The term “Loyalist” in neuro linguistic programming

We know that Common Purpose openly use neuro linguistic programming and that organisations like the PSNI and the housing executive uptake their training. They sometimes refer to their use of NLP as “cultural intelligence.”


Cultural intelligence is supposed to help people moving around in the global economy or whatever gain the ability to quickly understand what they are dealing with. It is impossible for someone for example from England to land in Belfast and identify the intentions of the individual in front of them immediately so Corporations and State agencies use NLP to protect their interests .

In Common Purpose NLP there are different identities those being core and flex. So because most working class Loyalists are attached to static housing estates that means that their Loyalist identity is not flex. The left however see the “Loyalist” community as one that needs to reform therefor they apply negative connotations or (progressive critical definition) to the term Loyalist rather than referring to it as a static identity. This is intended to reform the community and recruit people willing to drop the “Loyalist” label.

This has some ups and downs, it means that authorities are generally wary of awarding state help to people deem linked to paramilitaries but it also has the effect of demonising people in estates that are colloquially referred to as Loyalists. This then leads to self identification and associative behavior issues. It also hardens Republicans against people in housing that has taken up this label.

Some Republicans have called for an end to the abuse of the term Loyalism because they want to be able to sell any agreements or mediation with “Loyalists” correctly as they are dealing with reasonable progressive individuals on an equal basis.



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