Is Frau Noleen Bohill Belfast City Council procurement officer Anti-Semitic?

As many people know I am not a huge fan of Queen’s University Belfast because of it’s identity politics stuff. A part of that is the Boycott, Divestment and sanctions lark. The Provo dominated University essentially boycotts Israeli businesses, not the state mind, actual individual business owners some of them Arab who have no power to submit to their demands.


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BDS is a form of violence in that you are stripping someone of the ability to obtain the material needed to sustain yourself.

I don’t advocate anyone allying against anyone, people need to just stop the shit. The BDS is a fucking assault on Freedom. Protestants have an incredible amount BDS on their shoulders, this is something I will be looking into in future articles. The main tool in the anti-Prod divestment is a Jewish background lady called Judena Leslie the “Equality Commissioner” who openly uses sinister Machiavellian techniques to make sure Prods don’t hear about jobs and so on.

It is a kind of multi-faceted thing, it is very complicated. It is not race based or identity based in that it is polemic and it’s important to keep that in mind. People are motivated by their identity. I’m sure Judena is influenced by hearing about Nazi boot boys with Union Jacks but it’s not the whole there is nuance.

Is Bohill anti-Semitic? She was the Queen’s University procurement officer at the height of the boycott. Has she spoke out against it? No? There is a crispy five here for anyone who can leave a link with her criticising BDS in the comments. That’s serious, you will receive £5 if you can do that.

Queen’s University is a horrible sinister place for Protestants and Jews now. It has been bubbling away there but the mask has well an truly slipped off altogether. They are blocking the hallway and not letting Jews pass.

Bohill is the tip of the spear and a huge part of that.


No wonder she looks up to that Nazi Merkel.

I see the Shinners are part of the Nordic Green Left now. If I was a Jew I would be concerned. Rub off the big fake smile it’s pure Adolf Hitler.

I wonder who is doing the Dutch and Swedish translations. Frau Bohill, mover und shaker.

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