Richard English on “non-state terrorism”

We kind of live in those weird times where you need to make specific distinction between state and non-state terror.

No mention of Operation Gladio. There is a lot to unpack in this video. Analysis coming soon.


16 mins in Richard makes a good point. It is sick us viewing our petty identities as something very serious when kids in Africa are eating fish laden with fluoride and micro-plastic. It puts it all in perspective. 

You wouldn’t want a fish sold to you in a condom. In some of these developing countries that is the reality. It’s great we can help people out and bring them here.

Thats it, why disagree with the big Englishman in the 1950s Original IRA outfit when you could agree with him. Why should just the Prods in working class housing estates be evil when we can all be evil?

The State has proven it has a toolset and the traitors there to lock up whitey, so whitey will have to adapt and work through some of these movements to survive.

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