They scream out in pain as they strike you

The anti-prod academics that frankly libel Protestants on behalf of large globalist networks are screaming out in pain now that people are noticing their conspiracy and it’s ill effects.

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From the BBC,

“The union that represents the majority of lecturers at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) has accused some unionist parties and politicians of attacks on academic freedom.

The University and College Union (UCU) said they were aimed at gagging academics, especially over Brexit.

The UCU condemned what it called “an outrageous attack on democracy and the values of free speech”.

TUV leader Jim Allister has dismissed the criticism as “frankly laughable”.

In a strongly worded statement, the UCU branch at QUB criticised “wholly unfair and worryingly authoritarian attacks on local academics’ right to voice free opinions”.

It called for the university to “robustly and unequivocally reject demands by politicians to censure or silence academic staff”.

‘Depressing and predictably familiar’

The academic union claimed that members of the DUP had complained, both publicly and privately, to the university about views expressed by lecturers.

The union also cited correspondence from the TUV leader Jim Allister to QUB over comments made on a radio programme by a former Queen’s professor.

“It’s becoming depressingly and predictably familiar,” the UCU statement said.

“An academic has their say on local issues of public interest or political importance – as academics do worldwide – and a local politician petitions the university to have them disciplined or gagged.”

In a statement, QUB said it had received two complaints from politicians regarding comments made by academics.

“Queen’s supports freedom of thought and expression, within a framework of respect for the rights of other persons,” the statement read.

“Academic freedom is enshrined as a guiding principle in the university’s charter and statutes.”

The UCU criticised the former DUP MLA Nelson McCausland, who is now a newspaper columnist and commentator.

‘The same as all of us’

In a recent column for the Belfast Telegraph, Mr McCausland said that Queen’s had to address the perception that it was a “cold house” for Protestants.

His column was sparked by an incident in which a Queen’s professor had supported European Council President Donald Tusk’s comment that there was a “special place in hell” for no-deal Brexiteers.

“Is Mr McCausland suggesting that this professor should be disciplined for offering an individual opinion?” the UCU said.

“Mr McCausland has repeatedly complained about what he characterises as the ‘left-wing sympathies’ of academics in Queen’s and University of Ulster.”

Clisare marries someone like her

There is nothing more hypocritical than rabidly promoting Irish women marrying refugees and having abortions than promoting the latter, the former and going on to do neither.

Don’t talk to me about choice.

We have yet to see if she will do a toe rag abortion, she might but looks unlikely. So why do these women promote all this shit they never do themselves? Why isn’t Clisare bounding about Tallaght with a Gambian, swallowing Mifeprestone like smarties? One of those fucking enigmas. Why not, if it is so good, why don’t you do it?

Good for the Goose hey.

SNP bigots use deep state to target trans activist

The Scottish Establishment in the form of the vile, evil SNP has targeted a trans Councillor for removal for referring to their mad hordes of raving feminazis as “Trans exclusionary.”

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This is another huge battle that needs fought for free speech. The SNP bigots, who despise Scotland need to understand they are not God. The funny thing here is they have probably created another voice for free speech.

Looks like they have a Common Purpose “Standards Commissar” as well.

From the BBC.

Scotland’s only openly transgender Councillor has been suspended for two months over derogatory online remarks.

The Standards Commission for Scotland said a remark by Gregor Murray “went far beyond what is acceptable.”

The panel said it accepted that the councillor had suffered from “unwarranted bullying and abuse.”

The Dundee councillor had earlier resigned from the SNP, claiming it had a “major institutional problem with transphobia.”

It means the SNP now holds 14 of the council’s 29 seats, but retains an administration with support from independent councillor Ian Borthwick.

The standards commission said the councillor’s use of a “derogatory word in a public forum” had been “highly offensive and inappropriate.”

It said the councillor had also referred to a member of the public as a “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist), subsequently describing “TERFs” as “scum”, and “hateful and vile.”

Councillor Murray identifies as non-binary and prefers to be referred to by the “they” pronoun, rather than “he” or “she”.

They said they were “severely disappointed” in the panel’s decision.

Councillor Murray said: “I accept that it is not appropriate for me to swear – I have apologised for this on numerous occasions and have already accepted sanctions for doing so.

“I am also extremely worried by the precedent that this has set that TERF is an offensive or abusive term.”

‘Highly inappropriate’

The panel’s chairwoman Ashleigh Dunn said: “Councillors have a duty under the code to treat members of the public with courtesy and respect and cannot, therefore, indulge in offensive personal abuse.



Lawcentre NI is being hired by the Belfast City Council to persecute Loyalists

The Rockefeller borg that is the Belfast City Council is now openly funding Lawcentre NI in a move that has shocked Unionists.

Lawcentre NI and it’s lawyers are flagrantly left leaning and Republican in outlook and they have been involved in all manner of legal action persecuting PUL individuals and groups. The most recent being their operative Marie Anderson’s attempts to remove Cllr Jolene Bunting from the council.

The Lawcentre plans to flood Loyalist areas with fake refugees in order to promote a United Ireland Agenda. Common Purpose operatives in the Belfast City Council are working with them toward that agenda and this funding is their latest attempt to further their goal, the money is coming straight from your rate payments.

£500,000 “bonfire diversion”

The metapolitic surrounding the whole bonfire thing is pretty interesting. We have a few different actors at play. Very few of whom have the PUL working class interest at heart.

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Sinn Fein love the bonfires and huge funding schemes as the whole setup plays into the narrative they present to their international benefactors. They are able to take photographs of young people rooting around in embers and so on. They are also able to ask for equal amounts themselves.

The £500,000 to the bonfires is untrue in reality. This is quite a clever narrative  really the anti-prod alliance councillors, the BBC, the PSNI and the green and yellow press are able to present any funding awarded to the PUL working class community as “diversion” money. So any money at all can be rolled up by the BBC etc as “Bonfire money.”

We should start calling the Nationalist community money “Diversion from bombing funds” or something to that effect. This is why we need our own media.

This is a form of Propaganda that is designed to further alienate Protestants and helps to ensure poverty and exasperation in the community.

We have seen how narrative and press bias has been used against Brexit, we need to wake up to how these Common Purpose Globalists want to use the same methods to destroy our communities.

On the question of funding and interference in PUL areas, it is ill advised. These kind of schemes end up replacing positive economic programs that almost always draw better attention from the populace.

We should have more tourist based events, specially in Areas like the Shankill where there is a lot of latent culture, culture that bad policy and almost universal adversarialism has suppressed.


Siobhan O’Neill nincompoop

Teaching kids that they are mentally ill damaged goods suits form for these Champagne socialists…

You would think with all the stolen and printed money they have they could get someone convincing?

We have gone over this lunacy before.

foto_no_exif (23)

Fucking maniac….


Imagine being paid to push Globalism for the Rockefeller’s……

Left wing outlets are pushing this like yeah we are all “Holocaust survivors.”

C ab


It has fuck all to do with membrane coding and everything to do with DLA!

Sadness, inactivity, victimism, phantom illness, Placebo,Common Purpose, money for the JOKERS!