Who benefits from extreme change?

The likes of Jez Turner, Jayda Fransen and Joshua Bonehill are in jail now for exposing extreme change. They have themselves been labeled extremists for simply arguing against caveats of this extreme change.

The problems that come with this extreme change are too many to count but include cultural differences.

Highlighting these differences threatens the “change” system and threatens the anti-white narrative.

Who is shipping in all the curry, who is getting the rent, who is getting the trafficking money? Who really benefits? Who is shipping them in? Who is taking the bribes? The system says MALE PALE STALE WHITE MEN? Is that really true?

We used to be Northern Ireland, Now we’re Brazil

The use of football money to multiculturalise working class neighborhoods is incredible, they have this well meaning committed audience used to mutually beneficial/enjoyable interaction with minorities. It’s a pretty sickening example of how these social manipulators can use our bad choices to bring people in that they know will dilute our earning potential , our agency and allow the “police service” to enslave us for the technocrats.

This kiddies is what Senator George J Mitchell means by justice.

foto_no_exif (11)

Ironically Naz Shah is a hate criminal herself. But we all know it’s (((alright))) to be anti-white. To be a Naz Shah tier hate crim you would need to justify rape on another race. Thats pretty out there.



This summer, along with the usual ANTIFA Palestinian human rights world cup the PSNI is running it’s own multiculti football event called the “Anti-Youth Violence Football tournament.”

The City of Belfast will be heaving with colourful gents. Why not have a PSNI Palestinian woman’s croquet tournament? S’pose that wouldn’t be a physical threat to Unionists.

Weird name for a weird fucking tournament. The idea is literally to get us to pay for a lot of the violent gangstas from London to be here over the “long hot summer” rather than them be in London jukin, jivin n’ doin da knivin. More for the stats than the real human impact.

“KICK OFF at 3, an initiative that aims to engage young people and combat youth violence, is bringing its football tournament to Belfast this weekend (May 19).

Michael Wallace, one of the founding members of Kick Off at 3 and a serving Metropolitan Police officer, said: “We are delighted to bring Kick Off at 3 to the beautiful city of Belfast. This initiative has helped the Metropolitan Black Police Association work collaboratively with key partners to involve our hard to reach communities.

“The event this year has grown and given the level of knife crime in London, comes at a time when engagement is most needed with our diverse communities.

“The winners of each event have been invited and committed to attend the grand finale in London on 17th June 2018 and we hope our Belfast winners can join us.”

The tournament was started in London to tackle the growing issue of knife crime and related murders in the city. The Kick Off at 3 project engages with young people through the medium of sports and music and raises awareness and funds for a range of charities that promote health and wellbeing in young people.

There are approximately 12 teams committed already from all over Northern Ireland. The event is set for 15-17 year olds and offers an opportunity to build lasting outcomes.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Ethnic Minority Police Association (EMPA) has announced that it has joined the national football initiative.

The Irish FA has partnered with Kick Off at 3 for the event in Belfast and will be offering practical support on the day.”


We jus gonna have to done pray dat no one get stabbed. My money is on the lads on the trip being good buck lads that wouldn’t stab anyone anyway. The idea of you going on a trip to play school boy football in Ireland rules you out of being a stabber, defeating the purpose of the project. Unless the project is to introduce div.

Ireland: A European battle-go-round

Trader (traitors) driven Nationalism is a thing of the past. Traders have realised that globalism, rather than nationalism can give them access to the greatest profit.

For many years Ireland had to deal with a single entity, the English and later the British Empire.  Now though there are a few actors on the board. The EU (the Jews), North America (The Jews and Anglos) and the UK(The Jews and Anglos).

So there are now multiple forces competing to rent us our land and enjoy our labour dividends. We have rabid US Pentecostalism, Catholicism and Jewish “emerging Christianity” competing for our spirit.

So things are not quite as they were, although there has been a lot of money and writing man hours expended on pretending the status quo is the same. That the British are all powerful and any other power involved is merely “helping from a distance.”

Protestants have been aware of this since before it was pulled off but significantly now Irish Republicans are having a rethink having tirelessly pushed the New York agenda.

A lot of this again is financial system derived rather than being derived from the racial instinct of the white Briton to assail upon his ginger woad neighbor.

Cork is a great example, it has taken a good few hits but it keeps telling people to fuck off. Cork has an equal opportunity fuck off policy but if you go down there with good intentions in your heart, lovely people, great craic.






Soro’s Funded Amnesty Ireland lying to voters in Dublin

George Soro’s funded Amnesty Ireland is misleading voters in Ireland’s abortion referendum. He has been flooding the country with European activists in the run up to this Friday’s referendum. For a lot of people this will be the first time they have met a French or German person and for the youth it’s easy to get caught into it.

Source for Soro’s funding.


The lies.

Our lifestyle as a resource for the elite

European lifestyles have always been the envy of the world. A lot of this is down to a pretty good blend of work ethic and willingness to perform repetitive tasks effectively.

Africans for example may have a similar IQ range to Europeans but there seems to be a cultural problem with performing repetitive tasks. What I am contending here is that blacks are usually capable of the functions of the white farmer. (I am not engaging in IQ debate)

You can observe this in South Africa. Once they take over the farms there is usually accelerated change and then collapse. This is not mainly down to the intelligence of the potential farmers but mostly down to the intricate web of corruptions in the system.

Canadians have actually fallen for a similar scam in droves. This one being ran by the Chinese as opposed to transatlantic (((merchants)))



The financiers appear like the angel Gabriel to a newly appointed (ecstatic) black land owner. They get the guy to sign up to stuff he can’t afford and doesn’t need (often with a gov official) then once the black guy defaults in like six months they take over the land and usually employ the blacks that once owned it.

Europe will eventually fall to this once the populations are asuch aligned. It doesn’t matter where whites are, if they can be labeled racist you can drive them off the land.

So basically Schlomo or Sum Yung Guy can without owning or having claim to the land, or without lifting a finger to build a tractor manage to get 100% of the profit, the land and the (perhaps mechanically seized) tractor.

And they call that social justice.

When it comes to our actual European homelands, a similar strategy is used. Instead of farm seizures it might be Common Purpose council tax allocation or something like PMTM’s inactive bank accounts for Pakistanis strategy. The signalling is slightly different and the game is a longer one. The outcome though is the same.

5° toward globalism

Since the Good Friday agreement we have been moving at a steady pace. A lot of the change has been quite good. We have however been moving 5° to the left the whole time, subtly guided by Blair and Clintonite stay behinds like the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Justice and Security.

The clue is in the name of a lot of these institutes, they want not just peace but “Justice” and “Security.” So the question is who decides what security is? Who decides what Justice is? Of course it is the globalists themselves. They very often create security crisis like the migrant wave to bring in the new laws that the globalists need for their technocracy.


As I said we have been travelling, often quite contently  5° in a different direction from the direction the UUP told us that we were on.

The UUP didn’t mention boycotts like the McBride Principles nor continued agitation for further implementation of other Principles, like the potential McGuinness principles.


The recent appointment of Peter Robinson to the SGJMIPJS is worrying. As has been the Unionist silence on these issues. Realistically they should be calling these nation wrecking globalists out for what they are and calling for people to boycott them. Yet they don’t


I’m not taking away from Mr Robinson’s achievements or from the achievements of people who have worked toward peace on both sides. 30 years of working in the Peace industry should earn one a doctorate. Just not from a globalist stay behind masquerading as a University department.


EU Report: 26% of women in Ireland have experienced sexual/physical violence [debunked]

The Socialist party Ireland claim on their site that “Research carried out by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights found that 26% of women in Ireland had experienced sexual or physical violence at the hands of a partner or non-partner” The (1 in4) figure was used throughout the recent Rugby Rape Trial (name popularised by the BBC) it appeared on signs etc, this number was gleaned from a report titled “Violence against women: an EU-wide survey.”

What we are seeing is a lot of nonsense being sold to women, in order to get them to demand more powers for the EU/Common Purpose elite. Men are a danger to women so we need foreign elites from the banking powers to take over to save the women.

Anyway.. the Report did not have a data category for Northern Ireland but even in the case of Ireland the 26% is misleading.

The report gathered it’s data through the use of questionnaires mainly through higher education establishments.

The numbers from the report were as follows, this is a graphic from the report.


The report itself.


This was the poster from the report…yeh.


The report was written by a handful of Feminists and EU/UN employed globalists. It was published with great fanfare amidst a flurry of co-ordinated activities from Soros groups and other NGOs.

One of the authors is actually from the George Soro’s funded Central European University. This lady was behind most of the English language work of the report. She pushes the idea that we are living in a “nightmare” with all the hallmarks of the 1930s.


For the sake of this article I will presume (although it is not my hunch) that there is no politics at play, that none of the subjects were coached or sold answers etc.

These are some of the (many) problems with the report.

  • The title of the report and the graphic blends “psychological violence” with actual violence. women are being asked if they have felt pressured socially or have been incentivised to have sex. So essentially this would be if a man at work hinted to a woman she might benefit from being put forward for a role if she had sex with the man. Maybe this wouldn’t turn out, or she had gotten the wrong end of a stick and felt aggrieved. This apparently qualifies as “psychological violence.”
  • The numbers from the report have been exploited by people over simplifying the data and not mentioning what the actual numbers are from.
  • The report was written by the intellectual left and funded by globalists who would benefit from the social changes being proposed as a fix.
  • The report is presenting the results as fact even though ultimatley they are being gleaned from questionnaire answers. I acknowledge that the report does try to tackle some real issues but contend that the methodology is non-scientific.
  • “Fart right” groups have found some of the data from the report useful as countries that are more multicultural are usually more saturated with liberal buzzword awareness etc and so the rates of these supposed forms of abuse appear higher. Denmark for example had a rate of 52%. (1 in 2) A rate double that of Ireland. Are the men of Denmark twice as rapey as other European men or are the sluts just saturated with Soros propaganda and 3rd wave feminism?
  • The women could just lie on the questionnaire, maybe because they believe there will be agitation for higher wages for women or that they will get more back rubs and attention from the fat bowl haired feminsts the UN sends to comfort them.
  •  The rate of depression and anxiety is settled around Europe as about 1 in 4 yet the report suggests a 1 in 2 figure with the figure in Denmark being the legendary 1 in 1.

1 in 1 women get raped on Campus EVERY SINGLE DAY.