Soldier F leaflet campaign

The decision to do a soldier F leaflet campaign was not taken lightly. A number of considerations must be noted and that is that we re-affirm that there have been tragedies and so forth on both sides and that there is no inherent righteousness in any community.

That said soldiers in Northern Ireland faced what was a very sophisticated Communist insurgency that deliberately used insurgent tactics and had various States backing it up. It has to date claimed the lives of more Catholics in the past 20 years than it has Protestants by a figure of something like 5:1.

It’s  easy to read the BBC’s emotional one sided view of events from your armchair but put yourself in the position of a young 19 year old fighting a ruthless guerrilla army in what to English people is a foreign land.

foto_no_exif (27)

It’s possible if you are reading this you have received a leaflet and are new to the site. We want to make a few points to new readers and to ask them to simply read through the articles on the site. Unfortunately getting to grips with what we are up against when it comes to the rot caused by Neo-liberalism, we have to spend some time working at understanding it.

For readers unaware of what the mention of Lawcentre NI on the leaflet is this refers to a conspiracy by Neo-Liberal lawyers in Northern Ireland, who center themselves around “Lawcentre NI”  to come after both our elected officials and our troops.

These are the people who cheered in the canteen when the Unionist Law Professor Edgar Graham was murdered by the IRA. Now they run the whole show having intimidated Protestants who quite rightly leave in fear.

It is unfortunate but at this stage the wolf is very much guarding the hen house and feathers are flying.

This is how bad things have gotten, Sinn Fein are calling for free TV licence, this is nothing new, they love the BBC it is basically Irish News II. Twenty years ago the BBC was using actors voices to portray quotes from Sinn Fein. Shows you how effective phoney Tony was in re-positioning the BBC.

*Disclaimer: There is no reason to believe Marie Anderson is anti-Protestant, to the contrary we believe she, quite mistakenly believes she is a positive actor as many but not all of these characters do. *

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