to a concentration camp for being racist. This is literally on the horizon.

I will re-post this video, it has been identified as “offensive” by Youtube. It talks about Common Purpose and their activities.

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