The PSNI Libel Jamie Bryson: Dangerous precedents

For a long time in Northern Ireland the establishment has used the Police to attack political enemies. Sinn Fein for a long time was a favorite target but after the Belfast Common Purpose coup and the ensuing flag protests Protestants have been the ones under fire. The “new establishment” backed by US democrats in the form of the George Mitchell Centre and the British Labour party’s group Common Purpose see Protestants as a thing in the way of their mass change and social engineering project that they now call the Belfast Agenda (Rockefeller Resilient cities).

Previously institutions were stand alone, each “officer” or whatever had to perform his role under British law in accordance with the GFA and his own initiative. Common Purpose changed all that and the results are obvious, specially when you look at how the Loyalist Journalist Jamie Bryson is treated.

Bryson has been banging the establishments drum incessantly for almost ten years, he was involved in bringing to light dozens of criminal scams that establishment figures were involved in. These include the Iris Robinson bribes,  alledged Cerberus capital fiasco (still under investigation) and RHI related caveats.

This has earned him a lot of enemies who are now using the Common Purpose network to libel him.

The PSNI two days ago, just after a raid on Bryson’s premises told the mainstream Common Purpose media that they were investigating criminality linked the the “East Belfast UVF” they also apparently found a bb gun at his home and camouflage clothing. Both legal items that would be present in many homes, however the Police use them to libel the man and make out like he is basically in the UVF and running round with a bb gun in full Spetznaz camo gear.

The equivalent might be raiding one of these Queens Uni lefty professors and saying “We found an axe, a can of petrol, a bottle of bleach, matches, 12 inch knives and a scarf that could be used to obscure the face etc.”

If the Police have solid information that Bryson is in the East Belfast UVF why don’t they charge him with membership? You shouldn’t have Police using the media to mark people out as members of illegal organisations unless they have solid reason to believe that they are members of illegal organisations. If they had the information that was at the level where they can solidly go to the media and make the accusations, then there should be a charge.

I think Bryson should crowd fund a libel case, just to end this madness and make the Common Purpose stop and think.

That said. Bryson in my humble opinion could get a lot more done if he didn’t play the red hot prod card. He and his blog are at the stage now I think he can step back from catering to the more basic instincts of the East’s abandoned Protestants and wider his appeal. He would serve the East better that way. He would also not be as easily linked to these spontaneous events like this summers bus burning.

The Irish News article on the story with the “Comoflauge clothing” quote


One of the Police behind the infamous admitted Birmingham grooming cover up is a Paedophile

Unsurprisingly one of the Police inspectors behind the West Midland’s Police cover up of the grooming gangs has been convicted of having and producing naked pictures of kids.


The West Midlands grooming gang cover up was infamous as it is the only one the Police have had to throw the hands up and admit, none of the other forces have actually admitted to their cover ups as yet.

Check out the link below, sickening stuff.



Police in Sweden shoot Down’s sufferer after incident with a toy gun

Police in Sweden who have been struggling to keep up with all the imported gang activity and terrorism have “eliminated” a downs sufferer after he appeared at his window with a what screwcommunism believe was a fairly realistic “toy gun.”

The young man Eric Torrel pictured below was killed by armed officers from Sweden’s elite anti-terror unit.


This is another indicator of the strain on the Swedish police, no doubt if this had happened even a few years ago the Police would have been less edgy and less trigger happy.

The source that can be translated to English. There are images on the page that are obviously copyright, worth taking a look.

Jolene Vs Britain First/SO15 #Prevent

Jolene Bunting, an independent Councillor in West Belfast Northern Ireland who stands on a Traditionalism ticket has been secretly recorded by Paul Golding from English protest group Britain First apparently trying to cover up for a rando Britain First “security officer” who had allegedly stolen £1,000 from “Jayda’s credit card” while she was in prison.

The background of this is that Britain First is an offshoot of the BNP, started by Jim Dowson the “flag protester”, it has become famous in recent years for highlighting the problems of mass immigration and for having a huge amount of online followers. Dowson advised the group rightly or wrongly to use super aggressive confrontation tactics and professional style fund raising.

That tactic was super effective online, but offline it created a lot of problems with Muslim citizens having their rights technically contravened because of on street confrontations. This eventually ended with the jailing of both Paul and Jayda after they had raised concern when Police tried to avoid prosecuting a Muslim gang after 4 man on one 15 year old girl gang rape in a flat over a Pizza shop.


At this stage we heard that officers from SO15 had confronted Paul and Jayda and inducted them into the compulsory #Prevent anti terror program.

Info from the Daily Star if you don’t believe us.


Both Paul and Jayda are now subjects of the #Prevent program and under that legislation you have to essentially admit, without any evidence that you are a terrorist who wants to kill people for no reason and sign a declaration to that effect. Not only that but you have to go along with any action that so15 (the anti-terror police) feel might prevent terror. In this case for Paul it is recording Jolene and getting her deselected for Belfast Council in 2019. Refusing to join the #Prevent program means life in prison.

For the sake of our Irish readership we must consider the impact to Freedom of #Prevent, specially if it can be used to taint politics in Northern Ireland. If Loyalists or Protestants can be threatened by the Government to act on behalf of the state, in opposition to their normal beliefs/culture that will eventually be dangerous for Republicans.

It is super clear that Paul Golding would not have done this unless under duress, SO15 have had him running the “train line” to break him down for weeks. Early wake up, late to bed, random calls, random accusations, court appearances etc.

Listen to his voice in this when he speaks to SO15, he is like a wee lamb.

So, scary times y’all






The British Press and their obsession with labeling normie fans skinheads is endangering fans

The British Press, film industry and the Police who often use wild exaggerations, provocateurs or dis-ingenuity in their “investigations” might  end up the provoking deaths of innocent fans in Russia.

The Football Factory produced by Allan Niblo is a great example. This was watched all over the World, with foreign fans taking it quite literally that all white working class people were like that.

This film was produced in anticipation of working class outrage at high immigration. The tropes were beamed around the world and used internationally and domestically as a battering ram against the Gora.

If you watch this clip the music playing is “Swastiga eyes” by Primal Scream. That’s no accident.

English fans were ambushed in the Euros by Russian hooligans, pumped up on “beating the guys from the TV.”

Apparently the English Rozzers who were sent to monitor suspected neo-nazi hooligans ran away as English fans were attacked by Russians.


That however didn’t stop the cowardly peelers using the situation to capitalize for Common Purpose. They used the footage from dropped cameras to convict people who had been “shouting slogans” when they were attacked. They use the label “football violence” to send white men down for longer in order to even the stats on sentencing. Scenes from Marseille were also used by the left to portray “Battered EDL” etc etc.

The guy in this video explains how Common Purpose uses this politically.


We should make films making Jews look really violent and say that they will just attack anyone and are racist. If it’s ok for them to do that to us it follows it’s ok to do the same thing.

The BBC is still pushing the same old narrative.

Vexy trials: (ex)British Soldier jailed for condemning “Jewish” tank chasers

A (now ex) British Soldier has been jailed after condemning “Jewish” tank chasers, that are known to have driven soldiers to suicide with decades long vexy and piratic claims.

The Tank Chasers happen to mostly be Jewish, be that by co-incidence or maybe it’s cultural thing?

What is clear is that the Jewish tank chasers are in the driving seat. One firm alone received £2.3 million in taxpayer money in one settlement. You are dealing with guys who are suing soldiers on behalf of Muslims often with gangster fixers, then turning around and using the antisemitism card to get people jailed for criticizing their actions.

The evil of this is not to be underestimated. As off 20/5/2018 the video below, about the tank chasing and the £2.3m payout has been banned from Youtube.

Jayda Fransen of Britain First targeted by Prevent

An agent from the Government’s “Preventing violent extremism” scheme is targeting Jayda Fransen. She has been approached in prison. If she refuses as she appears to have they may try to charge her with “terror offences.”

This will be the first time Amber Rudd the Conservative Home Secretary (who would have to have “referred” Jayda) has targeted a rival politician. This is a huge move against Freedom in Britain. Jayda has outspoken views but these views are not too much different than those held by some Conservative backbenchers.

Everyone is outraged by Islamic terror and the grooming gangs.

The Prevent strategy introduced by the egomaniac criminal Tony Blair in 2006 was “reviewed and improved” by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary in 2011.

It was introduced in order to prevent Islamic Terror attacks. Recently though Theresa May and Amber Rudd have been using it to gag political opponents and people critical of mass immigration. 

The Policy has some Orwellian powers listed below:

  • They can label people terrorists with no proof, you don’t need to commit a crime.
  • Refusing to engage with Prevent means you can be charged with Terror offences despite not being terrorists, having encouraged terrorism or even having talked about terrorism.
  • They can stop you communicating with anyone in any way. This can include banning you from areas of your own town or from seeing family members

Army Cadets are one of the groups targeted by the Prevent Strategy, because the Government believes wanting to join the Army Cadets means that you could be a “Violent White Supremacist.”

foto_no_exif (58)

The Prevent strategy is identical to the strategy used by the East German Stasi.