Matrix Máire

You have heard of Typhoid Mary, this is Matrix Máire. In Northern Ireland we have a Cryptographer who is also crypto globalist. Crypto comes from the Greek Kruptos that means hidden. Máire is an expert at hiding information from the prods, not unlike many of her colleagues. What she is developing is a system to prevent devices from being hacked post censorship. She says it is to stop ISIS hijacking your toaster. It is not. Far from it, this is for you.

Matrix Máire talks about “untrusted supply chains.” This is all about putting in their social score. Your toaster can’t be “fake.” You will have to have a globalist approved toaster, If your a naughty proddy and you want a toaster they won’t let you have toast. You will have to just eat bread. Untoasted bread and jam it is beys.

That if full socialism hasn’t taken hold by then and there is no bread to put in your deep learning toaster.

foto_no_exif (17)

Have a watch anyway. “Multi layered approach, tamper proof hardware.”

G’luck with that.

I wouldn’t tamper with Máire’s hardware if you paid me.

Wow she works with BAE systems, working for the ole military industrial complex there hey.

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