Rockefeller University proposes “Sectarianism department”

The Ulster University, a Rockefeller Resilient Cities front, has proposed a “sectarianism department.” They have also proposed a number of Orwellian changes to schools, local government etc to implement a change agenda.

The architect of the report Dr Duncan Morrow seems to be a fan of Girard. The video below is worth watching in order to understand where these folks are coming from. One cannot totally rebuff Dr Morrow’s position but certainly the man is leaving a lot out. The most important part he leaves out is Government’s relationship with religion. After all it was the relations between the Catholic Church and the hapless Unionist Administration that allowed the troubles to become what they were.

Similarly parallels such as the New York draft riots where the Rockefellers themselves were the “ascendant abuser.”

The BBC doesn’t critique his position at all, that in itself is suspicious.

What Dr Morrow seeks to do is blame the victim in a sense, to blame the ordinary person’s Protestant or Catholic faith for this “Mimetic outburst.” This allows him to support the Rockefeller take down of our little State.

He repeats the “Judeo-Christian” term again and again, lending a clue to the source of his theory. I guess his masters are watching him closely.

Jolene Bunting interview with Xander Gibb

Jolene Bunting’s interview with the US (or Canadian) Comedian Xander Gibb. Xander has been persecuted by the left for his Christian faith despite being a gay man so he is able to relate his experience to Jolene’s battles with the sell out Monolith in Belfast.


Xander has a book out on Kindle, I understand at present the kindle version is the only version available in the UK.

John Glen: Charlatan

John Glen is a bit of a Charlatan. Uch the guy lies. This guy is the star economist guiding our decision makers at the Procurement Conference. He has a weird kind of shtick that the elites want Brexit that everyone knows isn’t true.

foto_no_exif (15)

There is not really much to say other than this guy works for the EU and that hangs out of him.


God loves him.

NI Procurement Conference: No blacks

Hadn’t heard about it? Not a member of Common Purpose? Book your seat for the Procurement Conference. There is 3 billion Euro potentially on offer. You will rub shoulders with “decision makers.”  Want to stop brexit? Great so does all the other folk there.

Good job we have all those great DUP politicians. People in position. Blackmail. Well it would be if there were blacks there and they were to send you mail. There are NO BLACKS going. Literally in 2019. This will have to be remedied.

It’s on at the La Mon Hotel from 08:30 in the morning (ironically) on September 11 2019.

They grey scaled the image below to create ambiguity but this is a white presenting woman who has a degree of privilege. Crafty. Not gettin away that easy.


Who will you meet?

The Northern Ireland Procurement Conference, alongside hearing expert speakers and taking part in in-depth Q&A sessions, presents the opportunity to network with those involved in procurement throughout Northern Ireland. Procurement professionals and those working in other advisory roles from organisations across the public, private and voluntary/community sectors will be at the conference, including:

  • Chief Executives / Executive Directors
  • Board members / Non-Executive Directors
  • Purchasing officers / managers
  • Compliance officers / managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Legal and financial advisors
  • Other procurement professionals

agendaNi magazine’s annual procurement conference will examine what effective public procurement means for organisations in Northern Ireland. The conference will have a genuine, in-depth understanding of the key issues via a high-level panel of local and visiting speakers. Discussion topics for 2019 include:

  • The changing legal framework for public procurement;
  • The impact of Brexit for Northern Ireland organisations in terms of procurement;
  • Navigating the EU Public Procurement Directives;
  • Local government procurement;
  • Procurement as a strategic and innovative function;
  • Procurement across the health sector;
  • Engaging the utility supply chain;
  • Creating social value in procurement;
  • Best practice in procurement: case studies from outside Northern Ireland.

Loads of cool anti-Brexit Commie P folks will be there. Worth a look.

Lol Some rippin revolving doors on this one, Bohill works for Belfast Shitty Council, Queen’s University and has just left RLC. Good job those great old prods at the Newsletter are there so we don’t have to scratch the surface on the nepotism of this one. Could it be the Canadians using their leverage to support their fellow psychotic corrupt fake liberals in the EU?

foto_no_exif (13)

Will dig further and chase up the no blacks thing. Why no blacks?

Home Girl: leftist propaganda for interracial adoption

Interracial and intercultural adoption is a touchy issue. I recognise that if your in a bad home as a kid and you end up placed in a good home where people are not the same race or religion or whatever you would still be better off. This may be the case, as easily and as we saw in Rotherham it may not be.

Alex Wheatle is a Member of the British Empire, an ex-con and a Rastafarian. He has promoted the “uprising narrative” when dealing with black crime and black violence.

He is promoted wildly in the leftist press, endorsed by the Royals and has no doubt done good works within his community. In criticizing people I don’t aim to go after the whole person but the aspect I am criticizing.

His latest book is quite frankly chilling but not at all surprising and goes to the heart of the new left’s nasty tactics. In his Book “Home Girl: The miseducation of Naomi Bisset” a girl who is convinced that every white man is a pedophile demands to be housed with a black family. This book is literally marketed to children and widely promoted by Common Purpose.


I have been aware of the left using these novels that very few white men read to attack white men and portray us as evil hate filled rapists who want to hurt people.

This book is one of those books.

Below: Alex talks about another of his books Uprising. The way he parades around holding out his hands as if to summon some other worldly power all while glorifying what amounted to rioting and murder (RIP Keith Blakelock) is shocking and bizarre.


The Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church

In the first decades of the 20th Century Communists centered around US University Campuses that were influenced by European Academics sent infiltrators to join the Catholic Church, in a similar rouse to that we see Common Purpose using today in Churches in Northern Ireland.

The aim was to infiltrate and subvert the Catholic Church, along with other Christian Churches and also to redirect funds into Communist community organisation. Bella Dodd, a very talented Italian Academic who rose to prominence in the Commie scene in New York defected after becoming aware of the harmful effects of the Marxist Agenda.

From goodreads

“Bella Dodd was born Maria Asunta Isabella Visono in Italy about 1904. A brilliant and dedicated woman, she graduated from Hunter College and NYU Law School. She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the Communist Party’s (CPUSA’s) National Council until 1949.

“School of Darkness” is her autobiography, detailing her life’s work with the Communist Party, her disillusionment, her testimony before the Tydings Committee, and her return to the Catholic faith with the assistance of Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen.
Warning – this book will be difficult to put down. Have a “Look Inside”. This is a “must read”.

Buy the book

The audio recording featuring Mrs Dodd is an important listen for those who want to understand the Common Purpose agenda of today.

Kamala Harris appears on Hope not Hate naughty list

The US Democratic party’s future hope for the Presidency has appeared on a Hope not Hate baddy list along with figures like Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer.

blue and white hate has no home here printed signage
Photo by Johan Bos on


Research was carried out by a Youtuber called Jake Lloyd who dug through the lower levels of this 3D hate model exposing the fact that just communicating with certain accounts, even if you were doing so to disagree with their content could get you on the list.

Mr Lloyd calls Hope not Hate the ANTIFA but in reality they are funded by the British Government and enjoy co-operation and promotion from most State organs including the BBC.

Hope not Hate also operate in Northern Ireland, helping violent Republicans select their targets.