Anti-Polish hatred should have no place in American media —

WARSAW, Poland, February 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― I woke up this morning to discover that MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell who at 72 is surely old enough to know better, stated on television last night that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was against the “Polish and Nazi regime” during World War II. This is outrageous. […]

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Is Spiegelgate the Western Press’ Worst Scandal?

A great article on Der Spiegel. It’s a total rag. Fake News!

Freedom Star


fake news iran

Freedom Star: During the past weeks, a news release has been published in the International media that the German magazine Spiegel has suspended two editors after fake news scandal:

Spiegel suspended two editors after fake news scandal 

German News Weekly Der Spiegel Suspends Two Editors After Fake News Scandal

Der Spiegel suspends two editors after fake news scandal

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Irish taxpayers to fund Northern Irish degrees

Irish taxpayers are going to be funding Northern Irish students to attend University in the South. This is something that has been going on for some time but is set to continue after Brexit.

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This money will be diverted from housing etc. How can this be justified given the numbers of homeless etc? We would be better training and employing builders.


NPC Hysteria (1055 words)

*We do not condone everything in this article*

The Church of Entropy

Lots of people are tripping out over the NPC meme. The meme is unsettling because it is reminiscent of the vacant look that people on “autopilot” have.

reddit npc Reddit NPC (Reddit is a popular leftist news aggregator slash propaganda outfit)

The irony of it is that part of the “programming” espoused by mainstream NPC’s is that they are unique “free thinkers” & “special snowflakes”. The last thing they want to hear is that they are archetypal. Predictable. Boring. It goes against their view of themselves thereby causing cognitive dissonance. This can cause discomfort that most people will seek to avoid.

In my system, the quantum mind is modelled as a nested set of simulations. Cognitive dissonance can best be described as decoherence of the fundamental node of the quantum mind.The core of animal consciousness is the belief in the existence of the self and so the primary simulation is “I am”…

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