Women in Power: Belfast Telegraph woman of the year!

The Belfast Telegraph, since becoming Dublin owned has shifted from a moderate Unionist position to being a subtle Irish Nationalist leftist publication.

Women Rule, women are powerful unless you are Jolene Bunting then according to BelTel your a Neo-Nazi terriorist!

Women are so cool! Corporations love women!

Wow an Anti-Prod book “40 shades of red, white and blue” has won a nomination. Wow Femail power!


All seems to be lefty Republican stuff, they have stopped uploading vids of the awards, that prob means 2017 and 2018 would have not been “public ready.”

This vid is from one of the “women of the year.” Seems anti-working class.

Girls as young as 13 grilled at Dawah stalls in the UK

Groups of girls as young as thirteen are being grilled theologically by Muslims, who very often succeed to convert them. This particular rouse is kind of a threat, it’s telling these young Goris basically convert or you will be raped by the grooming gangs.

foto_no_exif (75).jpg

This “grooming” is apparently not sexual as the girls are handed off to female Muslims who then prepare them for marriage later. All fully legal….

This is all with the explicit support of our cowardly peelers (who jail none but ours).


Afraid or unwilling? I couldn’t tell you why.


Common Purpose: The demonic accusers

In so much of this lefty shit that is going on at the moment you can see demonic accusation. The Devil and people on his side are often called the “Kings of this world” and “Adversarial accusers.” It is really easy to see given the popularity of these social ills, abortion and so forth that at the moment the kings of this world are reigning in Ireland.

God’s rules stand for a reason (it’s not just for the craic)  and it has often been really painful for other wayward populations to re-learn old knowledge.


Common Purpose and it’s teachings are typical, not even well hid demonic manipulation. It’s power is derived from accusation and projecting guilt on it’s enemies. It’s power is based on the pseudoscience that all white people are racist and that they are harming others. That assumption when put to work in a white country results in demonic abuses of power and suffering.

Common Purpose was the organisation behind the Rochdale and Rotherham scandals and the organisation that gave Matthew Scully Hicks his kid that he killed.

Satan, like Common Purpose is subtle and normies can’t see down the line to what will go wrong. Christians or even just normal humanists or whatever can derive that knowledge from reading the Bible, or even just the classics or pagan literature and so avoid the pitfalls.

Common Purpose is accusing Tommy Robinson and Melanie Shaw now, they are locked up. Who’s next?

Pray for a normie today, try to spend an hour each Sunday praying or meditating on these problems.





Contempt and the 2 tier system: Naomi Long Vs Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson was held in Contempt of court and jailed for 13 months recently for appearing outside a grooming trial and repeating public information from a local newspaper, he also attempted to interview what he seems to have believed were defendants. Tommy was pushed away though and there was no info garnered.

I don’t know whether this is legally contempt of court or not.

On the other side of the 2 tier spectrum though we have a clear case of Contempt of Court from Naomi Long (former MP), Northern Ireland’s most popular leftist and #Metoo campaigner with 30k heavy politicized followers.

foto_no_exif (38)

During the trial of 4 Rugby players, two of whom were charged with rape Naomi tweeted out details of what the defence had said and added some feminist critique of the statements.

From the bbc:

“The tweet, by Naomi Long, criticised Frank O’Donoghue QC for remarks he made in court concerning the alleged victim.

He said: “Why didn’t she scream? A lot of very middle-class girls were downstairs, they were not going to tolerate a rape or anything like that.

“Why didn’t she scream the house down?”

On Twitter, Naomi Long described the comments as appalling: “I genuinely have no words for how atrocious this statement is,” she posted.

“Middle-class girls? What? Because ‘working-class girls’ wouldn’t care/don’t matter/think rape is normal?

“What is the implication of that comment even meant to be? Appalling at every level.”

The comment was re-tweeted 36 times and received 277 likes, the court was told.

‘Substantial risk of prejudice’

After the tweet was published, the barrister told the court: “The trial is on a knife edge. The jury is just about to go out to consider its verdicts.

“The timing of Ms Long’s opinion on social media could not be more unfortunate, to put it mildly.”

He added: “Ms Long’s intervention is such as to create a substantial risk of prejudice.

“That this cannot be cured. And that, regrettably, this jury shall now have to be stood down and discharged.”

The case was held up for an hour. In the end, the judge rejected the application for the jury to be discharged and the case continued.

Two days later, Ireland and Ulster fly-half Paddy Jackson, 26, and team mate Stuart Olding, 25, were unanimously acquitted of all charges against them.

‘Arguments rejected’

An Alliance Party spokesperson said: “”We are always conscious of our responsibilities when making any comment related to live court proceedings and exercise great care to avoid any remarks which could be construed as prejudicial.

“The tweets related to a comment from a counsel’s closing address regarding class and not evidence before the court, were entirely unrelated to and made no reference or inference whatsoever to the guilt or innocence of those on trial.

“Legal contentions alleging prejudice in the context of various remarks on social media were put before the trial judge and after careful consideration, she rejected those arguments, a view reinforced by the Attorney General.”

What we have in the UK is a system where leftists and those in the #CommonPurpose fold can benefit from working totally outside the law.

The Rugby players were all found totally not guilty on all charges.

In addition to this the Judge who is presumably #CommonPurpose has refused to award the defendants costs despite their being found innocent. The Rugby players have also lost their jobs, this is discrimination but again thats ok if the lefties give it the go go.


Corbyn’s racist cohorts : Kristian O’Sullivan

Kristian Sucilla O’Sullivan is a socialist and Corbynite. The Police are petrified of Corbyn supporter types as they can bring coloured folks into the streets. These guys can say whatever the fuck they want.


Kristian holds a number of off kilter views of Blacks, gays and women. He, like many socialists is actually a racist bully. He uses his position to gain power and influence.

foto_no_exif (78)

In 2016 we published an article on his odd behavior. This is the old evidence plus new research on this self styled Revolutionary.


Information was passed to ourselves from an old acquaintance who felt he was two faced and that he was a toffy nosed racist. Much more racist than the people protesting the grooming gangs.

We looked into it and the proof was there. This guy is a VILE racist. We present the archives below. The archives are proof of the posts and he verifies his account by posting his passport later in the article.

He calls his female teacher a “dumb bitch.”


He commits a religiously motivated HATE CRIME by calling the Catholic Church “pricks.”


foto_no_exif (67)

He likens himself to a cup of tea spiked with rohypnol.


foto_no_exif (68)

Below we have a comment trivialising rape and having a dig at the big issue guys 😦


foto_no_exif (69)

This one about the “Silly slags who got fucked” was hard for the Coventry families to take and evidence of an out of touch leftist establishment.



The “banana eaters” mirror. This one is quite bad as “banana eaters” is an established hate term for coloured people. Not only does he use the term but he talks about an individual he sat with on the train. He must go about casting a discriminatory eye over people.




He is not adverse to workplace misogyny.



A homophobic one


foto_no_exif (73)

The sick thing about these guys is they can openly mock the use of accusations of racism, whilst being blatantly racist. A lot more so than the guys protesting the grooming.



One where he alludes to being a rapist.


foto_no_exif (76)

All this would be unproven had he not verified his account by posting his own passport.


foto_no_exif (77).jpg

Shankill women’s center: a Trojan horse

It has been quite depressing to watch the left make such gains in Belfast over the past five years. The left and their establishment and EU masters have been running rings around Protestants for a long time but now in areas of Belfast the defenses are down and we are being mauled.

Republicans and guys who hate the white Protestant community use minority social issues and alleged abuse of minorities as a way of gaining control of the community.

The Shankill Women’s Centre is a Trojan horse funded by the EU to manipulate women in the area and weaken the community.

One example of such influence is a a visit to the center by the extremely left wing, pro-EU and frankly Republican outfit the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

foto_no_exif (50)

Recently as you can see above the NI and Ireland human rights commissions merged into an all Ireland body.

Below the visit to the Shankill Woman’s center:

foto_no_exif (49)

The NI human rights commission is for promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and the idea that the Government should be able to watch you in you own home to stop you beating your intersex child.

Queers and these lefty human rights people target off kilter teens and try to get them into their social circles and campaign groups. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Below you can watch their video that is shown in schools. Imagine being a confused teenager, this would give you an opportunity to be special. Attention from all these nice people etc. If you say you are gay or trans you get to watch movies and eat boxes of celebrations.


The NIHRC pushes the idea that homosexuals are always being attacked by straight white males, that trans kids are constantly being attacked by their parents. There is little evidence for this. The people statistically most likely to be attacked are straight white males.

They use this persecution hierarchy to try to gain control and to attempt to get legislation that means they have power over and can discriminate against straight white males. In the Shankill that means a good proportion of the population will have to accept they can’t apply for certain jobs, that they will be made to feel outcast in the community because they are attacking these poor gay men, even though it isn’t happening.

This video below explains the situation.


Common Purpose Church Infiltrations

It has become clear from our research that Common Purpose, the Church of Ireland, Queen’s University and The Senator Mitchell Peace Foundation among other groups are trying to promote “post modern Christianity” in N.Ireland/Ireland. The strategy that they employ is essentially Cultural Marxism for Churches.

They gain access to the Christian community in a number of different ways. Listed below.

  • Events at Universities afford them a degree of respectability.
  • They have Churches under their control that push what is basically Cultural Marxism.
  • Common Purpose allows them to oversee the allocation of community funds/ funds events for them.
  • They use the conflict to justify their role as overseers.

The Emergent Church could be quite quickly summed up as a conspiracy by Cultural Marxists to deconstruct churches and replace them with Reform Judaism.

Jan Martell talks on how you can spot the subtle signs of emergent infiltration.


We have been researching the emergent Church in Ireland in particular and there are two people pushing “emergent values.” These are Gladys Ganiel and Peter Rollins.

Gladys Ganiel is an American academic who is employed by the Clintonite Senator George J Mitchell Institute  and Queen’s University’s Ecumenics department.

She has written books and articles on “Pyrotheology” literally alluding to burning down the Church. She has also written a number of books, one that we purchased during our research.

foto_no_exif (32)

The book the De-Constructed Church is essentially a “Rules for Radicals” designed for Common Purpose Church infiltrators. It details various different ways to fracture and deconstruct churches. These include;

  • Targeting women in Church, why are they not getting a larger share of the resources, why is the Pastor/Priest going on Church trips and they are not?
  • Targeting “Queers” or introducing the flock to “Queer theory.”
  • Introducing and catering for Mass immigration.

All those things are catered for in the book. No Pastor or Dean should be without a copy.

This is being sold to people in such a way that it looks like a great liberal thing, there are two videos below to watch.

Transforming Post Catholic Ireland. Gladys outlines the successes the Marxists have had so far and what is coming up soon. This was actually filmed in a Church of Ireland Centre. Gladys says explicitly in her book that Church resources are to be used to spur the emergent movement. She is explicit that this is a takeover, not her offering an alternative.


Emerging Christianity is being promoted across the different sects. Below a Gay Methodist minister from Fermanagh talks about his experiences with the Emergent Church, again this is in a Church of Ireland centre.

The Anglican Church in general has been engaged in emergent agitation for many years. It has succeed in getting the Universities/media etc behind it. One of the big things in England and Ireland now is swelling the ranks of the Church with refugees.

Can you imagine someone being allowed to push a fake version of Judaism or Islam?

In the video below Dr James Gallen blames the Church for the actions of homosexual abusers. The Church like any institution has had problems, particularly with homosexual abuse. We have already seen Marxist organisations like the BBC fall foul of these issues. So I am not convinced that deconstructing the Church will solve the problem of homosexuals targeting boys.


Share this link and get the word out, these people rely on us not knowing what they are doing.