The ending harm campaign

The NIO has launched a new campaign called the “ending harm campaign” this article is a critique of the campaign. Below is one of the adverts.


The problems with paramilitary attacks on young men seem to be increasing but so too do incidents of anti-social behavior. We have seen in the past weeks three incidents of vehicular assault/dangerous driving in and around Northern Ireland related to drunk/drug drivers. In one incident a Policeman was hit and in another a man died.

During the 1990s it became almost routine for paramilitaries to meet out corporal punishment to individuals involved in harmful activity. This came after a number of people including a six year old girl were mown down by joy riders.

There is not one monolithic reason why paramilitaries attack individuals but very often it relates to the sale and consumption of drugs.

The drugs issue seems to stem from endemic poverty and lack of an outlet for youthful social interaction. I know this might sound cliche but it is a reality on many housing estates in Northern Ireland. Youth clubs have largely closed because organisers are afraid of the trouble they attracted.

One potentially worrying trend that is relatively new is paramilitaries selling class A drugs and conducting money-lending or usury type practices. This has resulted in a relatively new set of less serious assaults on individuals that are none the less disruptive to the community.

The problem with the ending harm campaign is that it is a sticking plaster over a pretty large wound. To use imagery, rather than using a sticky plaster we need to disinfect the wound, sew it up and tend to it to make sure it remains clean.

The ending harm campaign perpetuates stereotypes that often prevent youth from estates adopting a new positive culture or from integrating with the more wide youth culture in Northern Ireland.

This isn’t really a Policing issue in that a lot of the problems are societal problems and throwing these problems at overstretched policing or demonising working class people using NLP will not solve the problems.

The Paramilitaries

There is an expectation from these communities that the paramilitaries will protect them from becoming victims of crime, including the likes of assault, molestation and so forth. People very often see this as a pragmatic way to protect themselves from deviant activities. This is something that needs to change, people do need to be able to have protection from crime in a localised way. Paramilitaries will often have local knowledge and know the individuals involved, they are not held back by the courts or burden of proof and can put an immediate stop to the activity whatever it might be.

It is however not acceptable to have paramilitaries carry out this function as we have seen in some areas they go rogue and start money lending (including to vulnerable adults) etc. So it follows there is a need for something else in the local area that is accountable and acceptable.(1)



One proposition, in a libertarian model would be for areas to elect a Sheriff, areas could elect a sheriff like they do in the US. It would eliminate a number of problems.

  • Sheriffs would be local, elected and accountable
  • Sheriffs would have local knowledge
  • Sheriffs couldn’t be accused like (what would be the federal PSNI) of being bias
  • Sheriffs would be cheaper
  • Sheriffs could act faster, you wouldn’t have to wait for the big PSNI juggernaut to turn it’s eye to a petty crime incident

If you don’t like the term you could call it something else, in Republican areas they could call them Guarda or whatever and have them in the Guarda uniform or whatever.

This might seem out of the box but the system could be modeled on a similar system used by Jews in London. They call it the Shomrim. The Shomrim have cars similar to Police cars, a shomrim station and they are able to carry out investigations.

If you were to inact those changes plus spend some money giving the youth a decent environment these problems would be mitigated. The PSNI would also be able to gradually gain a better reputation because it would be seen as an overwhelmingly positive force that chases after bad guys rather than as some bizarre political adversary.

The Shomrim

Dr Peter Shirlow admits to encounters with sex workers

Another Nincompoop Dr Peter Shirlow wrote in the Londistan Guardian that “Thinking you’re winning a victory by having a bonfire in a leisure centre car park – you’re not,”

Well actually it was a great victory, as evidenced by the shrill response from the left. Their horrible Communist system has failed to control our culture once again.

Shirlow who is a globalist and a professor at the University of Liverpool teaches “Irish Studies” and essentially provides the MSM with left wing narratives on NI politics. Shirlow has contributed over quite a few years to anti-Protestant narratives and essentially tries to bully the PUL working class intellectually. He has made quite a lot of progress driving a wedge between the corporate/state waged middle class and working class Protestants by providing a working class blame narrative were by every strata of society can blame the oiks for the troubles. This has been supported by the likes of the BBC, Steven Nolan, Martin Dillon and hundreds of others.

The trouble with all this is people know what is going on. The BBC and Universities in general are both becoming defunct. We don’t need access to libraries or a 3 channel state broadcaster anymore.

There will be bonfires in Avoniel long after the shrill screeching lefties take their redundancy.

Shirlow, very heavy man. Plenty of dinners. He also says in this video he had “encounters” with sex workers in Liverpool. Wey Hey.

But seriously if you watch the video below he links the troubles to social issues faced overwhelmingly by the working or underclass a gross overstatement aimed at whitewashing the issue and promoting the lefty “fixes.”



New PSNI Chief “Darth Vader” sends Unionism some negative “signals” on first day in charge

The New PNSI chief dubbed “Darth Vader” by colleagues having successfully battled multiple bullying allegations from colleagues on the mainland (3) has met with various Common Purpose grads to see what he can do about these pesky Protestants.

photo of room full of toys
Photo by Alex Kremer on

His first act was to link banners put up by people protesting the vexatious trials to Paramilitary flags (1). These are typical CP tactics. Control the debate, use your people in position to make categories and comparisons that are not real. Scare lawmakers into signing off on it. This comes (as if by coincidence) on the same day the Belfast (shitty) Council passed their motion condemning Protestant thoughts and speech as hateful Paramilitary activity.

He was then pictured by the BBC under a motorway sign saying “Parade East Belfast expect delays.” Another co-incidence I suppose (2).

This guy is an old Blair stay behind sort of guy. Proper jobsworth, going to be a rough ride. Unionism needs a wake up call.







How do Common Purpose use signal theory?

Hate crime and (now) signal law where people can use the State against others they perceive to have offended them does to Politics what Global warming theory has done to the fossil fuel industry. It allows the Globalists to control it and provides them with excuses that their panicky press organs repeat again and again.

Further to that people are taught to expect violent and antisocial behaviour from people protesting grooming gangs and are terrified of ending up on some blacklist.


There is a whole pseudoscience growing up around hate crime and it links in with the likes of Siobhan O’Niell’s Irish people have violence in their DNA code theory. The globalists, Common Purpose and the Borg like husks of institutions these people inhabit will continue to ramp up the psudoscience and the weird theories until they have a demon headmaster style control over society.

Some things to look out for are “signal theory” and dosing of the like of Propranolol. There is already wide scale clandestine use of propranolol in the UK to target people Police believe might not support rape gangs.

The link on Propranolol.

What happens with the Propranolol is Police have your doctor prescribe you with it, the excuse is usually given as helping your anxiety. Usually people at loggerheads with Police over the rape of a loved one will be anxious because of harassment and threats from public agencies and certain communities involved in grooming. What the Propranolol will do is make you very tired, you will get home from work and crawl into bed every night. Just how they want it.

Signal theory is another beauty on the horizon in short it is supposed to be an event that sends a message out to a target community. One example of a signal event that it’s Guardian contributor creator Martin McInnes cites is 9/11 but the real sting in the tail of this signal thing is that it goes right down to the micro level of the like of handing out leaflets, voicing opinions on social media or even something like an Orange Order March. The real intention of it is to allow Police to crack down on people voicing anti-immigration views or folks celebrating their culture. There would be no use for the signal crimes it was just to conflict large terror events as those have their own sets of laws. This is purely to stop us yobbos talking about grooming gangs waving the oul Jack about etc.

What apparently makes a signal a crime is it’s effect on a community’s perception of safety. This is obviously open to abuse by groups and vexy/radicalised individuals throughout society. The target will overwhelmingly be that old enemy of Marxism, the straight white Protestant male.

The PSNI have already begun attempting to charge people using signal theory, cases include leaflets calling for action over crimes, many serious caused by migrants from Eastern Europe.

People should have a reasonable expectation of safety and if that isn’t available they should be able to organise to lobby for that safety to be provided.

Child grooming dispensed under “paying for sex” prostitution law

The system seems to be tweaking the figures here again. They have dispensed a case of on street child grooming of a girl of 14 by a migrant as though the migrant was trying to offer a prostitute money for sex. The law is labeling kids prostitutes and not taking into account the Pedo angle.

It looks Common Purposey, the prosecution wouldn’t give evidence the teen was under age. Obvious obstruction for political ends.

From the BBC

A 26-year-old man has been convicted of attempting to pay for sexual services from a 14-year-old girl.

He is the second man to be convicted of the offence since the legislation was introduced in NI in 2015.

Jahfer Baleed of Riverdale House, Dunmurry initially denied attempting to obtain sexual services from the victim in exchange for payment on 29 June 2017.

He changed his plea just before the trial was to begin on Tuesday.

Acting suspiciously

A second charge of inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity was dismissed after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Prosecution counsel Mr Brady confirmed the teenage victim was at court in preparation for giving evidence.

It is understood the matter came to police attention after a witness observed Baleed acting suspiciously in the Lisburn area, following the girl some distance before making an approach and engaging in a discussion.

After the guilty plea was entered, District Judge Rosemary Watters ruled pre-sentence reports were required.

She remanded Baleed on continuing bail to appear for sentencing in December.

Paying for sex became illegal in 2015 after the Assembly passed the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where it is illegal.


The British Press and their obsession with labeling normie fans skinheads is endangering families

The British Press, film industry and the Police who often use wild exaggerations, provocateurs or dis-ingenuity in their “investigations” might  end up the provoking deaths of innocent fans in Russia.

The Football Factory produced by Allan Niblo is a great example. This was watched all over the World, with foreign fans taking it quite literally that all white working class people were like that.

This film was produced in anticipation of working class outrage at high immigration. The tropes were beamed around the world and used internationally and domestically as a battering ram against the Gora.

If you watch this clip the music playing is “Swastiga eyes” by Primal Scream. That’s no accident.

English fans were ambushed in the Euros by Russian hooligans, pumped up on “beating the guys from the TV.”

Apparently the English Rozzers who were sent to monitor suspected neo-nazi hooligans ran away as English fans were attacked by Russians.


That however didn’t stop the cowardly peelers using the situation to capitalize for Common Purpose. They used the footage from dropped cameras to convict people who had been “shouting slogans” when they were attacked. They use the label “football violence” to send white men down for longer in order to even the stats on sentencing. Scenes from Marseille were also used by the left to portray “Battered EDL” etc etc.

The guy in this video explains how Common Purpose uses this politically.


We should make films making Jews look really violent and say that they will just attack anyone and are racist. If it’s ok for them to do that to us it follows it’s ok to do the same thing.

The BBC is still pushing the same old narrative.

Army Cadets sent on ‘Prevent’ classes

British Army Cadets are being sent on classes ran by the Government’s ‘Prevent’ program, a program aimed at preventing terrorism but that has been used to silence right wingers and people opposed to mass immigration.

foto_no_exif (58)

The lets talk about it program has a system where they ask the Cadets questions and try to find out if they are ‘vulnerable’ to extremism.

Some of the questions include answers that might make the teacher believe the individual is part of susceptible groups. These theoretical groupings include people who are outraged by terror.

foto_no_exif (59)

Or who are looking for an identity or belonging.

foto_no_exif (60)

Just about every Cadet would be outraged by people blowing up at concerts and would be looking for an identity and camaraderie in the army. This now means you are a potential terrorist and the left has to control you.

The Prevent program has powers to arbitrarily imprison and silence anyone, no trial, no Jury.

The website: