Dr Peter Shirlow admits to encounters with sex workers

Another Nincompoop Dr Peter Shirlow wrote in the Londistan Guardian that “Thinking you’re winning a victory by having a bonfire in a leisure centre car park – you’re not,”

Well actually it was a great victory, as evidenced by the shrill response from the left. Their horrible Communist system has failed to control our culture once again.


Shirlow who is a globalist and a professor at the University of Liverpool teaches “Irish Studies” and essentially provides the MSM with left wing narratives on NI politics. Shirlow has contributed over quite a few years to anti-Protestant narratives and essentially tries to bully the PUL working class intellectually. He has made quite a lot of progress driving a wedge between the corporate/state waged middle class and working class Protestants by providing a working class blame narrative were by every strata of society can blame the oiks for the troubles. This has been supported by the likes of the BBC, Steven Nolan, Martin Dillon and hundreds of others.

The trouble with all this is people know what is going on. The BBC and Universities in general are both becoming defunct. We don’t need access to libraries or a 3 channel state broadcaster anymore.

There will be bonfires in Avoniel long after the shrill screeching lefties take their redundancy.

Shirlow, very heavy man. Plenty of dinners. He also says in this video he had “encounters” with sex workers in Liverpool. Wey Hey.

But seriously if you watch the video below he links the troubles to social issues faced overwhelmingly by the working or underclass a gross overstatement aimed at whitewashing the issue and promoting the lefty “fixes.”



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