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The Church of Entropy

Lots of people are tripping out over the NPC meme. The meme is unsettling because it is reminiscent of the vacant look that people on “autopilot” have.

reddit npc Reddit NPC (Reddit is a popular leftist news aggregator slash propaganda outfit)

The irony of it is that part of the “programming” espoused by mainstream NPC’s is that they are unique “free thinkers” & “special snowflakes”. The last thing they want to hear is that they are archetypal. Predictable. Boring. It goes against their view of themselves thereby causing cognitive dissonance. This can cause discomfort that most people will seek to avoid.

In my system, the quantum mind is modelled as a nested set of simulations. Cognitive dissonance can best be described as decoherence of the fundamental node of the quantum mind.The core of animal consciousness is the belief in the existence of the self and so the primary simulation is “I am”…

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Common Purpose are infiltrating the British Army

Tommy Robinson has recently exposed the newly found left leaning politics of the British Army and mentioned “Common Purpose.” The Marxist secret society “Common Purpose” that masquerades as a sort of politically correct training charity is working within the army and has been for quite a few years.


Above: British army Colonel Nick Williams with Muslims, one is performing the ISIS “Shahada” Salute.

With Common Purpose it’s kind of a case of arguing against what they do, a lot of what they do is very dangerous to our country and for the Irish, who are also targeted. The results of their manipulation have been clear in situations like the Rotherham grooming scandal. Common Purpose force civil servants and people in the private sector to forget their loyalty to their country and adopt a creed of ultra political correctness that is guided by globalist interests and figures. So it’s not even an organisation foolishly seeking to enforce some form of equality, it is globalist in intent.

Common Purpose offer promotions or private contracts for compliance and potential legal proceedings or excommunication from public life for non-compliance.

Common Purpose have been facilitating cross community talks with Muslims, one where the ISIS salute was performed. We all know this stuff is bad for Army morale.

An example of a Common Purpose event. The Colonel from this event is a different one to the one in the picture but we know Bobbersmill Community Centre where the photo was taken is a Common Purpose Partner.

That said there is no problem with the Army building up relations with the Muslim community, that has to be done without allying with foreign causes. This is Britain, you should be loyal to this country, not to anti-British elements such as Political Islam or Common Purpose.

What do Soldiers/Ex-Servicemen think of Common Purpose? It has been mentioned in a thread on the Army Rumor Service website.

Here is one post:


‘Beyond Authority’


A book by Common Purpose’s Chief Executive, Mrs. Julia Middleton

“Leadership in a Changing World” Published by Palgrave Macmillan

In its 163 pages, under a dark cover featuring a maze, Mrs. Middleton outlines her brand of leadership training, which is sold by her “charity” for millions, most of it our taxes, to over 30,000 people largely in the public sector.

Her leadership is “one that can cope in unfamiliar territory”, “where leaders are taken beyond the closed doors of their own organizations.” Into, of course, Common Purpose meetings – behind closed doors. In CP terms, “beyond authority” means to abuse the authority of your paid employment for control and private gain. “Beyond authority” is Mrs. Middleton’s phrase for dissolving democracy, and she’s doing it on a vast scale.

‘Charity’ for the powerful

We quickly learn that Middleton’s charity is very different from others. Middleton seems obsessed with power, wealth and money, be it with Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Natwest, Lehman Brothers, The Young Foundation, Unilever, KPMG, The Financial Times, Imperial Tobacco, the chairman of the Law Society, Chief Constables, or a host of named elitist individuals. As Sir Derek Higgs, Chairman, Alliance and Leicester plc says on the rear cover – “Julia Middleton has a contacts list to die for”.

In his Foreword, Sir David Bell, Chair of the Financial Times, attempts to explain Middleton and her works in terms of leaf people, forest people, alchemy, and magic. He praises Charles Darwin.

The undertone is certainly humanist, and with an encroaching darkness, it directs people to undertake continual change, thus destroying the old, without specifying anything to change to. Confusion and inactivity results. CP has used this well established Frankfurt School subversion technique on the NHS, which it has paralyzed, and on the Conservative Party.

In the book itself, the word ‘conspiracy’ is used repeatedly to describe the process of Common Purpose networking, and the reader is even asked if the ‘dark arts’ apply. There is no Christian charity in this book, and with its wealthy clients, CP’s charity status should be revoked immediately.

Personal background

Educated overseas in the USA and France, Middleton is an international educational product; she refers to time spent in Manhattan, she doesn’t mention she shared an elitist French school with the head of the United Nations, nor her time at the London School of Economics, the Industrial Society, or the Marxist, think-tank DEMOS.

She admits to domestic disorder, her children seem to have been largely left alone, and she does not mention her husband Rupert Middleton, a Robert Maxwell man, once Group Director of Manufacturing for Trinity Mirror newspaper group.

Concealing the purpose

Little of Middleton’s text is her own. Her book is comprised of a myriad of linked quotes from the wealthy, powerful, political elite on the subject of ‘leadership’. She is very impressed by Blair, Clinton, and German bankers.

Whilst German bankers are great, the British are warlike, cold, and they are the worst at (human) feedback. She adds that the English are people who ‘like to take canned food with them’ to Europe. White males appear suspect.

Hatred of Britain 

Karl Marx, and the Chinese general and authority on the philosophy of warfare, Sun-Tzu, are quoted. She has been given sound advice by a former Chef de Cabinet of the European Commission. The book leaves you with the impression that Mrs. Middleton is a communist with a hatred of all things British. That wouldn’t matter if Common Purpose’s inner sanctum didn’t control £214 billion, or one quarter, of Britain’s budget through the NHS and her 8,000 quangos.

Fifth Column

Excited by the use of a ‘fifth column’ to drive forward change through the House of Lords, Mrs Middleton is keen to blur and break down boundaries between individuals, organisations, the public and private sectors, who then will need to ‘break out of their organisational silos,’ to form partnerships and act. The language is reminiscent of a form of Gramscian soft fascism, where western democracies can be overturned by undermining traditional beliefs and values, and the slow secretive merging of the public and private sectors into a state-controlled partnership.

Incitement to criminality 

In reality, operating outside authority for the police, and many others, means operating illegally and without accountability. This does not bother Middleton however, who urges Common Purpose leaders to create their own legitimacy. She quotes organizations as Stranger 1 and Stranger 2. But why are these strangers so shy? Are they financial contributors, do they have political agendas?

If readers sense something sinister at work, I agree. Middleton does not really explain how she was initially able to raise £500,000 in a few months, and continue to receive huge donations from big business. She does not tell the reader how her Advisory Boards in each City select members for the Common Purpose elite. We know about half are selected for the inner sanctum – those who can be compromised, those who can be bribed with big salaries in quango or non-jobs, and those who will lie to conceal CP activities.
But she does give a hint as to how the chosen are classified – ‘Suns’ (people of established power and influence), as ‘Stars’ (those of rapid but unpredictable rise to power and influence), and as ‘Moons’ (those individuals of diminishing power). Those who will not help Common Purpose, or who challenge it, are called ‘Black Holes’.

Fraudulent agenda 

The ‘black holes’ who oppose are to be dealt with. Techniques include shaming, embarrassing, harassing, wearing them down, ignoring and bulldozing. The picture of her selection techniques is not good, but it is actually much worse in practice– neither is the reference to “borrowing great East German phrases” such as from Hans Reckers Board Member of Deutsche Bundesbank. Phrases such as ‘useful idiots’ and ‘expert idiots’. You can’t help comparing her views to those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mrs. Middleton has risen to select people for senior posts in Britain’s public sector. She says she’s independent – but is clearly working for the hand over of power to the EU, which is organized from the old Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Has this book inspired me? Most certainly – to warn all those I can to watch out for the ‘fifth column’ that is Middleton’s elitist Common Purpose. A criminal organization with a subversive, corrupt and deeply fraudulent agenda. If not stopped, you won’t be able to work in government without first joining Common Purpose, the EU’s Communist Party, and it is now close to controlling Britain’s local government and our justice system.

Beyond Authority – Leadership in a Changing World | J. Middleton | Palgrave Macmillan

I might give this a read and see I agree with any of that., cheap ones going for a few quid on amazon.”


PSNI admit “Evidence is not the test” of a hate crime

Common Purpose is forging forward with it’s “evidence” gathering. This is “evidence” that there is an army of Neo-Nazis running around persecuting new arrivals and enforcing sexual norms. The evidence is used both to justify Common Purpose as it is now as well as to ask for more powers.

These are the new statistics.


I’m surprised we aren’t seeing these scare crows yet. Although these days I guess they use social media to mimic straight white males and straw man our political positions.



With regard to the chart above, the figures on the left are hate incidents, i.e. where a “hate attack” has occured but the law was not sufficient to bring the perpetrator to justice. These stats are being recorded with the view to add more hate crime laws.

The figures on the right are hate crimes where there was a crime or there was perceived to be a crime.  So from the figure of 1,045 for 2017 to even find a hate crime where someone has criticised a religion you would have to remove the stats in these occaisions;

  • A hoax, possibly politically motivated or someone looking for better housing etc
  • A hoax perpetrated by the left, Common Purpose or the ANTIFA to further their agenda/gain funding.
  • The “victim” perceived contact where there was none, (microaggressions, facial ticks) where the white “aggressor” has not perceived contact. This could be something like whitie looking at his phone, laughing at a meme and passing a Pakistani who believes whitie is laughing at him, in contravention of Pakistani street etiquette.
  • In South America thumbs up can be an insult, so maybe whitie was cheerfully giving the thumbs up and the victim thinks whitie will put his thumb up his ass. The smile was just perceived as sheer madness and willingness to carry out the attack.

Yeah there are lots of these possibilities. Check out the website below for examples with website links.

The PSNI Perception test.

“Evidence is not the test when reporting a hate incident; when an incident or crime has been reported to police by the victim or by any other person and they perceive it as being motivated by prejudice or hate, it will be recorded and investigated as a hate incident or crime. The perception of the victim, or any other person is the
defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime. Perception-based recording refers to the perception of the victim, or any other person. It would not be appropriate to record a crime or incident as a hate crime or hate incident if it was based on the perception of
a person or group who had no knowledge of the victim, crime or the area, and who may be responding to media or internet stories or who are reporting for a political or similar motive. The other person could, however, be one of a number of people, including: police officers or staff; witnesses; family members; civil society organisations
who know details of the victim, the crime or hate crimes in the locality, such as a third-party reporting charity; a carer or other professional who supports the victim; someone who has knowledge of hate crime in the area – this could include many professionals and experts such as the manager of an education centre used by people
with learning disabilities who regularly receives reports of abuse from students; a person from within the group targeted with the hostility, eg, a Traveller who witnessed racist damage in a local park.”

The article about the scarecrow.


Common Purpose lose landmark case in Bath

Common Purpose has been using Police to drive anyone they don’t like off the streets using Hate Crime law and dispersal notices that were supposedly to combat hooliganism. Christians who preach in public have been particularly under threat.

One case saw a Mr Dale McAlpine complain after being threatened with arrest in Bath, he was later driven out of the city with the threat of Police using force against him. After lengthy complaint procedures and support from Christian groups the Common Purpose heavy Avon and Somerset Police had to apologise.


Common Purpose proof.

Common Purpose has convicted people for quoting verses in the Bible. Take a second to let that sink in.


The NPC Question (1027 words)

The Church of Entropy

People have once again shown their complete and utter lack of self-awareness by getting offended at the “NPC” meme.


The Birth of a Titan

Scientific research indicating that people don’t all have an inner voice has been around for a long time – that Psychology Today article was dated 2011. The revelation was too overwhelming for people to assimilate it all at once, because people are all susceptible to projection. Projection is when you assume that other people’s state of mind is more like your own than it actually is. It is a coping mechanism which encourages social cohesion. People are going to be more sympathetic towards those they consider “most like” themselves and so it is natural to assume the mental state of those around you is pretty much identical to your own. However, science proves this impression largely false, given that (as much as (more research is needed…

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