UN declare Saudi runaway a refugee

This is a massive hoax.

woman holding prayer beads
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

A Saudi teenage girl (18) who has essentially been brainwashed by feminists on Twitter has decided to leave Islam and the Middle East and travel to Thailand.

She has said that she is leaving because women are not getting a fair shake in Saudi Arabia. That in itself may be fair to say.

She has been locked in a hotel room in Thailand tweeting and uploading videos and pictures of herself without the Headbag. That Is obviously not going down well. She has recieved a plethora of unpleasant communications from her ex-co-religionists and is understandably and justifiably scared.

Now as a result the UN is saying she is a refugee and Australia is her new Mum and Dad.

Now the exodus of this issue is Twitter, a site that has banned thousands of Conservatives and classical liberal types for criticisms of Islam similar to that the lady is siting. There is a clear globalist hoax behind this whole thing. I’m not saying the girl running away is a hoax but the UN/Media reaction certainly is.

The UN is now essentially attacking the religion of Islam by offering leavers refugee status as incentive.

This is something that has effected Sweden and Germany deeply. We need to think this stuff out before we start taking it upon ourselves to attack societies that are supposed to be part of the “Global village.”

Unsettled youth is a dangerous weapon to pull out of the bag. The UN are desperate though and desperate times call for…….

The story. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-46806485

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