Count Dankula and Soph Vs the Boomers

Fast information and cultural transformations are too much for the boomers who are wedded to old tired narratives. Life is faster now, all the old shitty expensive books, bribed media and documentaries are defunct. Life is a flash.

A lot of people say Soph is just being led by her parents or whatever but the live stream proves that even at her age, although there is a lot she evidently hasn’t heard of she grasps the creeping commie agenda and has logical arguments to counter it if only to guard her own interests as a Youtube content creator.

IMPRESS the UK’s answer to “media matters” active in Belfast

Theresa May has given a new Common Purpose led NGO powers over “investigative journalists.” This is basically the UK’s new “media matters.” Very disturbing.

They have already been in Belfast promoting “Peace journalism.” I.E. shaming people who report the truth when the left perceive it to be hurting their agenda.


It has even ruffled feathers at the Belfast Telegraph, showing how lefty it is.

Dr Peter Shirlow admits to encounters with sex workers

Another Nincompoop Dr Peter Shirlow wrote in the Londistan Guardian that “Thinking you’re winning a victory by having a bonfire in a leisure centre car park – you’re not,”

Well actually it was a great victory, as evidenced by the shrill response from the left. Their horrible Communist system has failed to control our culture once again.

Shirlow who is a globalist and a professor at the University of Liverpool teaches “Irish Studies” and essentially provides the MSM with left wing narratives on NI politics. Shirlow has contributed over quite a few years to anti-Protestant narratives and essentially tries to bully the PUL working class intellectually. He has made quite a lot of progress driving a wedge between the corporate/state waged middle class and working class Protestants by providing a working class blame narrative were by every strata of society can blame the oiks for the troubles. This has been supported by the likes of the BBC, Steven Nolan, Martin Dillon and hundreds of others.

The trouble with all this is people know what is going on. The BBC and Universities in general are both becoming defunct. We don’t need access to libraries or a 3 channel state broadcaster anymore.

There will be bonfires in Avoniel long after the shrill screeching lefties take their redundancy.

Shirlow, very heavy man. Plenty of dinners. He also says in this video he had “encounters” with sex workers in Liverpool. Wey Hey.

But seriously if you watch the video below he links the troubles to social issues faced overwhelmingly by the working or underclass a gross overstatement aimed at whitewashing the issue and promoting the lefty “fixes.”



National Geographic joins the lefty love in

The lefties, the 32csmers and the Common Purpose lot love showing the Yanks around their venues in Belfast that are essentially an ongoing hoax, some sort of bizarre Potempkin village full of stuff fed pig men and straw man Protestant tropes.

What Belfast needs is a Project Veritas. Believe me it’s on it’s way.


The neo-liberal communal economic strategy explained

Monkstown boxing club have been given £600,000 by the National Lottery, a known Common Purpose controlled funding source. The video in the article below shows a girl at the club opening up to the BBC about social problems in the area and how the boxing club is a “safe space.”

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The neo-liberal communal funding strategy is pretty much demonstrated in this article.

The social problems in Monkstown could well be attributed to a break down of law and order. They are problems existent everywhere in the UK and Monkstown although not a shining Jerusalem on a hill is not that bad in reality. A comparative town in Scotland would be a lot worse. You would probably have migrant rape gangs as well. People in Northern Ireland are not stupid, they can look over to a place like Stranraer, specially in the 2000s for an example of the neo-liberal Utopia. Not great.

So the communal strategy the neo-liberals use involves creating the need, providing publicity for the need and finding a way of collecting the money from locals to satisfy the need. In the process of this they get a wage and make a political point. The lottery is the perfect example of this. In this example you have the lottery, the Boxing club and the BBC involved. The BBC come in like this great (white Anglo) savior to the kids, there on the day they get the money the lottery has taken out of their community in the first instance.

They stand there and slander Loyalism while promoting the drugs and promiscuity, using our own money to slander us.

Not only that but the girl in the video will be going on to University, most likely coming back in five years as an agent of a failing and faulty system and spending £60,000 in the process. Money that will have to be found in Monkstown among the inhabitants.

Tyrants are made of flesh and bone, they need your cash. Boycott the BBC.

Offering the alternative

The alternative is a community strategy, just fund clubs locally, go door to door and get the money to fund the club. A lot of the neo-liberal conspiracy is private (individual enriching) like the “National” lottery that has been owned by the like of Canadian teachers pensions and Cadbury. This is the essence of neo-liberalism, CP grads in the State mechanisms legitimise private enterprise under the State nameand they work promoting the wider agenda, demonising their (economic) enemies and providing new needs etc.





New PSNI Chief “Darth Vader” sends Unionism some negative “signals” on first day in charge

The New PNSI chief dubbed “Darth Vader” by colleagues having successfully battled multiple bullying allegations from colleagues on the mainland (3) has met with various Common Purpose grads to see what he can do about these pesky Protestants.

photo of room full of toys
Photo by Alex Kremer on

His first act was to link banners put up by people protesting the vexatious trials to Paramilitary flags (1). These are typical CP tactics. Control the debate, use your people in position to make categories and comparisons that are not real. Scare lawmakers into signing off on it. This comes (as if by coincidence) on the same day the Belfast (shitty) Council passed their motion condemning Protestant thoughts and speech as hateful Paramilitary activity.

He was then pictured by the BBC under a motorway sign saying “Parade East Belfast expect delays.” Another co-incidence I suppose (2).

This guy is an old Blair stay behind sort of guy. Proper jobsworth, going to be a rough ride. Unionism needs a wake up call.