Common Purpose to unleash HELL in Belfast this summer

According to sources we talked to #CommonPurpose is going to unleash hell this summer to try to keep Northern Ireland in the Eurozone after Brexit. The vexy troop trials are going to extend into BLM style Police trials. MI5 will be protected but apparently Police won’t.



I’m not totally surprised but these guys trusted the MI5 and now they are gettin their kickback from that. Silly boys. Probably a stand here at 5 O’Clock and sign this kind of case.

The Dissies are being whipped up with arbitrary arrest. The (Nasty) Alliance party are orchestrating a legal campaign against them in order to ruffle their feathers so they are magnified on the bargaining table and more likely to kill people.


The Bonfire chasers are funded and armed for a summer of harassing Prods.


Bullets of concern for our kids and social services rockets.


Simon Coveney promises a long hot summer, he along with the open society foundation will rile the dissies.


The Pope will be visiting in August. #CommonPurpose fronts are agitating for a Belfast visit.


CP Source.

The Shinners are calling for a border Poll. #CommonPurpose have given them the wink not to accept DUP concessions.


Angry white Irish men tearing down abortion posters.

This list will be evolving over the next few days.

Gay cake Judges won’t take the leap of Judgment until referendum result is known. The “British High Court” will not decide on whether people can be forced to bake cakes at the point of a gun until the general EIRE POZ consensus is assessed.


Corbyn’s racist cohorts : Kristian O’Sullivan

Kristian Sucilla O’Sullivan is a socialist and Corbynite. The Police are petrified of Corbyn supporter types as they can bring coloured folks into the streets. These guys can say whatever the fuck they want.


Kristian holds a number of off kilter views of Blacks, gays and women. He, like many socialists is actually a racist bully. He uses his position to gain power and influence.

foto_no_exif (78)

In 2016 we published an article on his odd behavior. This is the old evidence plus new research on this self styled Revolutionary.


Information was passed to ourselves from an old acquaintance who felt he was two faced and that he was a toffy nosed racist. Much more racist than the people protesting the grooming gangs.

We looked into it and the proof was there. This guy is a VILE racist. We present the archives below. The archives are proof of the posts and he verifies his account by posting his passport later in the article.

He calls his female teacher a “dumb bitch.”

He commits a religiously motivated HATE CRIME by calling the Catholic Church “pricks.”

foto_no_exif (67)

He likens himself to a cup of tea spiked with rohypnol.

foto_no_exif (68)

Below we have a comment trivialising rape and having a dig at the big issue guys 😦

foto_no_exif (69)

This one about the “Silly slags who got fucked” was hard for the Coventry families to take and evidence of an out of touch leftist establishment.


The “banana eaters” mirror. This one is quite bad as “banana eaters” is an established hate term for coloured people. Not only does he use the term but he talks about an individual he sat with on the train. He must go about casting a discriminatory eye over people.


He is not adverse to workplace misogyny.


A homophobic one

foto_no_exif (73)

The sick thing about these guys is they can openly mock the use of accusations of racism, whilst being blatantly racist. A lot more so than the guys protesting the grooming.


One where he alludes to being a rapist.

foto_no_exif (76)

All this would be unproven had he not verified his account by posting his own passport.

foto_no_exif (77).jpg

Shankill women’s center: a Trojan horse

It has been quite depressing to watch the left make such gains in Belfast over the past five years. The left and their establishment and EU masters have been running rings around Protestants for a long time but now in areas of Belfast the defenses are down and we are being mauled.

Republicans and guys who hate the white Protestant community use minority social issues and alleged abuse of minorities as a way of gaining control of the community.

The Shankill Women’s Centre is a Trojan horse funded by the EU to manipulate women in the area and weaken the community.

One example of such influence is a a visit to the center by the extremely left wing, pro-EU and frankly Republican outfit the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

foto_no_exif (50)

Recently as you can see above the NI and Ireland human rights commissions merged into an all Ireland body.

Below the visit to the Shankill Woman’s center:

foto_no_exif (49)

The NI human rights commission is for promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and the idea that the Government should be able to watch you in you own home to stop you beating your intersex child.

Queers and these lefty human rights people target off kilter teens and try to get them into their social circles and campaign groups. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Below you can watch their video that is shown in schools. Imagine being a confused teenager, this would give you an opportunity to be special. Attention from all these nice people etc. If you say you are gay or trans you get to watch movies and eat boxes of celebrations.


The NIHRC pushes the idea that homosexuals are always being attacked by straight white males, that trans kids are constantly being attacked by their parents. There is little evidence for this. The people statistically most likely to be attacked are straight white males.

They use this persecution hierarchy to try to gain control and to attempt to get legislation that means they have power over and can discriminate against straight white males. In the Shankill that means a good proportion of the population will have to accept they can’t apply for certain jobs, that they will be made to feel outcast in the community because they are attacking these poor gay men, even though it isn’t happening.

This video below explains the situation.


Common Purpose Church Infiltrations

It has become clear from our research that Common Purpose, the Church of Ireland, Queen’s University and The Senator Mitchell Peace Foundation among other groups are trying to promote “post modern Christianity” in N.Ireland/Ireland. The strategy that they employ is essentially Cultural Marxism for Churches.

They gain access to the Christian community in a number of different ways. Listed below.

  • Events at Universities afford them a degree of respectability.
  • They have Churches under their control that push what is basically Cultural Marxism.
  • Common Purpose allows them to oversee the allocation of community funds/ funds events for them.
  • They use the conflict to justify their role as overseers.

The Emergent Church could be quite quickly summed up as a conspiracy by Cultural Marxists to deconstruct churches and replace them with Reform Judaism.

Jan Martell talks on how you can spot the subtle signs of emergent infiltration.


We have been researching the emergent Church in Ireland in particular and there are two people pushing “emergent values.” These are Gladys Ganiel and Peter Rollins.

Gladys Ganiel is an American academic who is employed by the Clintonite Senator George J Mitchell Institute  and Queen’s University’s Ecumenics department.

She has written books and articles on “Pyrotheology” literally alluding to burning down the Church. She has also written a number of books, one that we purchased during our research.

foto_no_exif (32)

The book the De-Constructed Church is essentially a “Rules for Radicals” designed for Common Purpose Church infiltrators. It details various different ways to fracture and deconstruct churches. These include;

  • Targeting women in Church, why are they not getting a larger share of the resources, why is the Pastor/Priest going on Church trips and they are not?
  • Targeting “Queers” or introducing the flock to “Queer theory.”
  • Introducing and catering for Mass immigration.

All those things are catered for in the book. No Pastor or Dean should be without a copy.

This is being sold to people in such a way that it looks like a great liberal thing, there are two videos below to watch.

Transforming Post Catholic Ireland. Gladys outlines the successes the Marxists have had so far and what is coming up soon. This was actually filmed in a Church of Ireland Centre. Gladys says explicitly in her book that Church resources are to be used to spur the emergent movement. She is explicit that this is a takeover, not her offering an alternative.


Emerging Christianity is being promoted across the different sects. Below a Gay Methodist minister from Fermanagh talks about his experiences with the Emergent Church, again this is in a Church of Ireland centre.

The Anglican Church in general has been engaged in emergent agitation for many years. It has succeed in getting the Universities/media etc behind it. One of the big things in England and Ireland now is swelling the ranks of the Church with refugees.

Can you imagine someone being allowed to push a fake version of Judaism or Islam?

In the video below Dr James Gallen blames the Church for the actions of homosexual abusers. The Church like any institution has had problems, particularly with homosexual abuse. We have already seen Marxist organisations like the BBC fall foul of these issues. So I am not convinced that deconstructing the Church will solve the problem of homosexuals targeting boys.


Share this link and get the word out, these people rely on us not knowing what they are doing.

Bug Chaser ad on Craigslist Belfast

We will be doing a series on the dangers of the gay scene in Northern Ireland. Being Gay is totally fine but there are some problems with the Gay community. We aim to highlight these problems in order to protect people from being harmed.

Case Study 1:

Our first case study is bug chasing.

An advert has appeared on Craigslist Belfast that advertises a man that wants get infected with HIV. For him this is a kink but it would effect his health and cost the taxpayer a lot of money on treatment.

foto_no_exif (28)

The LGBT community is hyped and funded by big Pharma who make millions from the “Gift” each year. It looks to this blogger that dangerous situations that should be addressed are being ignored for fear of upsetting gays.

The truth is Common Purpose is putting pressure on the Police to leave potential predators alone because they are gay.

Aids worker  “We have made it too positive to be positive.”

Another caveat to this is that “Gift” in German means “Poison.”

foto_no_exif (31)

That said the German company Bayer was credited and has been found to have spread HIV in contaminated products. They are quite literally rubbing this shit in our noses.

Stranglehold: Common Purpose grads on Belfast City Council

The EU Peace III project has been paying for people at Belfast City Council to join the Common Purpose graduate scheme. A letter from Belfast City Council has revealed that almost £200,000 was paid to the far left social manipulation charity between 2001 and 2011.

foto_no_exif (55)

The monies stated were used as follows

April 2001 to March 2002 £ 5,111.25 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2002 to March 2003 £23,068.75 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2003 Programme
April 2003 to March 2004 £21,482.75 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2004 Programme
April 2004 to March 2005 £17,441.00 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2005 Programme
April 2005 to March 2006 £13,657.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2006 Programme
April 2006 to March 2007 £14,451.25 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Belfast Matrix 2007 Programme
April 2007 to March 2008 £10,504.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2008 to March 2009 £16,068.14 Attendance at Common Purposes courses
April 2009 to March 2010 £18,787.50 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Northern Ireland Navigator 2009 Programme

April 2010 to February 2011 £49,426.62 Attendance at Common Purposes courses and bursary support for Northern Ireland International Navigator Programme and also grants issued under Peace III monies for Young Leaders Pathways Programme. This would have been applied for as part of a grant programme under Peace III

Common Purpose are involved in lots of clandestine activities that tear at the threads of our society. The graduates are involved in executive roles implementing diversity quotas and other globalist schemes.

The Peace III project made almost £2 million available for schemes to be administered by the graduates. Most of the money essentially goes on wages for people in position. Very little benefit is actually felt by anyone other than the grads.

Some school kids might get a pen with a tranny slogan on it, thats about it.


Encouraging unease

In the video they talk about stakeholders taking the lead, this essentially means that what the left would term people high on the oppression scale take the lead on the events. What this has led to is events being held that are aimed at being a critique of our local culture.

One such example in Belfast was an opportunity for women and students in Belfast to wear a ‘chest bind.’ Actively encouraging confusion and causing unease.

At 26 minutes in they admit they want to increase diversity and bring new communities in.


The EU has been busy trying to gain more control over host nations like the UK and Ireland using ‘victim leverage.’ The idea being the left stir up an impression that racism, homophobia or whatever is out of hand in an area, then that enables them to bypass legitimate local government (who they consider populist and so racist) and give money to minorities particularly refugees , people who are offering an alternative lifestyle or a critique of our culture.

There have been estimates that between 50 and 80% of hate crimes are either fake, over-exaggerated or provoked. We have seen numerous videos for example women in hajibs being confronted by angry passengers on a train. What the videos don’t show is the start of the argument and the escalation. The press is asking us to believe that women in hajibs are confronted by irrational racist bad people all the time. What this allows for is a multi-million pound industry. Don’t dare tell me that £2 million grants would not drive a small group of leftists to fake or over exaggerate hate crime.

This really needs to be stopped as the people it harms the most are the targeted minorities, who are portrayed as being ingrate and troublesome so that these leftists can get large money tax handouts.

The rape of 1400 girls in the English town of Rotherham was famously overseen by Common Purpose grads, the peer pressure graduates put on one and other to be liberal and antiracist contributed to the fear of being called racist that meant the Police let the groomers operate freely.

What is their Common Purpose? 








Lefty/socialist street art defines Belfast

Anyone who might have spent time around Belfast recently couldn’t help but notice there is a weird lefty ‘street art’ painting on almost every wall.

According to ‘Discover Ireland’ this trash Weimarian art defines Belfast.

One of the top boys behind this is ex-Sullivan and Jordanstown Tech ‘artist’ Adam Turkington.

foto_no_exif (1)

Above: Turkington on a Discover Ireland video

Turkington is typical of the new breed of opportunist that has emerged in the ‘new’ wave of Common Purpose led social schemes that were set up by the Hain/Blair administration. The likes of him and Alan Meban (Alan in Belfast) are willing to sell out to the left and so are coddled by the Republican lefty majority in the social service/cultural arts scene in Belfast.

The disturbing thing is that they win contracts to go into Protestant areas and essentially fill the kid’s heads up with the rubbish. Turkington was a former co-ordinator of the Greater Shankill Festival, a festival that is essentially about getting Shankill residents ready for mass immigration and eventual replacement.

The festival also promotes the gay agenda (google gay agenda) and Dalriadan nativism. All this so far from Ulster Protestant culture that it is like something out of a 60s scifi show.

Below Adam chuckles about the ‘futility of masculinity’ and the decline of ‘Imperialism’; code for Protestant culture.


In order to understand this you need to understand that far leftism see’s itself as the Feminine victim of Masculine Unionist oppression. It is quite a complicated concept but it is largely used in artistic and cultural criticism.

There are quite a large group of artists and social worker types that centre around the Black Box bar in Belfast. They are essentially the social engineers of our day. They are against conventional Protestantism, mainstream Roman Catholicism and they know there will be an increasing flood of immigration from the third world in Protestant areas. That is the plan and the elites have told them that is the plan.

They want nothing short than the destruction of working class Unionism and Christianity.

Adam has admitted that he goes to workshops to learn how to mess with people’s heads.

foto_no_exif (3)

Why do we have guys like this at the Helm of our Festivals? These Festivals are nothing short of brainwashing money exercises by the likes of Adam. In the facebook page in the post above Adam says essentially that he wants to brainwash christian kids with an augmented lefty Easter egg hunt.

This lefty egg hunt is to be held at Mount Stewart this coming Easter ’18. We will be watching it very closely to see what weird shit they have come up with.

The Quote from his blog:

“And then I got obsessed with the idea of the Easter Egg hunt that they have round the lake. It’s basically just some laminated clues round the lake and if you collect them all then you get some chocolate. AND THEY COME IN THEIR THOUSANDS!!! What if instead of laminated clues there were actual characters to collect? And what if those characters represented thought experiments not questions about famous rabbits? What if my kids, who get given a binary, bible centred moral compass in their school had the chance to engage in broader philosophical concepts through the medium of an animated scavenger hunt? YES!”

What a creep this guy is, so delighted to get an opportunity to lead kids away from the Lord.

Adam promotes all kinds of weird and unsettling art, another example below at Belfast Cathedral. Even if you think ‘alternative lifestyles’ homosexuality etc is something positive and good, surely this odd self destructive work is bad?


foto_no_exif (4)

Is the promotion of self harm and self mutilation, spiritual and physical their next frontier? No, its already here.