Gender roles to be challenged in NI schools according to the Equality Commission report 2019

According to the NI Equality Commission gender roles must be challenged in the classroom to prevent “gender based violence.” There was no evidence provided that the gender based violence actually exists apart from an notoriously unscientific report from the Girl Guides (CP infiltrated) that states that 3 out of 5 girls is sexually assaulted during their schooling.

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Those who are aware of the wider globalist roadmap are aware that the powers that be, namely Common Purpose have been tasked with implementing all these Utopian ideals anyway and even if their reason for doing something isn’t a real problem in society they will forge ahead anyway (act beyond authority).

The Equality Commission has also set up a fund to provide new immigrants and refugees with various services, free meals, school equipment and so on despite many of our local schools foundering and many migrants working and earning as much or more than locals.

Kids to be questioned on their sexuality

According to the report kids in primary schools should be encouraged to talk about their sexuality and teachers must actively promote LGBT lifestyles in order again to prevent this “violence” that is supposedly endemic in Northern Ireland.

The report states.

“54.5% stated that issues about sexual orientation or gender
identity had not come up in any of their classes.”
“38% stated that they had been made to feel uncomfortable
by teachers through the use of inconsiderate or derogatory
language, taking a heteronormative [SIC] approach, poor coverage
of LGBT issues. ”

Ordinary neutral schooling is being described as “heteronormative.” [SIC]

The video below outlines some of their plans for shared education, they don’t mention that includes forcing faith schools to close their doors through withdrawal of funds and extra funding to schools who champion refugees etc. Professor Joanne Hughes also says she will be rolling her work out in England.

The University severing it’s ties with Union college demonstrates their hostility toward the Protestant faith.

God speed her journey to England.

The source report.

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