New PSNI Chief “Darth Vader” sends Unionism some negative “signals” on first day in charge

The New PNSI chief dubbed “Darth Vader” by colleagues having successfully battled multiple bullying allegations from colleagues on the mainland (3) has met with various Common Purpose grads to see what he can do about these pesky Protestants.

photo of room full of toys
Photo by Alex Kremer on

His first act was to link banners put up by people protesting the vexatious trials to Paramilitary flags (1). These are typical CP tactics. Control the debate, use your people in position to make categories and comparisons that are not real. Scare lawmakers into signing off on it. This comes (as if by coincidence) on the same day the Belfast (shitty) Council passed their motion condemning Protestant thoughts and speech as hateful Paramilitary activity.

He was then pictured by the BBC under a motorway sign saying “Parade East Belfast expect delays.” Another co-incidence I suppose (2).

This guy is an old Blair stay behind sort of guy. Proper jobsworth, going to be a rough ride. Unionism needs a wake up call.







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