What is (Common Purpose) leading beyond authority?

From the research I have undertaken over the years Common Purpose appears to be a neo-liberal (neo-facist in real terms) outfit empowered by Blair after 1995 to undermine power structures in the English speaking world on behalf of the EU, large corporations and banks.

Common Purpose is essentially the pure results of years of corporate funded study at Universities like Harvard into how corporations could gain more power in society using “corporate responsibility”, cultural Marxism/relativism and tactics pioneered by the like of J.P Morgan and Andrew Carnegie. If you remember Carnegie had his libraries filled with books supporting his interests and world view.

Common Purpose was started in the 1980s with a £500,000 loan rumored to have come from capitalists.

In the book “Beyond Authority” by Julia Middleton that we bought for our research the founder and head of Common Purpose outlines what leading beyond authority is and that subject will be covered in this article. This will be helpful in understanding how CP “people in position” operate and some of the “behaviour modification” we are likely to encounter as “the rest of society.”

We will introduce you to Common Purpose diagrams used by the bogus “Charity” and aspects of their internal jargon.


In the first paragraph Julia talks of the need to solve the “Silo” problem, this relates to the left’s position pre-Blair where Conservatives were in power and had been able to keep the Communists and so forth tied to their role as teachers etc without their influence being wider.

Julia says “Leaders who can still lead when their legitimacy is constantly in question. We need to nurture these leaders.” The intention of Common Purpose is to make it’s leaders successful over the whole circle in the diagram above. The circle of course shifts according to country, organisation and society but if taken to be the British Government for example the circle could represent Great Britain.

Common Purpose have indeed been very successful with the help of the globalists in most “circles.” If you have a look at a typical stakeholder theory circle you can see the parallels to the CP circle. The CP circle is a stakeholder circle and not some fancy original thing Julia came up with. The stakeholders of various kinds need to be convinced of the authoritative nature and successful prospects of the “project.” Common Purpose is essentially a project in multiculturalism, globalism, crony capitalism etc and the public has to believe in their “people in position” in order for the project to be a success.

foto_no_exif (21)

So what is the Common Purpose mission (Project)?

The Common Purpose mission (project) is clearly to install a sort of fascist society with the Corporations in charge. The way they are able to sell this is by imbuing their people in position with the idea that they can use the corporate/public structure to improve equality in society. They use the phrase “rebel to transformer” in their literature to highlight this mission.

Just as fascism came from socialism so too did many of the ideas of corporate responsibility. In the 1950s and 60s corporations were asking themselves how they could deal with socialist ideas and still maintain monopolies and so forth. The answer they came up with was a form sanitised slavery where the concensus of socialism and the power of monopoly can work at once. The advent of proper “Mainstream Media” outlets where corporations only really have to convince a small population that they have “good” intentions allow this concept to work. This is evidenced through Corporations like Cash Converters promoting “good attitudes” towards LGBT or women whilst making millions fleecing the most vulnerable people in society.

The rebels are usually University graduates who used to be Marxists and are now convinced (or have to appear to be convinced) that serving the corporate structure is allowing them to be a “transformer.”

This works in a number of ways but the underlying ethos is awareness that one “leader” cannot change the world but that alliances can be built up with other leaders to bring these “transformers” closer to their Utopia. The Utopian ideals and missions are usually born out of grievance structures and straw men built by “academics in position.”

The academics build the grievances using shoddy studies and a healthy dollop of peer pressure. We have seen recently academics who oppose corporate outcomes have their positions at Universities revoked, one example recently at the University of Ulster was to do with physical differences between races. Something that is undeniable in real science and that has a real impact on society if it is ignored.

So all of this allows the corporations and banks to steer public outrage, usually with people i.e. straight white libertarian minded males being the target of their “two minutes of hate.” The idea of a geographic group of people of any hue looking after their own interests or providing their own services locally is anathema to the aim of the corporations, their aim being constant growth. If you can demonise populations and have people believe they are responsible for historical events etc you are half way to knocking them out as competition.

“Settling” and the Common Purpose squeeze

As Common Purpose grows the number of people it requires eventually reduces. Northern Ireland is a great example. If you notice the project circle in the diagram is the smallest circle this means that in terms of population the people covered by the authorit circle will always be the smallest. We have seen Common Purpose recycle it’s people through the outer circles via qualifications, CVs and the revolving door. The simple idea of qualification for a senior role in any of the circles is usually enough to make long term employees who would have got the role in the past “unqualified” for the role. Not because they don’t understand the role but because they are not part of the inner “authority/project circle.” As a result the circle of people in position contracts and the Corporations require less investment for every unit of influence.

An example of the activities of a CP person in Position in Belfast

So an example of a person in position might be a member of an NGO who is also a Common Purpose graduate. Lets say theoretically this person is female, from the Roman Catholic community, a member of the SDLP, a mid 2000s CP grad and works for the Bryson charitable trust.

Because Northern Ireland is still in the UK we will use the UK CP authority circle in the same way our subject would to determine their strategy.

foto_no_exif (22)

So our subject is not a member of the Government or the civil service so she is entirely “in society”  to enable her to act “beyond authority” she needs to make alliances with people in the other two circles. Common Purpose people are always trying to further the wider goals of the organisation by allying themselves with people in the other circles this can work on a subject by subject basis or more generally. Each individual is part of the “Slow March” through the institutions.

Our heroin will likely try to garner more authority usually by establishing  a mission that appears “good.”

  • She might convince members of Government (authority circle) of the need for more funding for Bryson through the SDLP
  • She might convince a central ring figure in the PSNI of the need to target Conservative figures through her authority at Bryson citing incomers she claims have suffered discrimination.
  • She would want to appear to people in her own circle as a kind and caring individual with no goals other than to help the kids.
  • She would keep business happy with contracts for the supply of refugees and so forth. The corporations would be a step closer to total balkanisation and hence their ascendancy.

There are various exercises you can run with these circles including doing one for your own conservative aspirations or for brainstorming the sorts of activities these fascists would likely be up to.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking into some graduates and outlining their politics. There are no records after 2005 when they started simply ignoring FOI requests that ask for names etc.

Social justice warrior appointments commissioner considers using bots to target “masculine words”

The NI public appointments commissioner Judena Leslie best known for making sure Protestants don’t hear about public appointments is now considering targeting masculine words in job adverts.

toys letters pay play
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Textio uses artificial intelligence to pore over job descriptions in real time,
highlighting any terms that could come across as particularly masculine or
feminine. The software then suggests alternatives. ”

This is basically another power grab by the social justice warriors, where they get to practice their anti-white doctrine through language policing and generating fake statistics in order to justify quotas.

They will be able to say that white Protestant employers are evil and issue fines and/or take away “recruitment privileges.” They will accuse whitie of being racist for using normal words like “ambition” and “leadership.”

Pure hocus pocus psudoscience, it would be funny if it wasn’t destroying so many Protestants chances at a normal working life.


Gender roles to be challenged in NI schools according to the Equality Commission report 2019

According to the NI Equality Commission gender roles must be challenged in the classroom to prevent “gender based violence.” There was no evidence provided that the gender based violence actually exists apart from an notoriously unscientific report from the Girl Guides (CP infiltrated) that states that 3 out of 5 girls is sexually assaulted during their schooling.

shallow focus photography of boy
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Those who are aware of the wider globalist roadmap are aware that the powers that be, namely Common Purpose have been tasked with implementing all these Utopian ideals anyway and even if their reason for doing something isn’t a real problem in society they will forge ahead anyway (act beyond authority).

The Equality Commission has also set up a fund to provide new immigrants and refugees with various services, free meals, school equipment and so on despite many of our local schools foundering and many migrants working and earning as much or more than locals.

Kids to be questioned on their sexuality

According to the report kids in primary schools should be encouraged to talk about their sexuality and teachers must actively promote LGBT lifestyles in order again to prevent this “violence” that is supposedly endemic in Northern Ireland.

The report states.

“54.5% stated that issues about sexual orientation or gender
identity had not come up in any of their classes.”
“38% stated that they had been made to feel uncomfortable
by teachers through the use of inconsiderate or derogatory
language, taking a heteronormative [SIC] approach, poor coverage
of LGBT issues. ”

Ordinary neutral schooling is being described as “heteronormative.” [SIC]

The video below outlines some of their plans for shared education, they don’t mention that includes forcing faith schools to close their doors through withdrawal of funds and extra funding to schools who champion refugees etc. Professor Joanne Hughes also says she will be rolling her work out in England.

The University severing it’s ties with Union college demonstrates their hostility toward the Protestant faith.

God speed her journey to England.

The source report.


Vicar resigns after “Mermaids” encourage child gender transformations at COE school without parents consent

The Church of England was very late to wake up to this stuff but they are waking up and they don’t need criticism from me anymore.

The run down is that Common purpose is sending the Government funded “Mermaids” charity into schools (excluding Islamic schools for now) this charity although some members are well meaning no doubt targets kids for conversion to their LGBT culture etc. It is all very odd.


It’s frankly not acceptable.

Conflict transformation: a self licking ice cream

Conflict transformation is a self licking ice cream in that the whole shctick they are promoting involves bringing foreign people from wherever they may be to be the transformers, rather than empowering local people.

This has created community tension in all areas as it draws funding from community organisations and ends up creating a bizarre echo chamber of well meaning but detached elites who very often unwittingly defame our citizens.

Take the power back, enlist your kid in the 2020 uptake.


Northern Ireland is not a Zoo.

Matrix Máire

You have heard of Typhoid Mary, this is Matrix Máire. In Northern Ireland we have a Cryptographer who is also crypto globalist. Crypto comes from the Greek Kruptos that means hidden. Máire is an expert at hiding information from the prods, not unlike many of her colleagues. What she is developing is a system to prevent devices from being hacked post censorship. She says it is to stop ISIS hijacking your toaster. It is not. Far from it, this is for you.

Matrix Máire talks about “untrusted supply chains.” This is all about putting in their social score. Your toaster can’t be “fake.” You will have to have a globalist approved toaster, If your a naughty proddy and you want a toaster they won’t let you have toast. You will have to just eat bread. Untoasted bread and jam it is beys.

That if full socialism hasn’t taken hold by then and there is no bread to put in your deep learning toaster.

foto_no_exif (17)

Have a watch anyway. “Multi layered approach, tamper proof hardware.”

G’luck with that.

I wouldn’t tamper with Máire’s hardware if you paid me.

Wow she works with BAE systems, working for the ole military industrial complex there hey.

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin: bossy boots

The Marxists, some of them literally Judges at this stage are attacking masculinity and in general men for the troubles. Who would do that other than a wee bossy boots?

Women right from Cumann Na Mban to the YCV’s auxillary medics were involved in all stages of all the conflicts.

This is a must watch this lady works for the UN and has serious leverage over us. At 11:40 in the video she admits she DISCRIMINATES based on gender!

15:00 The old hegemonic masculinity (both public and private) comes out.

15:46 Men’s vulnerability to violence and harm. Thankyou!

15:50 Presumed combattency, wow fair play to her.

18:40 Gender tropes, grooming and preparation. Young Men’s access to status, capacity or economic viability.

Shreud operator check out the background. She was making up shit on the prods when we were in Thomas the tank engine jim jams. 

Ní Aoláin graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast (LLB 1990, PhD 1998), and Columbia Law School (LLM 1996).

She was a Visiting Fellow of Harvard Law School‘s Human Rights Program in 1994. At Columbia University she was an Associate-in-Law at Columbia Law School from 1994 to 1996, and then a visiting professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University from 1996 to 2000.

She was appointed Associate Professor of Law at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel from 1997 to 1999. Returning to the United States in 2001, she was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University from 2001 to 2002, at University of Minnesota Law School from 2003 to 2004, then returned to Harvard Law School as Visiting Professor from 2012 to 2013.

Ní Aoláin was appointed by the Government of Ireland in December 2000 as a member of the Irish Human Rights Commission, for which creation was mandated by the Good Friday Agreement. She was a consultant to the UN Women and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights‘s Study on Reparations for Conflict Related Sexual Violence, 2011–2012. She is the Chair of the Board of the Open Society Foundations International Women’s Program, and was Co-Chair of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law 2014, with Hathaway and Johnson.

She was an executive member of the American Society of International Law from 2009 to 2012, and of the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), in Northern Ireland. She is a member of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, and was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations as Special Expert on promoting gender equality in times of conflict and peace-making in 2003.

She was nominated by the Irish government in 2004 to the European Court of Human Rights, and was both the first woman and the first academic lawyer to be nominated.

She is concurrently professor of law at the University of Ulster, in Northern Ireland, where she teaches international law and international human rights law. She is the founder and currently associate director of the Transitional Justice Institute, and the Dorsey and Whitney Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School. She is married to Oren Gross, Irving Younger professor of law at University of Minnesota Law School;

In 2015 Just Security described her as concurrently serving as the Dorsey and Whitney Chair in Law at the University of Minnesota Law School and as a Professor of Law at the University of Ulster.[1]

In 2017, Ní Aoláin became the Special Rapporteur for Counter Terrorism and Human Rights.[2]


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Fionnuala is recipient of the Robert Schumann Scholarship and a fellow at the Hebrew University of Israel. The Schumann scholarship is a funny one, the only way to put it is that it is anti-German, carrying anti-Germaness on forever. There is no other way to put what that scholarship is.


Yeah they delete this stuff but there is always a way back.