Social justice warrior appointments commissioner considers using bots to target “masculine words”

The NI public appointments commissioner Judena Leslie best known for making sure Protestants don’t hear about public appointments is now considering targeting masculine words in job adverts.

toys letters pay play
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“Textio uses artificial intelligence to pore over job descriptions in real time,
highlighting any terms that could come across as particularly masculine or
feminine. The software then suggests alternatives. ”

This is basically another power grab by the social justice warriors, where they get to practice their anti-white doctrine through language policing and generating fake statistics in order to justify quotas.

They will be able to say that white Protestant employers are evil and issue fines and/or take away “recruitment privileges.” They will accuse whitie of being racist for using normal words like “ambition” and “leadership.”

Pure hocus pocus psudoscience, it would be funny if it wasn’t destroying so many Protestants chances at a normal working life.

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