Common Purpose want saturation

Total saturation is all Common Purpose is willing to accept. If you look at this video, a video that is played constantly in the German media you can kind of get a look at what Ireland will be like in ten years.

Will our kids be watching weird videos with the likes of Anders Brievik on the walls etc? Shuffling from one false flag to the next?

The answer is probably if Commie P are able to continue controlling society.

Home Girl: leftist propaganda for interracial adoption

Interracial and intercultural adoption is a touchy issue. I recognise that if your in a bad home as a kid and you end up placed in a good home where people are not the same race or religion or whatever you would still be better off. This may be the case, as easily and as we saw in Rotherham it may not be.

Alex Wheatle is a Member of the British Empire, an ex-con and a Rastafarian. He has promoted the “uprising narrative” when dealing with black crime and black violence.

He is promoted wildly in the leftist press, endorsed by the Royals and has no doubt done good works within his community. In criticizing people I don’t aim to go after the whole person but the aspect I am criticizing.

His latest book is quite frankly chilling but not at all surprising and goes to the heart of the new left’s nasty tactics. In his Book “Home Girl: The miseducation of Naomi Bisset” a girl who is convinced that every white man is a pedophile demands to be housed with a black family. This book is literally marketed to children and widely promoted by Common Purpose.


I have been aware of the left using these novels that very few white men read to attack white men and portray us as evil hate filled rapists who want to hurt people.

This book is one of those books.

Below: Alex talks about another of his books Uprising. The way he parades around holding out his hands as if to summon some other worldly power all while glorifying what amounted to rioting and murder (RIP Keith Blakelock) is shocking and bizarre.


The Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church

In the first decades of the 20th Century Communists centered around US University Campuses that were influenced by European Academics sent infiltrators to join the Catholic Church, in a similar rouse to that we see Common Purpose using today in Churches in Northern Ireland.

The aim was to infiltrate and subvert the Catholic Church, along with other Christian Churches and also to redirect funds into Communist community organisation. Bella Dodd, a very talented Italian Academic who rose to prominence in the Commie scene in New York defected after becoming aware of the harmful effects of the Marxist Agenda.

From goodreads

“Bella Dodd was born Maria Asunta Isabella Visono in Italy about 1904. A brilliant and dedicated woman, she graduated from Hunter College and NYU Law School. She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the Communist Party’s (CPUSA’s) National Council until 1949.

“School of Darkness” is her autobiography, detailing her life’s work with the Communist Party, her disillusionment, her testimony before the Tydings Committee, and her return to the Catholic faith with the assistance of Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen.
Warning – this book will be difficult to put down. Have a “Look Inside”. This is a “must read”.

Buy the book

The audio recording featuring Mrs Dodd is an important listen for those who want to understand the Common Purpose agenda of today.

Ulster University are recruiting Community Organisers on Freedom Day

To many March the 29th will be Freedom day, the day Northern Ireland should be leaving the EU. To people like us though who have been watching the deep state’s ugly takeover of our institutions we know not to pay much attention to the 29th.

Ulster University, a known Rockefeller borg is launching a new group of community organisers this time with a degree to act as an inducement.

It will push for an all Ireland through the All Ireland endorsement board but even if you do want an all Ireland as some visitors to this site do it will have plenty of tricks up it’s sleeve. What this essentially looks like to me is an attempt to recruit Protestants and people who would not be traditionally associated with far left politics into the rat race of social change for cold hard Globalist cash.

From the website:

“Do you want to bring about positive change in your community? Do you have a passion for working with disadvantaged or marginalised communities, to help improve life-chances and tackle inequality and discrimination? Did you know you can study one day per week to gain a professionally accredited degree in Community Development? Come along to our Drop-In Information Session to meet the course team and find out more about the course, including what topics you will study, costs and sources of funding.

If you are working or volunteering with marginalised or disadvantaged communities, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to make positive changes by empowering others, developing leadership capacity and tackling social and economic inequalities.

The BSc Hons Community Development (part-time) is open to anyone who has experience working or volunteering in the community or voluntary sector and who has Grade C GCSE English or equivalent. The degree runs over one day per week (Thursday) from 9:30am -4:30pm for four years. There are exit points along the degree which allow you to opt out an earlier point with a Certificate or Diploma.

The course covers topics such as community development and informal education, conflict resolution and peace-building, managing community projects, diversity, equality and power. You will also have opportunities to apply your learning in real life situations of work-based learning. The degree is underpinned by the core values of community development and is nationally accredited by the Endorsement Standards Board (UK) and the All-Ireland Endorsement Board.”

Well we all know what this is. More Common Purpose paid operatives in position.

foto_no_exif (2)


This is our expose of the Rockefeller take down of Ulster Univerity or Jordy Tech as it should still be called. It’s totally out of place in Northern Ireland. As are it’s wacky unpopular ideas.

Lawcentre NI is being hired by the Belfast City Council to persecute Loyalists

The Rockefeller borg that is the Belfast City Council is now openly funding Lawcentre NI in a move that has shocked Unionists.

Lawcentre NI and it’s lawyers are flagrantly left leaning and Republican in outlook and they have been involved in all manner of legal action persecuting PUL individuals and groups. The most recent being their operative Marie Anderson’s attempts to remove Cllr Jolene Bunting from the council.

The Lawcentre plans to flood Loyalist areas with fake refugees in order to promote a United Ireland Agenda. Common Purpose operatives in the Belfast City Council are working with them toward that agenda and this funding is their latest attempt to further their goal, the money is coming straight from your rate payments.